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    27 Absolutely Stunning (And Cheap!) Dresses To Wear To A Fall Wedding

    Now it can be *your* special day, too.

    1. A velvety wrap number that'll make you best dressed in a cinch.

    2. A shimmery halter gown with a sheer skirt for an effect no one can look past.

    3. A hot pink number if you're looking for the total opposite of white.

    4. A pair of pretty bell sleeves as a *cold shoulder* to boring dressing.

    5. An updated LBD that's all party in the back.

    6. A daring maxi if you don't give a ~slit~ about baring some leg.

    7. A bit of contrasting lace and satin in case you, too, want something blue.

    8. A geometric style because plain and white is reserved.

    9. A printed mini that comes with its own floral bouquet.

    10. A long-sleeved lace design with a satin ribbon to tie the knot with yourself.

    11. An embroidered A-line to turn the aisle into your own personal runway.

    12. A flirty flared frock so you can get the party in full swing with just one twirl.

    13. A pair of gauzy sleeves if you want to show off what'll be catching the bouquet.

    14. A vintage-y floral mini as a look no one could *brush off*.

    15. A bold Bardot number that has a subtle cutout for a way to turn the wedding photographer into your paparazzo.

    16. A major off-the-shoulder midi with head-turning sleeves as a classic staple.

    17. A belted statement in case you also want to put a ring on it.

    18. A formal frock for a more traditional black-tie wedding.

    19. A major-sleeved midi so all the drama is saved for your wardrobe.

    20. A pretty pencil dress whose backless twist is almost as great as the open bar.

    21. A gorgeous fabric bound to stand out in a sea of boring choices.

    22. A ladylike selection because a full skirt is best to tear up the dance floor.

    23. A ruching detail as a fast and inexpensive way to achieve sophistication.

    24. A becoming bodycon to be the center of all the family photos — even if you're not in the family.

    25. A stylish silhouette if you want to be more memorable than the vows.

    26. A feminine combination of lace and bows that demands to be seen and not *veiled*.

    27. A scalloped neckline for a chance to shine as bright as a diamond.

    If only we could reach this level of beauty: