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    Cute And Warm Tops You Need If You're Sick Of Sweaters

    Sick of bulky knits? These tops won't ~sweat~ it.

    1. A velvet cold shoulder top, because this'll make it more than possible to grin and bare getting dressed for a night out *without* sacrificing style for warmth.

    2. A plaid button-down flannel for reconnecting with your favorite band T-shirt when layering the two together. Those sweaters were really keeping you two apart.

    3. A ruffled knit top so it's actually possible to look fashionable despite the ominous weather forecast.

    4. A lacy A-line tunic that'll give you the best of both worlds: you'll still get to wear your leggings every day and you'll look extra stylish. ALL while staying nice and cozy. Amazing.

    5. An off-the-shoulder sweatshirt, because it's time to shrug off the burden of wearing the same exact sweaters every darn week. Your jeans are begging you to switch it up.

    6. An open back long-sleeve top for scaring off winter blues with a major statement.

    7. A sweatshirt tunic with a tulle hem so you can call your wardrobe "cozy and lazy, but make it fashion." It's never been so rewarding to throw on leggings.

    8. A button-down top with a chic knot that'll keep you comfy, and add a *touch* of polish. Say goodbye to bulky knits that only make you overheat in the office.

    9. A striped lightweight turtleneck, because you'll look effortlessly cool instead of sweating it out on the subway in thick yarn.

    10. A denim button-down shirt you can wear alone or layered when you need a break from your usual rotation between the same three sweaters. Believe me, your closet is starting to sing the blues.

    11. A shimmering bodysuit so a night out doesn't mean freezing your tuchus off — have your cardigans ever done this for you? I DON'T THINK SO.

    12. A colorblock long-sleeve top that'll immediately give your favorite jeans new life. I overheard them saying that they're feeling a little suffocated by your knits.

    13. A corduroy blouse with puff sleeves, because this'll make it so easy to look professional AND feel warm you'll almost want to go to work.

    14. An asymmetrical cold-shoulder top for giving your winter wardrobe a much-needed ~twist~, thanks to this top's trendy bottom.

    15. A ruffled turtleneck tunic so you can ditch boring knits for a pretty one-and-done outfit. It turns out your leggings prefer to feel dressed up.

    16. A belted blouse that'll surprise the heck out of your office when you show up looking like a polished adult. Dare I say they might even get *shivers*.

    17. A relaxed animal print T-shirt with elbow cutouts, because your routine has started to feel a little too tame. This'll shake things up without leaving you in the cold.

    18. A backless sweatshirt for tricking everyone into thinking you tried more than usual, but are actually spending all day cozily wrapped in sweats.

    19. A plaid button-down top so you can rely on this for years to come whenever you need an escape from your usual go-to's (but still need lots of warmth). Meaning: this'll never go out of style.

    20. A cropped workout top with trendy thumbholes that'll keep you toasty on the way to the gym while still looking the part. I'm no athlete, but I don't *think* people wear sweaters to go boxing.

    21. A starry oversized cotton blouse, because looking ~cool~ has never felt so cuddly. Warning: you may spend your whole work day snuggling with this top.

    22. A super soft snakeskin bodysuit for spending a night out feeling like you've just been tucked in. Please don't blame me if this makes you want to go home even earlier.

    23. A striped crew-neck top so you can both update old button-downs (hello, chic layering) or wear it alone on chilly mornings. Either way, you can say goodbye to freezing.

    24. A velvet T-shirt that'll help you make a *smooth* transition from overusing the same three tops. Ironically, you may find yourself wearing THIS way too often.

    25. A ruffled statement blouse, because winter weather doesn't stand a CHANCE at ruining this red hot number. You may even sizzle a little.

    26. A long flannel button-down with pockets (!!!!) for a new approach to staying fashionably warm. Think of this as a super trendy robe when you rudely have to leave your home.

    27. A soft knit layered pullover so your motivation to leave the house doesn't wither the minute you step outside. These florals can actually survive winter weather.

    28. A ruffled peplum top that'll save all the drama for your outfit — no more going back and forth between sweating and freezing on your way to work.

    29. An asymmetrical soft knit top, because this'll help you win a tie between keeping warm and looking on-trend. You WILL want to tie the knot with this.

    30. A cotton and lace tunic top to beat sweaters at their own game — you'll feel just as cozied up, minus the lovely back sweat.

    31. An oversized layered long-sleeve top for transitioning from pajamas to a comfy outfit in no time at all. Will this accidentally inspire you to nap at your desk? Perhaps.

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