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27 Inexpensive Rugs That Look Fancy AF

Buckingham Palace? No, your apartment!

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All rugs are 5'7" unless otherwise noted.


4. A turquoise rug for *jewel-toned* décor. How ornate.

5. A Moroccan-inspired print that transforms your space into a relaxing escape.

6. A vintage-esque rug that really commands the room.


7. A bold, striped rug that instantly modernizes your home.

8. A vibrant Turkish-inspired rug that transports your room to ~exotic~ places.


12. An Impressionist-like carpet that could be placed in Versailles.

13. An rug that's fit for a King (or Kween).

14. A black and white carpet for your minimalist chic pad.


16. A print for the haute hippie.

18. An electric indigo rug for the eclectic stylist.


19. A rug that adds style plus comfort to your life. Do the math.

20. A soft, cotton mat to give your tired feet the cushy relief you so deserve.

21. A mid-century rug that brings your home up to date.


25. A bohemian rug for the indie decorator.


27. Orange you glad you have such sweet new digs?

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