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    29 Things From Express You Frankly Cannot Live Without This Spring

    Plus, we have a discount code ~exclusively~ for our readers!

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    Ok, yes, we already buy everything in sight at Express. But NOW you (our readers) can take 15% off your entire purchase online or in-store with our exclusive promo code: 3849!!!!!

    Tldr: We are saving some moolah today, bless.

    Want to know what's even cooler? They just expanded their size range to 00-18 for women and XS-XXL for men — and not only just online! There are now select cities across the U.S. dedicated to helping you find your *perfect fit*.


    1. A cinched floral romper with a chic wrap front and adjustable straps that'll always meet you in the middle when you need the perfect daytime outfit.

    2. A pair of mid rise jean leggings so it's not a ~stretch~ to want the best of both worlds: comfort and style.

    3. A satin tie back cami, because you'll want to take a *bow* for how effortlessly chic you look (even if you actually really, really tried).

    4. A silky twill dress with flirty lace-up sides for having a go-to sundress for every occasion. Tl;dr: this is great for just about everything.

    5. A pair of fringe open hoop earrings that'll make mornings never feel like a *hassle*, thanks to how easily they update outfits.

    6. A pair of high waisted shorts so you never feel ~distressed~ about restrictive clothing — can we say "HELLO" to stretchy denim?

    7. A satin portofino blouse, because your wardrobe will never wilt when you're able to turn to such elegant options.

    8. A satin fit and flare babydoll dress with a flirty open back for looking like the life of the party, no matter how much your friends had to beg you to come.

    9. A strappy maxi dress that'll feel like you're wearing sweats while actually looking polished. Alert: you CAN have it all.

    10. A pair of high-waisted leather shorts with a pretty sash so you look like the epitome of cool no matter what you're doing. Called your professor "mom?" Doesn't matter. Waved to someone who doesn't know you? You still look GOOD.

    11. A ruffle neck, semi-sheer blouse, because it's hard to look unmotivated at work when you look dressy AF. Maybe they won't see how much you're texting now?

    12. A long floral ruffle skirt for a wrap to make dressing every single morning a total ~wrap~. It's this. Every day. There's no shame.

    13. A pair of Steve Madden textured sneakers that'll help you look sporty, even if the last time you went to the gym was 2008.

    14. A pair of high-waisted stretch jeggings so your mood is never *destroyed* over having to wear jeans. If they feel like leggings, all is well.

    15. A floral halter-neck cami, because you should be able to look spring-ready without ~choking~ your bank account.

    16. A flutter-sleeved jumpsuit for looking immaculately put-together every time you wear this — it's hard not to when all you need to do is step into one thing.

    17. A silky striped lace-up blouse with bell sleeves that'll say "yes, I'm a sophisticated adult and this WAS very expensive." Your secret is safe with me.

    18. A striped asymmetrical maxi dress so the only feathers you *ruffle* are everyone else's when they wonder why they don't have this.

    19. A pair of Privé Revaux aviator sunglasses, because people will need to shield their eyes from how brilliant you look in these.

    20. A pair of mid-rise striped culottes for a look with appeal as clear as black and white.

    21. A ruffled sleeveless dress that'll feel like a major breath of fresh air after months and months of snow. We are FREE.

    22. A pair of mid-rise white jean leggings so you can actually mark the beginning of summer — if you actually follow that rule. Who invented that? Moms?

    23. A pair of scalloped kitten heels, because you'll get *just* enough height while remaining safely close to the ground.

    24. A printed sleeveless shirt for celebrating the fact we no longer need sleeves. If I just jinxed us, I am so sorry.

    25. A strapless overlay maxi dress that'll be the star of any event you wear this to — will autographs be signed? Absolutely.

    26. A pair of mid-rise ruffled pants so you look ready for work, no matter how long you lay in bed wondering HOW badly you need that paycheck. You need it. These will help.

    27. A super lightweight cotton cover-up, because this will NOT ruin your outfit. A little colorblocking never hurt anybody.

    28. A pair of flat hoop earrings for staying in the loop of what's on trend. Look at you, fashionista!

    29. A pair of high-waisted distressed jean shorts that'll actually inspire you to go outside and enjoy the nice weather, if only just to show these off.

    Just one more reminder folks: USE CODE 3849 for that beautiful 15% off discount! Check out the rest of their store for even more cute AF styles.

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