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    42 Cheap Things You'll Probably Never Get Sick Of Wearing

    These'll stay in style for as long as you like wearing forever.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A super-comfy T-shirt dress that'll look just as nice with sneakers as it will with tights and boots. And you better bet your bottom dollar that you'll feel like you're still in your PJs.

    2. A fuzzy cropped sweater for always pairing with your favorite high-waisted jeans and living in nonstop cuddly bliss.

    3. A color-changing backpack so you can carry your books in STYLE, but without the burden of a heavy tote or purse. It's functional, easier to carry around, and will knock everyone's socks off when they see how it transforms in the light.

    4. A silky animal-print midi dress with statement sleeves, because you'll never have to go wild with styling to look on-trend again.

    5. A statement-sleeved knit pullover that'll dress your go-to black jeans up and keep you so toasty warm, you'll wonder if it's worth wearing any other top. It's not.

    6. A pair of corduroy pants to give your everyday jeans a well-deserved break, but still stay well within your ~comfort zone~.

    7. A chunky knit cardigan for helping you maintain constant comfort, *and* hitting the refresh button on your favorite tees. Not to mention it goes with everything so you can give outfits ZERO thought.

    8. A satin skirt so you can take a ~smooth~ approach to sophisticated dressing. It's versatile, upscale, and most importantly, will never go out of style.

    9. A faux leather watch, because this'll be a *timeless* statement piece you can wear every single day to update any old outfit. No styling effort required.

    10. A pair of lightwash "mom" jeans that'll quickly replace your go-to black jeans — or at least be added to your heavy rotation. Affordable denim that's actually loose and comfortable? Take. My. Money.

    11. A plaid, buckled pinafore dress to layer over all your super old tees (or turtlenecks, blouses, sweaters, you name it) as an easy way to update anything and everything.

    12. A pair of fleece-lined faux leather leggings for a tough look that still feels relaxed — reviewers say they're *super* stretchy and comfy, thanks to their cozy fleece-lining. Fancy-looking leggings seven days a week > sweats.

    13. A button-down top with a chic tie knot so you can always dress casually, plus a *touch* of polish. Can you wear a sports bra with this? You bet.

    14. A ribbed A-line maxi skirt, because this'll make you wonder how your wardrobe ever survived without this reliable basic. A piece that goes with everything AND is on-trend?! I've heard enough.

    15. An incredibly soft jumpsuit that'll let you spend the whole darn day feeling like you're still in your pajamas — aka you just found your new soulmate.

    16. A zebra-print midi dress to wear alone or layered under cozy sweaters — I do believe you'll be wearing this to work multiple days a week.

    17. A colorblock knit cardigan for making your days more colorful, even when we have a month full of gray skies. Though you will obviously keep your black leggings on repeat.

    18. A leopard-print headband so you can *top off* all your favorite ensembles with one of this year's biggest (and cheapest!) trends. Who knew looking so chic could cost so little?

    19. An asymmetric plaid skirt, because this'll effortlessly brighten all your ensembles — yet it's still simple enough to wear a million different ways.

    20. An oversize turtleneck dress that'll let you dress up your favorite leggings, while making sure you feel cozy all darn day. Everyone will understand if you wear this for months on end.

    21. A long flannel button-down with pockets (!!!!) to try a new approach to our usual checked toppers. Cozy + versatile = your leggings just met their new best friend.

    22. A pair of cropped cotton trousers for an easy staple to wear to work ALL. THE. TIME. Aka you can keep hitting that snooze button — no more outfit-planning required.

    23. A long hoodie dress so you can make all your dreams come true — a way to live in a big, cozy sweatshirt while still looking fashionable. AND it has pockets. I'll pass the tissues.

    24. A duo of 14K gold-plated hoops, because you'll be able to wear these every single day with zero thought — especially helpful if you're one to always forget to wear earrings.

    25. A belted satin blazer that'll instantly polish everything you own — your old jeans, band tees, heck even that ancient white top you've had in the back of your drawer for years. It'll be glad to see the sun again.

    26. A knit, tie-waist dress to always have a go-to when you need a one-and-done option to leave NOW. Good thing we lay in bed staring at Instagram for two hours.

    27. A pair of faux leather loafers in a wide variety of styles for learning a valuable lesson: you don't only need to wear sneakers to stay comfy. Now you can affordably stock up to keep this trendy style *and* their double-padded memory foam footbeds on rotation.

    28. A V-neck jumpsuit so you can ditch your overused LBD but still look fab in a cinch. Your Insta grid is about to feature this a lot. A LOT.

    29. A bodysuit turtleneck, because now you'll always a) have an easy solution to any unexpected ~untucking~ throughout the day and b) live a comfy life despite wearing something other than sweats.

    30. A leopard-print sweater skirt to easily shake things up whenever your tired of everyday neutrals (so you'll be turning to this on a weekly basis).

    31. A non-padded lace bra with thousands upon thousands of rave reviews — it's designed with DD+ cups in mind that'll leave you a little teary-eyed when you realize you never have to deal with restrictive bras again. We deserve to feel LIBERATED (but still supported).

    32. A faux fur topper to wear as a light jacket during warmer weather, and a chic sweater over the winter. Translation: you're never taking this off.

    33. A relaxed T-shirt for living in constant bliss when you wear at LEAST once a week. You can layer it, wear it alone, make it more upscale, WHATEVER. No matter what, your comfort level will never drop.

    34. A pair of high-waisted faux leather pants so you can pair 'em pair with anything just as easily as your usual bottoms, but these'll give your tops a little more edge.

    35. A pleated leopard skirt, because this'll cheaply keep you on-trend (don't pretend you *haven't* seen this style in every department store) all darn year when paired with sneakers, boots, heels, and really anything else you own. Tl;dr: you'll never get bored of this.

    36. A pair of velvet-y, snakeskin cowboy boots with unique flame detailing that'll upgrade your entire wardrobe without setting your bank account on fire (or dealing with aching soles).

    37. A seamless contour bralette to not only gently shape your breasts without underwire, but feel unbelievably breathable and stretchy all. the. time. Plus it's great for light tees!

    38. A jersey turtleneck for having an incredibly comfy staple that you'll never get sick of — wear it under blazers, sweaters, get it.

    39. A pair of high-waisted leggings so you join the reviewers who RAVE that these are every bit as soft (if not softer!) than high-end leggings — including LuLaRoe and Lululemon! Welcome to year-long snuggles for your bum.

    40. A sleeveless turtleneck, because this'll make you go soft and let it out of the closet whenever it wants.

    41. A plaid shirt dress that'll create a frequent pattern of compliments whenever you show this off. AND you'll be unbeatably comfortable the whole time — unreal.

    42. A cozy blanket scarf for adding a touch of luxury and sophistication to any jacket. PLUS you'll be up to your *neck* in emotions when you're constantly swaddled by this soft hero.

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