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    18 Things That Are Stylish, Under $20, *And* Have Pockets

    Petition to make 2021 the year we cancel fake pockets.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

     Unless otherwise specified, all sizes in this post are listed in women's.

    1. High-waisted leggings with waist *and* side pockets that'll let you keep your phone securely in reach, no matter how many lunges you do. No need to worry about your precious phone flying onto the floor — reviewers say theirs stay in place during their entire workout.

    2. An extra roomy, lightweight sweatshirt that'll become your new best friend FAST when you realize you'll get the best of both worlds: comfort and snack storage.

    Reviewer wearing the sweatshirt with two side pockets in leopard print

    3. Breathable stretch knit shorts so you have somewhere to put your phone, glasses, whatever when walking around the house, instead of putting them on a random surface and then spending the next 15 minutes frantically searching.

    4. An A-line midi skirt, because this'll make your wardrobe feel more upscale than if you were Amal Clooney herself. I bet she prefers to have pockets, too.

    Reviewer wearing the skirt in black

    5. A sweatshirt dress that'll become your new go-to. Between the unbeatable comfort and extra-roomy pockets, you will absolutely wear this Monday through Friday. Which is more than fine.

    Reviewer wearing the midi sweatshirt dress in cream

    6. A pleated midi skirt so you can dress up all your old T-shirts without giving up an ounce of comfort. Jeans were only good for their pockets, anyway. Now they officially can't compete.

    Reviewer wearing the skirt in yellow

    7. A button-down dress, because this'll make looking put-together require one simple step: place over head. Next: throw purse in garbage. You're all set!

    Reviewer wearing the midi short-sleeve dress in leopard print

    8. Baggy cotton overalls one reviewer dubbed ~art teacher chic~ for instantly upgrading your lounge collection — not only is this a trendy one-and-done outfit, but you can layer it over sweaters to wear all year. That's right: We're talking pockets 365 days a year.

    9. A fleece sweatshirt that'll bring you allll the teddy bear feels without making you overheat. Could your childhood teddy carry your snacks for you? No? Then I am sorry, but this is your new best friend.

    Reviewer wearing the fuzzy pullover in white, brown, and pink pattern

    10. A cold shoulder T-shirt dress so you can put comfort first, but still feel inspired to post an OOTD. Don't forget to include "POCKETS" in all caps.

    Reviewer wearing the dress in red

    11. An oversized tunic top for beating the system and wearing leggings no matter the occasion thanks to this staple's ~fancy appeal~. And you better believe you're going to forget you even own a purse.

    Reviewer wearing the tunic top in gray

    12. A long-sleeve maxi dress versatile enough for any season that'll let you shrug off any concerns of *toting* around bulky accessories. You two are all you'll ever need.

    Reviewer wearing the long-sleeve maxi dress in green

    13. A lace-trim T-shirt dress, because this'll help you show off your unique style, while feeling smarter than all the NASA scientists combined. Did THEY ever think to carry all their belongings in this? I think not.

    Reviewer wearing the lace-trim long-sleeve dress in purple

    14. High-waisted bike shorts with not one, not two, but THREE pockets for hopping on this unstoppable trend without a) sacrificing comfort (reviewers say these don't pinch thighs), or b) losing your wallet and phone the minute you step out of the house.

    15. An asymmetrical tunic, because this'll keep your hands warm when your roommate just HAS to turn down the heat. WE ARE NOT SAVING THAT MUCH MONEY.

    Model wearing the long sleeve top in blue with black and white striped details on hem and sleeves

    16. Super soft drawstring joggers that'll truly give you something to ~smile~ about when you realize you can finally keep your phone safely by your side, as opposed to leaving it on the couch. Or was it the bathroom? You know what, let's check the kitchen. I think I saw it near the fridge...

    Model wearing the mint green sweatpants with a purple smiley face on the side

    17. A crew neck sweater, because we still plan on living in loungewear in 2021, but we *would* like one simple upgrade. You guessed it. Bring on the pockets.

    Reviewer wearing the sweater in grey with pockets on both sides

    18. A cinched midi dress for becoming your comfy number two the minute you put it on. I always knew finding your soulmate had something to do with pockets.

    Reviewer wearing the dress in gray


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