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    26 Impossibly Gorgeous Rings From You To You

    Omg, me! You shouldn't have!!

    1. A bold cocktail ring so your drink has fashionable company.

    2. An ethereal constellation that'll gravitate straight to your heart.

    3. Some mesmerizing rocks with a gilded band to put your best hand forward.

    4. An edgy gemstone for a truly ~sharp~ look.

    5. An alluring amethyst as a wrap to any outfit.

    6. A cluster of striking sapphires if you want to make people green with envy.

    7. A dazzling design that'll always have you circling back to it.

    8. A delicate curve of gold and diamonds if you're feeling dainty and bold all at the same time.

    9. A modern cuff ring with gleaming stones to win *double* the style points.

    10. A surprisingly feminine skull that leaves the competition dead.

    11. A crown jewel for the ruling queen of your life: you.

    12. An exquisite entanglement of rose gold and diamonds so every day has a shining moment.

    13. A freshwater black pearl that would have Ariel swooning.

    14. A brilliant collection because purple is the color of royalty, and that's you.

    15. A never-ending rainbow if you're the magic of your own damn life.

    16. A golden snake who has a way of slithering its way to your heart.

    17. A universe of starry stones that'll have you gazing at your own hand.

    18. A distinct display to show off your dark side.

    19. An ocean treasure with mesmerizing moonstones and opals.

    20. A simple yet chic teardrop set in case you don't believe "all the glitters is not gold."

    21. A twinkling triple bar because you know three's a crowd.

    22. An elaborate stack as easy proof that sometimes more is more.

    23. A swirling garden whose appeal will never wilt on you.

    24. A midnight blue set that glows from dawn to dusk.

    25. A truly unique opal for the person who thinks diamonds aren't really a girl's best friend.

    These rings = your precious.