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    32 Cheap Gift Sets That'll Make It Seem Like You Spent More Than You Did

    "You shouldn't have!" "I didn't — I mean. you're welcome!!!!"

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A La Chatelaine shea butter hand cream set so they'll say "ooh la la" when imagining the price tag. We'll keep this secret between us.

    2. A wine accessories gift set presented in a chic bottle-shaped case that'll sure beat the $7 grocery store vino you were considering buying. But now you'll have money leftover to buy that, too!

    3. A The Balm matte liquid lipstick kit with six mini shades, because this'll 100% make your friend want to smooch you with gratitude — which they can, thanks to the lipsticks' long-lasting formula.

    4. A peppermint bark tin for treating their sweet tooth to a whole new level of (secretly affordable) luxury. Warning: this creamy white chocolate layered over rich dark chocolate and peppermint candy will entice you to keep them for yourself. I won't judge.

    5. A 14K rose gold crystal necklace and earring set so you can put SEVERAL sparkles in their eyes without dimming your own bank account. Consider this fool's gold.

    6. An herb garden kit with five plants (thyme, basil, cilantro, parsley, and sage) that won't force you to spend too much ~green~ on creative gifts.

    7. A set of Harry Potter bookmarks, because these'll please even the haughtiest Slytherin. No break-in to Gringotts necessary (unless you're just looking for an adventure).

    8. A Benefit Cosmetics bestsellers kit with a trio of everyone's cult favorite bronzer, mascara, and highlighter for satisfying the high expectations of beauty lovers, but at a drugstore price. Bless.

    9. A set of vegan bath bombs so you can essentially take them to the spa, minus the not-so-relaxing charge. Heck, throw in a fuzzy robe while you're at it.

    10. An engraved ballpoint pen and gold-plated letter opener set that'll a) look like you took a trip to Montblanc and b) make them look important AF, even if you both sit at a cubicle.

    11. A Mario Badescu travel set with three best-selling facial sprays: cucumber and green tea (to hydrate and tone), rosewater and herbs (to energize your complexion midday), and chamomile and lavender (to calm in the evening). Tl;dr: this'll be a skincare lover's dream come true: 24/7 pampering.

    12. A stainless steel cocktail shaker set, because this'll serve everything ~shaken, not stirred~ — aka it'll be the perfect accessory to a black tie affair. By black tie, I mean the next time you guys hang out on the couch.

    13. A The Body Shop camomile makeup removing kit for upgrading their skincare routine to something they'll actually look forward to. Why? Each product boasts a soothing, rich camomile formula that'll make washing their face feel extra luxurious. Take THAT, overpriced facials.

    14. A soap sampler set so their bathrooms suddenly look fancy, cheap shower curtain be damned. I guess this'll make you the guest of honor ("why yes, I DID send these soaps from France).

    15. A bluetooth hat and glove combination that'll let your biggest phone obsessive text, make hands-free calls, and listen to music no matter how cold it gets this season. Plus, you won't have to get ~technical~ over how much you really spent.

    16. A Kiehl's collectors set, because not only will they stay dewy and hydrated all winter with every beauty lover's cult favorite brand, but your savings will stay far from *parched*.

    17. A gourmet chocolate gift set with eight rich flavors ranging from savory to sweet for *indulging* their cravings, while happily restraining your spending. Should they feel obligated to share? I say, yes.

    18. A trio of wood leather book boxes so they'll want to ~read up~ on how to match your sophisticated taste. The greatest gift of all? They can now fashionably hide all their clutter.

    19. A box of Origins mini masks that won't make you face scary credit card bills, but will still give them the posh pampering they deserve. Each mask targets a different goal, so basically you're their savior in every situation for the next few months. Dry skin? Check. Acne? GOODBYE.

    20. A popcorn lovers' gift set with ~white gold~ popcorn kernels and gourmet seasonings, because this'll bring them a five-star dining experience, minus the Michelin cost.

    21. A box of Kristin Ess rose gold tint spray and celestial bobby pins for a pastel hairstyle that'll be temporary, but make them grateful to you forever. All good hair days for the next few months are owed to YOU.

    22. A Jack Black shave essentials set, because is there a better gift than zero razor burn and a *smooth* complexion? Not to mention, they'll be getting a fancy grooming kit so they can start every morning in style. Just smile and nod when they rave about your high-end taste.

    23. A Sunday Riley skincare kit for giving them what we all really want: clear skin and a luxe-looking medicine cabinet. The clay cleanser will visibly brighten and even their skin tone, while the lactic acid treatment will leave their face soft and healthy. Spoiler alert: they'll literally be ~glowing~ with gratitude.

    24. A set of golden stainless steel whiskey stones so they won't notice you're serving the cheapest alcohol you could find at the holiday party. They'll be too busy wondering how these make their drinks so cold. Tell them it's sorcery.

    25. A Burt's Bees face essentials gift set that'll pamper the heck out of them, as if you treated them to an expensive facial. Honestly they'll get better, longer results from this combo of nourishing skincare than any quick, overpriced treatment ANYWAY.

    26. A spa gift basket with shower gel, bubble bath, bath salts, and soap (all in an adorable plastic tub), because this'll transport them to the Four Seasons faster than any receipt would ~burst your bubble~.

    27. A scented candle set for creating an impressively soothing atmosphere in their very own home without setting fire to your bank account.

    28. A Tarte beauty essentials kit so your favorite makeup enthusiast will have everything they need on the fly: a popular mascara, liquid eyeliner, highlighter, and false eyelashes. Plus, now they get to dabble with some ~higher-end~ beauty products (on your cheap dime).

    29. A mini perfume fragrance set to throw them off your scent on how much you "splurged" this season. Hint: you'll come up smelling like roses.

    30. A set of Himalayan salt tequila glasses that'll make them wonder why taking shots didn't always feel so refined. Answer: we spent all our money on cheap liquor in college. We still do, but this'll make 'em think otherwise.

    31. A beard care kit, because this'll prove how well-groomed your tastes are — I'd say they'll be scratching their beard over how you could afford this, but they'll be too busy admiring their newly soft face.

    32. A Beauty Blender collectors kit for a fool-proof choice that any high-maintenance loved one (emphasis on love, nonetheless!) will be overjoyed to receive. Be prepared to watch 100 seconds on their Insta story about how much you "splurged" for them.

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