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    35 Romantic Gifts You And Your Significant Other Can Use Together

    You're in love and you don't care who knows it, darn it.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A three-year journal that'll only require a line a day to show how your relationship has aged like fine wine over time...or maybe a fine cheese (just less stinky).

    2. A fleece blanket with sleeves for being able to cuddle on the couch without being left in the cold if your partner hogs the whole thing. I love you, but STOP IT.

    3. A customizable Mickey couple's T-shirts set so you can unabashedly flaunt your love on your next Disney trip (aka as soon as possible).

    4. A Roku Express media player, because we all know the best date night is actually spent watching 13 hours of shows on the couch. Now you'll be able to stream HBO, Disney+ (coming for you, baby Yoda), Netflix, and more until your partner starts snoring.

    5. A collection of The New York Times greatest crossword puzzles to start your Saturday morning with a little bonding and teamwork — as long as one of you isn't too competitive. *Cough, cough*.

    6. A laser projector that'll let you two lay under the stars every night without having to deal with nature. Movie nights just became so much more romantic.

    7. A magnetic poetry kit for leaving each other cute messages like, "you make me so happy" or "stop eating my ice cream." Whatever floats your boat.

    8. A 3D puzzle of the Weasley family home or Diagon alley so you can keep the ~magic~ alive by spending the afternoon recreating the book you two definitely talked about your entire first date.

    9. A mini tabletop pool game, because this'll let you get into a little friendly competition without having to play at a bar (leaving the difficult).

    10. A Kindle Oasis with an extra-large screen to read romantic poems (or just your favorite books) together without wrestling to get a good view. Plus, its warm light will add some ~ambience~ to the evening.

    11. A mini donut maker that'll help you two create some adorable treats together WITHOUT having to share your precious dessert. "MINE...I mean, I love you!"

    12. A porcelain tea pot similar to the one Jim gave Pam for filling it with your very own inside jokes! My eyes aren't crying, they're sweating.

    13. A set of glittering LED tea lights so you can ~set the mood~ without burning down the apartment. Sometimes you just bring too much of the heat, you know?

    14. An ingenious brownie pan, because this'll make baking together especially fun when you don't have to fight over who gets the corner piece. You both win this round.

    15. A tub of Aztec Healing Clay to pamper yourselves during your next night in with a little (very efficient) ~masking~. Selfies, clearer skin, and a cheap date. What more can you ask for?

    16. A can cooler set that'll deserve a toast for making something as simple as enjoying a beer together extra sweet.

    17. A monthly international takeout subscription box so you can expand your ~taste~ on date night without ever leaving the house — aka this'll make staying in feel 1,000 times fancier than takeout.

    18. A mini cast iron skillet, because this'll let you end special dinners together on a ~sweet note~ without ever having to share. Not that you would, anyway.

    19. A lingerie set or lace teddy to switch it up from your usual big T-shirt — don't worry it'll be waiting for you tomorrow.

    20. A Fire HD tablet that'll let you two watch your favorite shows and movies right in your snuggly bed. OBVIOUSLY a comforter fortress will be involved.

    21. And! A headphone jack splitter with independent volume controls for ending fights over whether the show is too loud or soft. Ah, romance.

    22. A wanderlust coloring book featuring both real and imagined cities so you two can travel the world together right from your couch. Or maybe even inspire your next real trip!

    23. A pair of lightsaber chopsticks, because this'll lead to some very exciting battles while bingeing Clone Wars once again. Is there a more ideal way to show your love than trying to Jedi mind trick your partner into giving you the last dumpling? I think not.

    24. A personalized jar filled with pretty date idea tokens to finally nix the whole "I don't know where I want to eat, but I also do, please just magically guess it."

    25. A set of vegan bath bombs that'll help you two have a relaxing spa night without any bills bursting your bubble.

    26. A fill-in-the-blank journal for making listing all of the things you love most about them super easy, even if you aren't one for words.

    27. A touch-activated lamp so long-distance couples will be able to let the other know when they're thinking of them — or just need some attention (pokes lamp 24/7).

    28. A wine aerator and marble ice bucket, because these'll make your evening feel super sophisticated even if you bought your usual grocery store wine (obviously we did that).

    29. A classic game of Jenga to only add *good* drama to your date night, especially if you write dares on the blocks beforehand. Tip: this pairs best with wine.

    30. A duo of double-insulated stainless-steel tumblers that'll keep your wine chilled or your hot cocoa hot while you take a romantic stroll outdoors.

    31. A scratch-off world map for a romantic way to track all of your trips together — the longer you're together, the more adventures this'll help you remember!

    32. An Instant Pot pressure cooker so it'll be possible for even the laziest couples to cook for each other. Step one: dump everything in pot. Step two: go to work. Your *elegant* meal will be waiting for you when you guys get home.

    33. A popcorn popper, because this'll give watching old movies together a special, homey touch when eating perfectly cooked kettle corn.

    34. A puzzle piece keychain to let them know they'll always have the ~key to your heart~ — sorry world, you two are locked down. I'm done.

    35. A set of Popbar hot chocolate sticks that'll make sitting by the fire feel extremely luxurious. *Communicates through slurps*.

    Happy holidays, you lovebirds!

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