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    18 Of The Best Places To Order Gift Baskets Online

    Love is sending a ton of fruit, chocolate, wine, spa necessities, and so much more.

    1. Gift Tree has elegant baskets (that they'll actually want to keep using!) stuffed with gourmet food, wine, coffee/tea, and spa treats.

    2. One look at a Harry & David gift basket (or crate) and you know that the sender has their shit together. Or is very good at pretending.

    3. Dylan's Candy Bar is on the very important mission of satisfying your sweet tooth and indulging your nostalgia.

    4. Wine Country Gift Baskets has an impressive selection of wine, in addition to nonalcoholic options (like popcorn, nuts, fruit, etc.).

    5. World Market offers both general "For Any Occasion" baskets, as well as more specific "Get Well Wishes" and "Caring Condolences Sympathy" baskets for all the sap.

    6. Godiva is a beloved classic that will definitely delight any chocolate lover in your life. Cookie Monster who? We only know of a Chocolate Monster here.

    7. Shari's Berries has all the dipped strawberry arrangements you can imagine *in addition* to gift baskets categorized by sweet, savory, and fruit.

    8. Dean & DeLuca is a mecca of bougieness in the best way possible — these classy sets will never fail to impress (especially the tastebuds).

    9. Stonewall Kitchen baskets are akin to sending a warm hug — plus, its breakfast sets can't be beat.

    10. Hayneedle is actually reasonably priced given how much stuff (and variety) each gift basket contains.

    11. Perhaps you didn't know Target has a vast selection of online-only gift baskets you can pick up (while you shop for literally everything else on your list).

    12. Ghirardelli has gift baskets for Chocolate Celebration, Chocolate Delights, Chocolate get the point.

    13. It might take a little extra digging, but you're bound to find a *totally unique* gift basket on Etsy.

    14. Dartagnan is a meat lover's paradise with cooking, preparing, and serving tips to boot.

    15. Mancrates bring on the booze, meat, golf rounds, and zombie annihilation — just your typical to-do list.

    16. Gourmet Gift Baskets has every kind of basket imaginable, plus straight-up baked goods if you want a less frilly option.

    17. Edible Arrangements are way easier to appreciate than floral bouquets because you can eat them, duh.

    18. has a ton of customizable add-ons with each basket, so there are really ~endless possibilities~ to choose from.

    Don't forget to channel some classic Leslie Knope and Liz Lemon gift-giving spirit!

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