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    28 Things For Anyone Who Wants Fast Results But Hates Spending Money

    These'll save you money, clean your home, improve your wine, and are really just missing a cape.

    1. A five-in-one aerator that'll not only improve the taste of even cheap vino right out of the bottle, but reseal it when you're done. This lil' bb can neatly pour, aerate, filter, stopper, and prevent leaks all by itself. Heck, it surely deserves a toast more than any $50 bottle of wine.

    2. A Glossier milky jelly cleanser so you can both gently refresh your face in the morning, and completely melt away makeup at the end of the day (skincare that works *twice* a day = saving money). It's soothing, nourishing, and perfect for sensitive skin — AKA dewy skin is just around the corner.

    Hand holding the face cleanser

    3. A tin of Cerépil blue wax beads, because not only is this the brand that most higher-end salons use, but it's easy as all heck to use at home for literally half the cost. People swear it's practically painless, leaves zero bumps or redness, and gives them the same results as a professional session. Feel free to tip yourself.

    Reviewer's before-and-after picture with hairy armpit and then hairless armpit and the hair-covered wax strip

    4. A shoe-cleaning kit for keeping your favorite sneaks spotless and clean — even if you're one to *run* all your shoes to the ground. This'll remove fully remove dirt and stains, meaning you don't have to splurge on replacements this year.

    Reviewer's before-and-after of dirty black sneaker with ruined white soles and then totally clean sneakers with perfectly white soles

    5. A mini fabric steamer that'll help you look crisp and clean, even if you refuse to even THINK about paying a dry cleaner's bill. Now you don't have to choose between living in wrinkly clothes or paying $70 to clean a top.

    6. A set of wood-colored markers so you can make it *seem* like you have brand-new furniture, when these are really just covering up scratches and general wear-and-tear.

    Reviewer's before picture of their couch leg with scratches, and after picture of their now scratch-free couch leg

    7. A set of ~car wash wipes~, because these'll make it super convenient to quickly spruce up your ride whenever it could use a little TLC, but you don't want to shell out cash for a pro cleaning. least once a month.

    8. A set of Schtick dermaplaning razors for removing peach fuzz painlessly (and without paying for a wax). It's gentle, precise, and won't leave irritation marks like most threading or razors. Aka your face will be as smooth as a baby's bottom and you'll never have to pay the price.

    Model using the dermaplaning razor on her eyebrow

    9. A set of waistline and bra extenders that'll make sure you can wear your clothes without them constantly pinching and pulling. These'll provide a little more ~breathing room~ *and* prevent having to buy a whole new wardrobe.

    10. A pack of screen repair tape so the next time you tear a hole in your screened window, your solution won't be to spend the next five years saying "now what?" Just slap this on and move on with your life.

    Hand placing the screen repair tape on a matching screen

    11. A Vivienne Sabó mascara, because this has converted many a brand snob into a believer in lower-priced mascaras. It's a one-stop journey to thick, fanned lashes in just a bat of your eye — aka all the results you expect from high-end labels, just without the scary spending.

    12. A set of Keurig cleaning cups for regularly deep-cleaning your machine as easily as you make a single cup of joe. All you have to do is pop it in and wait — and now you won't have to replace your pricey Keurig any time soon.

    13. A CeraVe moisturizing cream that'll help you flake on super dry and red skin without costing you much at all. It's so thick yet effective that it's earned the National Eczema Seal of Acceptance, which you'll definitely understand when your complexion finally feels hydrated for 24 hours. It's officially time to wish pricey routines farewell.

    Reviewer's before-and-after picture with red complexion and then almost totally clear complexion

    14. A jewelry-cleaning stick so you can maintain impressively ✨sparkling✨ jewelry at all times — and make it easy to *keep* it that way. High jeweler bills? We don't know her.

    15. A charcoal and coconut oil toothpaste, because this'll streamline the usual whitening process for those of us who want fast results, but want to get it done even faster. AND you won't have to splurge on professional whitening services.

    Reviewer's before-and-after picture to show dramatic whitening after three uses

    16. A wine stain–removing spray for taking care of not-so-ruined clothing or furniture whenever a night goes a little *sour*. This'll spritz the mess away so you can pretend like it never happened — no need to replace your precious throw blanket.

    17. A bottle of Sally Hansen instant-dry coat that won't make you futilely blow on your at-home mani for 45 minutes, just for a nail to chip as soon as you move your hand. This only takes ~30 seconds~ to completely dry your nails — and its formula prevents chipping!

    Reviewer's hand with freshly polished nails

    18. A roll of marble peel-and-stick paper so you can finally get that gorgeous accent table you always wanted — oh wait, it's your old nightstand! Cue sigh of relief that you didn't have to pay a small fortune to redecorate.

    19. A roll of eco-friendly, reusable bamboo towels, because this'll help you finally stop overspending on regular paper towels and clean up messes a whole lot faster thanks to the absorbent material. Eco-conscious AND saving money? Nobody pinch me.

    Hand wiping up spill with the bamboo towel

    20. A jar of O'Keeffe's hand cream for drastically repairing extremely chapped, cracked hands for a whopping $7. Its super concentrated cream formula contains three main ingredients: water (to hydrate parched skin cells), glycerin (to draw in moisture and accelerate the hydration process), and paraffin (to create a barrier and maintain moisture).

    21. An adhesive LED strip that'll reduce your TV's glare so the screen creates sharper images and increases color contrast — aka you should really try this to improve your viewing experience before splurging on a new flatscreen.

    Reviewer's before-and-after picture of TV with glare and then with clearer images

    22. A John Frieda color-enhancing glaze so you can deepen your tresses to salon-worthy, brunette locks *without* an expensive trip to the salon. You can do it at home, spend less than even your usual tip, AND it adds a touch of shine to your hair. Will anyone know this all happened in your bathroom? Not a chance.

    23. A plaque-removing tool, because this'll help you deep-clean your fur child's teeth if things are getting...smelly. And yellow. And you don't have $700 lying around for frequent professional teeth-cleaning appointments.

    Reviewer's before-and-after picture of their dog's teeth with lots of plaque and then totally clean

    24. A set of resistance bands in three different levels of tension for cheaply strengthening your arms, legs, back, and tush when you integrate them into your home workout routine. You can use them to increase difficulty in yoga, pilates, and barre, or just to maximize shorter sessions if you only have a few minutes! Who needs to spend $$$ on a trainer?

    25. A pack of tea oil-absorbing tissues that'll confront midday shiny T-zones head on by absorbing excess oil, controlling shine, AND soothing irritated complexions with bamboo charcoal. Meaning your days of splurging on fancy foundations full of empty promises are behind us.

    Reviewer holding the tissue that's covered in facial oil

    26. A mini knife sharpener so you can bring those inexpensive knives you've had since freshman year of college back to pristine condition. No need to go out and buy a fancier set.

    27. A pack of SweatBlock clinical antiperspirant wipes, because this'll make sure those of us who are just constantly ~damp~ can finally tell our armpits who's boss. So long, huge copays just to learn there's "nothing to be done." We won't miss you.

    Hand holding the wipe

    28. A pack of toe separators for easily realigning overlapping toes and providing relief from bunions while you go about your day. Be glad you read this *before* undergoing any costly bunion-removal procedures.

    Looking at your bank account after solving all your problems, and seeing you have so much money leftover:

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