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    35 Stylish And Cheap Things That'll Upgrade Your Work Wardrobe

    Let's get EXCITED FOR WORK!! Or at least dressing for it.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A printed midi dress in ~18~ patterns so you can cheaply stock up on a slew of chicly professional go-tos. Heck, get one for Monday through Friday (but Saturday is for sweats).

    2. A faux leather watch that'll elevate you to Rolex-level style, and whose *timeless* sophistication might even inspire people to share their rolodex.

    3. A sharp blazer, because you can even leave this on your chair to throw on over more casual clothes when going into meetings. #Adulthack.

    4. A bodysuit blouse for never having to worry about whether your top is tucked is in. This'll do all the work of looking neat for you.

    5. A pair of faux leather loafers with chic gold buckles so you can elevate all of your usual outfits without even THINKING about uncomfortable heels.

    6. A retro midi dress that'll make you look so effortlessly put-together, people wonder if you were appointed to CEO. Feel free to tell them yes.

    7. A peplum top, because this'll add some ~flare~ to any bottoms without needing to wait for a raise to update your wardrobe.

    8. A flowy printed midi skirt for standing out in a sea of black suits. Warning: you may enter the office twirling.

    9. A pair of ankle-length trousers so you always have a no-brainer to turn to in the morning when you need to look *extra* adult.

    10. A three-pack of opaque tights that'll prevent you from wearing the same pair of stockings every day until they get holes.

    11. A midi pencil skirt with a ruffled hem and available in *23* styles, because this'll stick to your side (no pun intended) for years to come, but still add some unexpected color and design to your look. Tl;dr: it's fun, but will never go out of style.

    12. A plaid necktie for easily adding some stylish appeal to the very same white blouse you've been wearing forever. Today is the day it feels BRAND NEW.

    13. A ribbed turtleneck dress so you're up to your neck in compliments the minute you walk into the conference room. Believe in the power of this dress.

    14. A 14K gold-dipped lariat necklace with a droplet pendant that'll make your usual pieces look so darn luxurious, people will wonder if you got your holiday bonus early.

    15. A mock neck ribbed T-shirt, because this'll help you still look like you tried when you just want to be comfortable for the day. If only something like this existed for answering emails.

    16. A set of seamless low-rise underwear for never having to think about panty lines again. Rock that pencil skirt! Bless.

    17. A colorblock A-line dress with POCKETS so adding a pop of fun color to your office wardrobe is as easy as sending a fax. Actually, this is definitely easier.

    18. A pair of faux suede heeled boots that'll be a trendy (but still office apropos) solution to wanting to give your ensembles a little *lift*.

    19. A fashionable blouse with a pretty bow design, because now you'll get to *top off* your work bottoms with something more stylish than a stark white button-down.

    20. A wool-like dress coat for outdoor wear that's fitting of the professional look you so carefully crafted. Don't throw it all away with your old fleece!

    21. A bottle of Downy wrinkle-releasing spray so your clothing always looks nice and crisp, even if you spritzed this minutes before running out the door.

    22. A belted A-line skirt with **pockets** that'll make your office wardrobe feel more upscale than if you were Amal Clooney herself. People can dream.

    23. A pair of coated leggings, because your wish just came true: you can now feel like you're wearing pajamas to work — AND still look stylish as all heck. I'll pass the tissues.

    24. A faux leather waist belt for giving your favorite dresses a whole new appearance in just a cinch.

    25. A houndstooth poncho so you can take a break from endlessly wearing sweaters come colder weather. Not all heroes wear capes, but this looks a lot like one — just saying.

    26. A silky swing neck top that'll ~smoothly~ enter your wardrobe as something to easily dress up all your sweaters and blazers.

    27. A collared rib-knit dress to keep cozy at the office, but still look effortlessly *cool*. Hello, I shall be taking over every meeting today.

    28. A pair of belted wide-leg pants, because even if you work in a casual office you surely want to wear something fancier than jeans from time to time.

    29. A cozy tartan shawl for something stylish to throw on whenever Jan from accounting messes with the thermostat again. We were FINE the way it was, JAN.

    30. A pair of hoop threader earrings so you have a polished accessory that you can definitely wear every day. But their appeal will never ~tarnish~.

    31. A printed wrap dress that'll prove how magical this design is: aka it'll NEVER go out of style, it's comfortable, and it always looks sophisticated. Forget the Traveling Sisterhood Pants, I'm sticking with this.

    32. A striped blouse with ruffled shoulders, because striped shirts are no longer reserved for boring suits. MOVE OVER, Brooks Brothers.

    33. A maxi cardigan for easily transforming your everyday black jeans into an outfit that totally says "I'm a responsible adult who doesn't wake up five minutes before work."

    34. A reversible faux leather tote with a handy coin bag so you can say adieu to your old college backpack. Don't worry, this fits just as much!

    35. A billowy-sleeved knit sweater that'll give you the best of both worlds: staying comfy all fall *and* looking impressively upscale. This is why fall is the best season.

    And don't forget to wear underwear on Casual Friday!

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