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    24 Things You Can Get At Charles & Keith's Amazing Flash Sale

    Did I mention BuzzFeed readers get ~15% off~ regularly-priced and new items?! Be still my heart.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    Ciao, bonjour, salut! The only thing you need to learn today is that Charles & Keith, a trendy AF accessories retailer with luxurious-looking leather goods as far as the eye can see, is having a MAJOR flash sale this week.

    We're talking regularly-priced and new arrivals for 15% off thanks to our ~BuzzFeed-exclusive~ promo code! Or! You can score sale items right 👏now👏 for up to 50% off!

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    I will wait for you to get the tissues. Did I mention free shipping on the full price items?!?!

    **Our BF-exclusive promo code is not applicable to sale items.

    Just enter promo code CK15BF at checkout!!!


    1. A pair of sequin Mary Jane flats so you can put a sparkle in everyone's eye without dimming your bank account.

    Price: $41.65 (originally $49; available in sizes 35-41 and in four colors)

    2. A faux leather crossbody bag with an adorable robot push lock that'll quickly become your new best friend when you realize how many compartments this baby has.

    And it comes with a detachable strap.

    Price: $58.65 (originally $69; available in three colors)

    3. A duo of embellished leather derby shoes for easily standing out every day without reflecting how much you spent.

    Price: $75.65 (originally $89; available in sizes 35-41 and in two colors)

    4. A set of oversized gold tinted sunglasses with nose pads for added comfort, because these will update just about any sweats you decide to throw on. Lazy days deserve to feel stylish too.

    Price: $33.15 (originally $59; available in three colors)

    5. A panda crossbody bag so you can cutely accessorize your child to your heart's content. That's what parenting is about, right?

    Price: $33.15 (originally $39)

    6. A pair of textured ankle-strap flats that'll bring your wardrobe to new heights, but still allow you to maintain comfort. Will you be able to stay on your feet all day to show these bad boys off? Absolutely.

    Price: $24.65 (originally $49; available in sizes 35-41 and in two colors)

    7. A versatile two-way backpack for having an accessory you can switch up all the time. You can wear this pup as a backpack, crossbody, slouchy handbag, you name it — it's just about as limitless as the amount of compliments you're about to get.

    Price: $67.15 (originally $79; available in four colors)

    8. A pair of slip-on mules with some contrast trim, because these will keep everyone on their ~toes~ when you raise the bar at work for how to dress. AND you get to stay comfy? Bless.

    Price: $33.15 (originally $49; available in sizes 35-41 and in three colors)

    9. A set of mismatched semi-precious stone earrings so you quite literally turn heads thanks to this surprisingly inexpensive statement piece.

    Price: $24.65 (originally $29; available in four colors)

    10. A pair of slingback loafers with rounded toes that'll remain a classic go-to for years (and years) to come. I guess growing older means getting excited over inexpensive pieces that look investment-worthy.

    Price: $33.15 (originally $49; available in sizes 35-41 and in three colors)

    11. A snap-button wallet with lots (and lots) of compartments for never losing a credit card again, and looking sophisticated AF while doing so. Is this adulthood? I think so.

    Price: $33.15 (originally $39; available in four colors)

    12. A duo of leather ankle boots with chrome blade heels and square toes, because these will singlehandedly replace every single shoe in your closet. Your fall Instagrams need only these.

    Price: $109.65 (originally $129; available in sizes 34-40 and in three colors)

    13. A faux leather knotted bow belt so you'll be met in the ~middle~ when it comes to cheaply accessorizing your usual go-tos.

    Price: $24.65 (originally $29; available in sizes S-XL and in four colors)

    14. A pair of faux leather slip-on mules with chunky heels that'll point you in the right direction when you want to upgrade your old jeans.

    Price: $16.15 (available in sizes 34-41 and in three colors)

    15. A sequined T-shirt for showing off your sweet side — or at least so it'll seem.

    Price: $24.65 (originally $49; available in sizes S-L)

    16. A pair of striped mesh ballerina flats, because the same black jeans you wear every single day are going to be SO happy to see a bit of color. Just a little.

    Price: $33.15 (originally $49; available in sizes 35-41 and in two colors)

    17. A faux leather fringe detailed bag strap so all your old bags are suddenly back on-trend. Welcome back, crossbody from 2005.

    Price: $24.65 (originally $29; available in four colors)

    18. A pair of furry faux leather sling-backs that'll give your little ones the early life lesson that you can look $$$ while spending $. Yes, this is more important than learning geometry.

    Price: $24.65 (originally $24.65; available in sizes 22-32 and in two colors)

    19. A chain-detailed crystal bangle for always having an expensive-looking piece on hand to elevate your usual T-shirt and jeans combo.

    Price: $24.65 (originally $29; available in four colors)

    20. A pair of faux suede pearl-embellished sandals with chunky heels, because these automatically have the Audrey Hepburn seal of approval. And no you are not allowed to disagree.

    Price: $33.15 (originally $49; available in sizes 34-41 and in three colors)

    21. A faux leather bucket bag with velvet bows and a metallic top handle so you can give overpriced designers a run for their money. Your credit card thanks you.

    Price: $67.15 (originally $79; available in four colors)

    22. A duo of knotted denim flats that'll serve as an unexpected *twist* to literally any bottoms. You just found your solemate.

    Price: $41.65 (originally $49; available in sizes 35-41 and in three colors)

    23. A comfy T-shirt with dramatic furry sleeves for serving as a one-way ticket to your most successful 'gram ever. Move over, Eva Chen.

    Price: $24.65 (originally $59; available in sizes S-L)

    24. A set of suede ankle boots with metal-accented bows, because these will help you put your foot down on boring basics. It's all edgy styling from here on out.

    Price: $92.65 (originally $109; available in sizes 34-40 and in two colors)

    Want even more options? Check out their whole selection! And don't forget to enter promo code CK15BF at checkout!!! GET. THAT. DISCOUNT.

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