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    36 Gorgeous And Warm Sweater Dresses For People Who Just Really Hate Pants

    The no-pants revolution begins now.

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    1. A soft ribbed turtleneck dress so you'll feel up to your neck in gratitude when you spend all day looking polished *without* dress pants.

    2. A collared knit dress to stay just as cozy as you were when wrapped in your blanket burrito. Leaving the house is 100% less scary when you have this.

    3. A thick velvety dress with a chic waist tie that'll ~pull you together~ in a minute flat whenever you're in a mid-morning crisis. Pull this over head. Fini.

    4. A cashmere crewneck dress, because this'll snuggle you all darn day without letting you so much as shiver. Can sweats do this? NO.

    5. An oversized wool-like turtleneck dress with POCKETS for making even winter winds shake with fear. I'd like to see snow pants keep us this warm.

    6. A ribbed, tie-front midi dress so your outfit meets you in the *middle* when you have to get ready for work, but can't bear to put on slacks. This + tights = win, win.

    7. A Nine West off-the-shoulder chenille dress, because this'll help you ~shrug off~ any fears of spending your whole week in bothersome denim. NEVER. AGAIN.

    8. A zebra-print cowl neck dress to keep your outfits unbeatably comfy *and* trendy. I don't blame you if you need the tissues.

    9. A rib-knit, calf-length dress with a subtle slit that'll help you win Best Dressed at the office without ever even thinking about wearing a suit.

    10. A wool grid-patterned turtleneck dress, because this'll feel like a big hug after a terrible week of wearing pants. This is here to comfort you.

    11. A roll-neck sweater dress for feeling impossibly comfy from the neck down, despite any *chilling* weather forecasts. This and thick tights > weak denim.

    12. A ribbed-knit tank dress so you can layer this over anything from your favorite T-shirt to sweater. Aka you'll think of a million combinations and never have to resort to boring tops again.

    13. An oversized knitted dress to ~soften~ the blow of facing freezing winter mornings. You'll barely notice the transition between this and your fleece pajamas.

    14. A knit midi dress that'll call it a wrap on ever dealing with disappointing bottoms again. Why dwell on the past when you can win style AND comfort?

    15. A cold shoulder skater dress, because this'll be an absolute hero for anyone who can't bare to look at their black jeans any longer. This doesn't come with a cape, but you get the picture.

    16. A simple turtleneck dress for relying on a basic that won't ever go out of style. It's you two against the world now. Feel free to toss all pants out the window.

    17. A cozy yarn dress so you'll start showing up to work in something other than your onesie. I support it, but people are beginning to talk.

    18. A belted knit dress to finally discover a new one-and-done option whenever you go out at night. Can it be? A snug night look? Control your emotions.

    19. A buttoned mock-neck dress that'll quickly become an option you'll never ~flake~ on, especially the moment you realize how great life is when you don't want to rip your outfit off the minute you get home.

    20. A buttoned scoop neck tunic, because this'll make sure you have a reliable staple that's perfect over the only bottoms we'll tolerate: leggings.

    21. A faux shearling sweater dress for keeping the teddy trend ALIVE without ever having to deal with restrictive jeans. It doesn't get much better than this.

    22. A buttoned asymmetrical dress so you can depend on this to stick by your side no matter how cold the night gets. Did your leather leggings ever do this? I DON'T THINK SO.

    23. A cinched, balloon-sleeved dress to convince everyone to take your side once they catch on to your trendy upgrade.

    24. A soft bodycon midi dress that'll make sure you don't feel ~ruffled~ every time you need to look extra polished at work.

    25. A sweater midi dress, because this'll help you make it clear to all your bottoms that they're on thin ice. In fact, you may just wear this all week. And that is totally fine.

    26. A cashmere-like midi dress for wearing outfits that say "I'm a professional" even if most of your bottoms are buried somewhere under your bed with the rest of your forgotten things.

    27. A textured A-line dress so you always look like an impeccable adult, despite your lack of pinstripe trousers. I think the battle is clearly won.

    28. A leopard-print sweater dress to wear 100 different ways: with tights, leggings, or even Those Who Must Not Be Named. Only when you're feeling desperate.

    29. A colorblock turtleneck dress that'll look impossibly chic no matter what you pair this with — OTK boots? Check. Sneakers? Lovely. Slippers? Why not.

    30. A fit-and-flare sweater knit dress, because this'll tell the world you tried this morning, when really this was the easiest thing to throw on after hitting snooze 12 times.

    31. A rib-knit sweater midi for proving you can still dress casually, even when ditching your usual jeans. I can hear your sigh of relief from here.

    32. A layered tunic dress with trendy elbow patches so you can depend on this to work well into spring while it's still cold. Meaning: you never have to go back to high-waisted jeans again.

    33. An oversized, slouchy knit dress to reach the epitome of comfort seven days a week — yes, you will end up living in this. I don't make the rules.

    34. A wrap maxi dress that'll help you look promotion-ready without ever even THINKING about dealing with uncomfortable trousers. Goodbye forever.

    35. A turtleneck sweater dress, because this'll give you the ultimate feeling of luxury every time you wear this. I'd like to see your jeans mimic a cozy blanket.

    36. An oversized pullover dress with POCKETS for switching between wearing alone or over leggings every other day. I hope people are prepared to never see you in anything else again.

    When people try to tell us we "have to get dressed" and that pants "aren't so bad":

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