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    22 Gorgeous And Cheap Dresses To Wear To A Summer Wedding

    It's all fun and games until your heels are in sand, at least you'll be wearing a beautiful dress!

    1. A fresh array of florals that won't wilt under heat.

    2. A flirty one-shoulder so you have one arm free for the bouquet toss.

    3. A striking cocktail dress to make the altar your own stage.

    4. A stunning cocktail dress with no wrong angle for the 'gram.

    5. Some gorgeous embroidery to stand out more than the drunk uncle.

    6. A flowy frock as a swinging dance partner when you hit the floor.

    7. A capricious cami dress so you're not held down while busting some moves.

    8. A delicate wrap with a subtle slip in case you want to steal the garter belt.

    9. A timelessly classic gown with a lacy neckline.

    10. A romantic print in case you're on the prowl.

    11. A light smock for when humid weather comes with the threat of pit stains.

    12. A lacy cold-shoulder with the perfect flared fit.

    13. A bold print to catch eyes faster than the bouquet.

    14. A beaut' with a tie-front.

    15. Some chic satin in case you need to be the something blue.

    16. A versatile maxi so you don't have to buy something you'll only wear once.

    17. A bright mini for an ensemble that'll stand out from the sea of boring dresses.

    18. A silky silhouette to keep cool in while things heat up.

    19. A hot pink maxi (if pastels are *so* not your thing).

    20. A glamorous gown that's almost more exciting than the open bar.

    21. A burst of red to set you sizzling hotter than a tropical destination.

    22. And a head-turning ruffled investment because it's ok to rock denim to an outdoor wedding, but only Kelly Kapoor can wear white.