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    37 Cheap Things You'll Never Get Sick Of Wearing

    I now declare you and your new cheap dress betrothed. Mazel.

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    1. A front-tie T-shirt in both short and long sleeves that'll essentially serve as your ride-or-die for the rest of your life. This'll go out of style when the sky stops being blue.

    2. A pair of scalloped ballet flats so you can put your ~foot down~ on boring options and easily look polished every day — all while keeping your piggies nice and comfy.

    3. A sleeveless floral romper, because I know for a fact that rompers learned a lesson from the dinosaurs and will never go extinct. All hail the one-and-done outfit 🙌.

    4. An off-the-shoulder bodysuit for ~shrugging~ off worries of dressing off-trend whenever you go out. You can wear this bb with jeans, skirts, shorts, YOU NAME IT. You shall never go wrong.

    5. A V-neck wrap dress in ~28~ colors and patterns that'll prove to be a sophisticated choice for any and every occasion. Can you cheaply stock up and wear 'em on rotation? But of course.

    6. A belted wrap top so you can look *très chic* even when pairing it with your usual blue jeans. Who knew looking polished could always feel so comfy?

    7. A pair of delicate 14K gold-plated earrings, because these'll make sure you still look polished and on-trend every darn day if you're one to never change your earrings. It's you two (three?) against the world now.

    8. A high-neck bralette for wearing both by itself and layered — its racerback provides support, while its stretch cotton fabric promises all 👏day 👏 comfort 👏. Aka you'll never want to take it off....and I suppose there's really no need to except to shower.

    9. An A-line pleated midi skirt with POCKETS that'll update all your usual T-shirts to make dressing up easier than ever. Heck, this may feel better than wearing your jeans — which is why they're being replaced.

    10. A belted corduroy dress so you can easily transform whatever you pair this with for a totally new no-brainer outfit. One dress = unlimited possibilities.

    11. A nylon backpack with a chic pom-pom, because when does a stylish backpack stop being useful? Answer: never. As long as you have things to carry, this'll be your number one.

    12. A button-down floral dress that'll stick by your side for seasons to come, thanks to its versatility. Tights and boots? Check. Sandals and sunnies? Double check. This just put an official end to your constant "what the heck do I wear?!".

    13. A pair of high-waisted light wash jeans so your closet can stop playing the ~blues~ when you pick the same damn pants every day. These'll help you cheaply mix things up without straying too far from your comfort zone.

    14. A sheer floral topper, because this'll consistently make all your outfits flourish with minimal effort. I suppose this is what happens when we finally try colors other than black and gray.

    15. A pink denim jacket for a rosy update to the classic jean jacket — it's subtle enough to go with everything, but'll bring a welcome pop of color to even your go-to leggings. Talk about an upgrade.

    16. An asymmetrical bodycon dress that'll prove its worth in versatility. Throw it on with sandals and a jean jacket for a casual approach, or boost it with some heels. Your old LBD could NEVER.

    17. A dotted wrap midi skirt so dressing up will never *ruffle* your feathers again. This'll go with everything and make getting ready so simple, you'll wonder why you ever felt so attached to boring black denim.

    18. A pair of high-waisted yoga leggings with pockets (!!!), because these'll give high-end loungewear a run for their money. Reviewers agree their quality match, if not surpass, that of $$$ brands. Meaning you can cheaply stock up and live the rest of your days in pure comfort.

    19. A mock-neck sweatshirt for proving your Fairy Godmother WAS listening. Starting today you can indeed wear sweats all the time and still look stylish. I'll pass the tissues.

    20. An off-the-shoulder maxi dress with side slits that'll reveal not all basics are boring. In fact, this one is pretty darn sophisticated and will inspire at *least* 10 years of OOTD posts. Did I mention it has pockets? Add. To. Cart.

    21. A pair of high-rise striped knit pants so you can ditch your overused denim in favor of bottoms that are not only MUCH more relaxed, but will give all your ensembles a boho flare. Mission c-o-m-p-l-e-t-e.

    22. A loose-fitting jumpsuit for throwing on just ONE piece to look totally put-together. Warning: you may enter a life of hitting of snooze thanks to how easy this'll make getting dressed.

    23. A distressed denim skirt that'll continue to stay in style since its origin: 48 B.C. Ok this is a slight exaggeration, but you get it. If you don't already have a jean skirt, it's time to join the party — they're never leaving.

    24. A button-down midi dress so you can take the perfect easy-breezy Insta every darn summer. This'll always make you look carefree, even as you become more and more of an adult 😱.

    25. A pair of wide-leg gauze pants, because you deserve to look polished at the office *without* restrictive trousers. These'll make your legs feel FREE while you count down the hours in your cubicle.

    26. A short-sleeved bodysuit for the epitome of a reliable style. It's basic, cute, and will cancel any fear of your outfit becoming *untucked*. It's truly a solo dream team.

    27. A pair of flowy, floral shorts that'll quite possibly lead the revolt against uncomfortable jean shorts. It's time to spend your summers without the plague of restrictive clothing.

    28. A striped cardigan sweater so you can chicly accessorize your favorite leggings without ever putting much thought into it, at all. Dare I say, this is more rewarding than sweatshirts.

    29. A knit A-line midi skirt with 🚨hidden pockets🚨, because you can truly wear this one million ways before feeling like you've overworn it. And by the time you've reached one million you'll be too old to care, anyway.

    30. A backless crochet halter dress for never maxing out on how many times you can wear this. Wedding? Yep. School. You bet. Just to take a "candid" picture? Absolutely.

    31. A linen-blend blouse that'll give your jeans a whole new life when you add this (gasp!) professional twist. No one will ever know you actually pull all your clothes from a pile — not when you keep this on heavy rotation.

    32. A super-comfy T-shirt dress so you have something a little more ~upscale~ to throw on when paired with anything from tights to sandals. And you better bet you'll never even WONDER if this is on-trend. This is more forever than 70% of marriages.

    33. A top-and-trouser co-ord set, because the power of matching outfits will never get old. Polished ensembles in under two minutes? Be still, my heart.

    34. A pair of heeled Chelsea boots for winning in just about every category: comfort, style, and versatility. Prepare to put your *foot down* on blowing your budget every season — these are here to stay.

    35. A floral blouse that'll fit nice and loose so dressing a lil' fancier never feels like a punishment. So long, starched tops. You won't be missed.

    36. A graphic T-shirt so you can continue to live your life in casual tees — except now you'll always discover a pattern of compliments.

    37. A button-down smock dress with pretty statement sleeves, because this'll be an easy go-to every time you're running late and need to look nice NOW. This will never reveal your snooze habit.

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