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    36 Ways To Completely Transform Your Home For Cheap

    Because not all of us are going to be on Fixer Upper *cries*.

    1. Stick some washi tape over your cabinet edges for a two minute update to your kitchen. Plus, it's super-removable if you rent!

    2. Draw inspiration from your furry muse and hang their custom portrait up for some truly ~one of a kind~ art.

    3. Gild your kitchen without spending your weight in gold by showing off brass cooking utensils. Do you cook? No. Do you look like Ina Garten? YES.

    4. Mix and match bold patterns (and fold your comforter in half to show the sheet's contrasting prints) on your bedspread to create a vibrant focal point. Plus, get a few fun pillows will top it off!

    5. Or colorblock neutral colored bedding to easily transform your room into a minimally chic pad.

    6. Cover unsightly pipes (hello, random heat pipe in my bathroom) with artificial ivy vines so you can turn over a new *leaf* for cheap.

    7. Bring new life to surfaces like fireplaces with nothing more than a few artificial plants and gold trinkets.

    Laura Gallant / BuzzFeed / Via http://

    Psst! Slide the bar to see this fireplace's transformation!

    Laura Gallant / BuzzFeed / Via http://

    Psst! Slide the bar to see this fireplace's transformation!

    Laura Gallant / BuzzFeed / Via http://

    Psst! Slide the bar to see this fireplace's transformation!

    This brass plant terrarium and brass tapered candle holders will instantly refine any surface!

    8. Trick people into thinking you bought new furniture in as easy as one, two, three — or primer, paint, and metallic spray paint.

    9. Avoid making your area rug the center of the room — it'll make your space feel more cramped. Place your furniture so that it's either in the middle of the rug or so the front legs of each piece are on the rug.

    10. Update typically overlooked spots like your pantry (or any open closet space) by applying some peel-and-stick wallpaper. Little changes like this are what can fully cheer up your space!

    11. Double your favorite outfits as decor by putting them on display with a metal garment rack and copper hangers. Aka just like the gorgeous rooms you see on Instagram but never recreated—until now!

    12. Turn your living room into the next MoMA by creating a visual display with simple wooden skirt hangers and your favorite prints.

    13. Remodel your old nightstand with nothing more than a beautiful knob and marble contact paper. Did you buy new furniture? Why...yes.

    14. Polish every room with just a flick of a switch — or at least when they're decorated with a detailed metal wall plate.

    15. Paint over one wall with DIY ~glitter paint~ to create a one-of-a-kind statement corner. Will this put a sparkle in everyone's eyes? You know it.

    16. Indulge in a little *vanity* and decorate your bathroom with seemingly expensive decor. A touch of mirrored gold (bonus points for displaying your perfume and lipsticks) will help create a more luxurious vibe.

    17. Make the most out of your alcohol bottles and display them on a tray table as a makeshift home bar. We deserve anything Don Draper has, right?

    18. Recycle an old but pretty tea towel as your new centerpiece by displaying it with a wooden poster hanger.

    19. Opt for an alternatively designed lamp, like this eyeball sconce for an unexpected twist (and a modern aesthetic).

    20. Hang your curtains from ABOVE the top of your window so that the proportions are correct to make your window appear taller. Four to six inches above the frame is recommended!

    21. Invest in a distinct upholstered headboard that'll be a one-and-done solution when it comes to decorating (not to mention it'll last years and years).

    22. Transform your walls with a distinct tile pattern to make your room stand out the moment you walk in. Sure, this takes a little work, but the payoff is, well, forever.

    Patterns like "horizontal grid" and "offset" instantly make it seem like your home was put together by an interior designer (and before you even worry about furniture)!

    23. Chicly organize your bathroom with a brass hot tool holder that'll not only keep your counters clear (no clutter, no eyesores), but double as decor.

    24. Create space you never knew you had (and therefore declutter) your closet with a shoe organizing tool that'll stack one shoe on top of the other. Cleaner the space, the closer you are to Carrie Bradshaw–level closet aesthetics.

    25. Learn how to FINALLY keep an indoor plant alive (proof you're a functioning adult). A big house plant will add a modern touch to any room (without having to spend too much *green*).

    26. Open up even small bathrooms with a white, detailed shower curtain. The playful texture will add dimension, while the soft shade will create an airy effect.

    27. Style your bookshelf so that your books are stacked both horizontally and vertically and then add some quirky decor like a mini globe and ombre ceramic vase. It'll add more visual interest and show off your ~creative side~.

    28. Match your bedding to your curtains to create a unified appearance (which will also seemingly expand your room). Doing this with lighter colors is most likely to open your space!

    29. Paint grout with a vibrant hue to cheer up your rooms without having to rethink your furniture.

    30. Enlarge small rooms with an oversized mirror, thanks to its ability to capture natural light and create the optical illusion that your space is much larger.

    31. Try simple tricks, like hanging alternative pieces on your wall instead of art or adding a pop of color on your bed with a bright pillow. Little things can make the biggest differences — and they won't leave a mark on rentals!

    32. Cleverly disguise your messes (hello, two week old laundry) with stylish hamper totes. You can use them for dirty clothes or to give clutter like old magazines a home!

    33. Arrange your decorative pillows in the same way that fancy hotels do (ooh la la) so that they're shown off to their full advantage. Does anything really say luxury more than a five-star bedspread?

    34. Get rid of desk disarray (I see you, receipts from 2012) with hanging cotton storage pockets. Their stylish appeal doesn't hurt, and you DEFINITELY won't mind your suddenly clear desk space.

    35. Arrange different sized picture frames close together as a quirky display of your favorite art. Bonus points if the prints include a wide array of bold colors to make them pop.

    36. Take decorating into your own hands — or penmanship, that is. It's practically free and puts your creativity on ~full display~.

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