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    25 Shockingly Cheap Ways To Make Your Room Stand Out

    Welcome to my not-so-humble abode.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.

    1. Mix and match textures on your bed to add dimension to your favorite place in your home. A casually draped faux fur blanket adds regality even if you don't actually make your bed.

    2. Transform your whole room by covering just one wall with removable wallpaper. It minimizes the chore of finding artwork, especially if you opt for a bold pattern.

    5. Choose your favorite color and create a theme by matching your bedding to some art. The monochrome effect makes even the tiniest of rooms look larger and organized.

    6. Go ~green~ with your favorite letter, a.k.a. initial. Have it stand out by hanging it alone or make it the focal point of the rest of your collection.

    8. Light up your room with delicate string lights for a year-round cozy nook — Van Gogh doesn't get to hog starry nights anymore.

    10. Make a marbled pot with nothing but water and nail polish to show off your green thumb.

    11. Show off your favorite clothes and accessories with a hanging closet — and say goodbye to digging around your wardrobe only to wear the same three things.

    12. Arrange different sized picture frames close together as a quirky display of your favorite art. Bonus points if the prints include a wide array of bold colors to make them pop.

    13. Fret not if you can't afford a zebra rug — a dish version still adds pizazz (and helps keep you from losing your rings).

    14. Take advantage of large windows and place your bed in front of them to make the most of natural light.

    15. Trick people into thinking you bought new furniture and paint over your old chairs. You read that right. All it takes is some fabric paint.

    Check out Le Zoe Musings for the full tutorial!

    16. Put your favorite trinkets on display with a DIY butler tray. Or class up the joint even more with a stylish bar cart.

    17. Take decorating into your own hands — or penmanship, that is. It's practically free and puts your creativity on ~full display~.

    19. Get rid of dingy furniture... but not by throwing it away. White and gold paint convert run-down pieces into new and improved gems.

    20. Combine shabby chic with elegance. Get down to basics with sticking to just a mattress and plush comforter, and juxtapose it with a

    21. Display your jewelry and double it as decor with a pretty jewelry stand.

    22. Stun your guests into thinking you can suddenly afford marble surfaces. Little do they know it's essentially a sticker.

    Check out Centsational Style for a full tutorial!

    Check out Centsational Style for a full tutorial!

    23. Gild your walls with unexpectedly inexpensive mirrors.

    24. Avoid spending hundreds on oversize prints by opting for a standout shower curtain. Yes, really.

    25. Replace mundane knobs with artsy, ceramic designs to instantly redesign old furniture and easily add some color to your room.

    "Please remove your shoes at the door."