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    Thousands Of People Swear By Cirépil Wax For Painless Waxing And Saving Money

    "Painless" is not a word I usually associate with waxing, but thousands of people do now.

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    Waxing is...not enjoyable. It's expensive, tedious, and did I mention PAINFUL?! It feels like as soon as the redness goes down, it's time to go AGAIN.

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    ^^Me as soon as they even put wax on my bikini line. I know what's coming. Body hair is OBVIOUSLY natural and beautiful and no one HAS to shave or wax — but if you do prefer removing hair, the benefits of waxing last longer than shaving. The can h u r t.

    Well, GOOD NEWS, because Cirépil Blue Wax ($22.55 on Amazon) wants two things for you: a) a painless experience and b) for you to save precious cash.,

    Promising review: "As a novice home waxer, I had only worked with soft wax before this. I struggled so much with the soft wax and I was so amazed by this one!! Cirepil caught so much more hair on the first try AND I had SO much less breakage — every hair was pulled out at the root! I had read about it being less painful than soft wax and I was skeptical because waxing is waxing, but it was true!!! It's definitely less painful! AND the clean-up was just ridiculously easy compared to soft wax!! I'm so happy I went out on a limb and tried this, I'll never go back to soft wax!" —Rebecca Asni

    Reviewers say it's easy for at-home wax beginners, works on thick hair *and* sensitive skin (goodbye, longterm redness), and is actually...wait for it...painless. EVEN ON THE BIKINI LINE.


    The wax comes in bead form so you can nix painful, annoying strips. Once it's melted (you don't have to make it too hot — low temps work!), you can apply it directly on your skin and pull. Voilà — no more hair.

    "It’s my first time waxing myself. But I must say I love this wax. I bought this with a wax warmer and large sticks. It's not as messy as I thought it would be. The wax is strong, but it did not irritate my skin at all. And I have sensitive skin! It amazes me how my underarms look. I really recommend this product if you want to just do some waxing at home and it was pretty painless, especially on my upper lip." —cassandra phaengdy

    I'm not the only one who's impressed! It's already earned a 4.2-star rating on Amazon and 1,113 positive reviews!


    "This is the product you want. This product is so gentle on skin that I actually caught myself looking at the wax to see if it was pulling the hair out. It most definitely was. My bikini area came out super smooth!! I took a shower right after and there was no burning from the soap, which used to be a norm from the other wax pulling on and irritating my skin. With a little body wash, remaining wax residue came right off. Any wax that I had an oopsie with, once cooled, came right up. So while the wax I'm used to would be sticky and messy, this stuff easily cleans up. I highly recommend it. It's great!" —Lexil3oo

    And to say the reviewer images are satisfying is an...understatement.

    "My frequent trips to European Wax Center was costing a lot of money, so I decided to get serious about self-waxing. I purchased a soft wax that you use with the strips, and then this. I really had a hard time getting my armpits done with the strips. They peeled off my skin, and required multiple passes. It hurt so much, and I was sure I'd never be able to do it. Last weekend, I decided to try the hard wax, and it was so easy that I just started waxing other parts of my body like my legs, upper lips, bikini area, and stomach strip. I did multiple passes, and it handled it all perfectly. I'll reserve this wax for my face, and underarms since I got no discomfort, and so far no ingrown hair using this wax. I will definitely be repurchasing." —JinxPhoenix

    Just 👏 look 👏 how 👏 clean the hair-removal is! Reviewers with extra-thick hair swear this is the easiest method for them!

    "Holy crap. Please listen to this review. This is the best, and easiest to use wax I have ever tried. It dries super quickly and when it dries, it creates a vacuum seal around the hair. It does not stick to skin in the slightest and cuts the pain down 75%. I would pay $150 dollars for this stuff, because it is so good." —Amanda

    FINALLY a way to save money without making a mess in your bathroom! If I didn't live in a ninth floor apartment, I'd throw my strips out the window.

    "This is the greatest investment I’ve made in a long time! I was tired of spending $10+ just to get my lip waxed, and my hair grows back so fast so I decided to give this a shot. I just waxed my lip and bam! Hair is gone in one swipe. It got all the hairs: the dark, course ones and the blonder ones. I didn’t have to go over an area twice and the wax was extremely easy to work with. Yes, you have to deal with wax strings but that’s easy. I’m in no means a professional waxer; this was my first time working with this and found it very easy to use. Since it did my lip so well, I decided to try a small patch of hair on my legs and just as easily as the hair on my lip came up, the leg hair came up easily as well. Oh! And did I mention the LACK of pain?!?! You’re pulling hair out at the root so of course there is a sting but this was comparable to the high end spas where you feel little to nothing. Don’t hesitate to buy!!!" —Marti Gordon

    People with sensitive skin say the redness only lasts an hour or so — a big, BIG difference from my usual week-long irritation and bumps.

    "I have tried many different waxes from MANY different makers. I have went to a salon that used a 'blue' wax and was always impressed how my skin looked afterwards. So I bought this in hopes that this was the same type. I can't say for sure that this is the exact same product, BUT I got the same results. I am VERY fair with freckles and this wax turned me somewhat red, but nowhere near the redness I had with other waxes. The redness with this stayed only for about an hour or so vs. days. The consistency of this wax is amazing. It did take a little while to completely melt, but when it did it when on smooth." —starzz

    People trying at-home waxing for the first time find it easy! Considering I take three hours just to read directions, I am IMPRESSED.

    "Upon reviews, I decided to try this brand for my husband's chest and back wax. It didn't disappoint. It goes on smooth, does not completely garden (which is a plus), and has a lot less mess and waste. We have since ordered it another three times, all with the same great results. I highly recommend — it is our new go-to wax." —Carris

    Tl;dr: this is quick, easy, ACTUALLY painless, and probably the cheapest way to wax if you hate paying for professional services.

    "I usually get Brazilian waxes done by professionals, but this time I decided to save money and try to do it myself. This wax is literally PERFECT! It takes the hair off and not the skin, it does not hurt one bit. I used it 4.5 weeks after my last Brazilian wax and it took off all the hair, it was virtually painless! I will always buy this wax! Also, it does not stain your bathroom, once it dries, it just peels off of things easily. MUST BUY!" —Amazon Customer

    Get it from Amazon for $22.55.

    Most reviewers use the Gigi Wax Warmer ($25.45 on Amazon) to heat up the beads! You'll also need applicator sticks ($7.99 on Amazon for a pack of 100).

    Now go forth and enjoy those s m o o t h legs!


    The reviews for this post have been edited for length and clarity.

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