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    Bellesa Boutique's Up To 25% Off Sale Just Might Make You Want To Work From Home Forever

    Save up to 25% off on sex toys, vibrators, butt plugs, and more.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    Bellesa Boutique, home to everyone's favorite, crowd-pleasing sex toys, is having an up to an up to 25% off sale on almost everything!

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    You have until March 15th! Let's break down the discounts:

    — 15% off orders $3–$78

    — 20% off orders $79–$148

    —25% off orders $149+

    And you get free shipping!

    Because we know you're important and busy, we put together some of the ~best of the best~ so you can get 👏 to 👏shopping👏!

    1. 20% off a curved vibrator with velvety-smooth silicone curves and *seven* vibration settings so you can choose a different adventure every night. Spoiler alert: there's always a happy ending.

    And! It features an LED light bar that signals which vibration pattern you're on, meaning it'll be easy to discover your favorite!

    Promising review: ""This toy gave me my first ever dual-induced orgasm. It changed my world. I've never had the experience of reaching climax both through insertion and through clit stimulation at the same time. This toy is gorgeous, work of art, even with that said, it still finds a way to feel better than it looks." —Gia

    Price: $87.20 (originally $109; available in two colors)

    2. 15% off a clitoral-stimulating vibrator, because it's time to test out how thick your apartment walls really are. Its wildly popular design acts as a ~sensual vacuum~ by delivering waves and pulsations around your clit — someone get us to the church on time, because we are MARRYING this crowd pleaser.

    Promising review: ""I've been using this vibrator for almost three years and it consistently gives me mind-blowing orgasms. The various vibration levels are perfect for different levels of orgasms, or multiple orgasms, and the fact that it can go up and down easily means I can keep going...and going...and going. If you don't want to spend $100 on a vibrator, spend the $50 on this one, please." —Ana

    Price: $41.65 (originally $49)

    3. 25% off a wand-style massager for a mind-blowing experience reviewers swear is worth every penny. You can take the (silicone-covered) vibrations from low to high and *never* worry about it running out of battery at the exact wrong time, thanks to its power cord.

    Promising review: "There is a lot to love about this vibrator, and love it I do. I love that it’s obscenely powerful. I love that it has a wide range of intensity settings. I love how rumbly the lower settings are, and how even at its highest it still doesn’t get as buzzy as many other wands." —Lauren L.

    Price: $164.25 (originally $219; available in four colors)

    4. 20% off a genuine leather vibrator to make every night "endless orgasms, but make it luxury". Its tip is made of medical-grade liquid silicone to greet your clitoris with pure opulence — does it deserve anything less? Traditional oral sex is in danger once you become acquainted with this fancy bb.

    It features pressure wave technology and is waterproof!

    Promising review: ""Absolutely over the moon obsessed with this toy. I have never used a suction Satisfyer before; my mind has been blown. It's also stunning." —Michele

    Price: $103.20 (originally $129)

    5. 15% off a vibrating cock ring that'll be clingy in all the right ways. It makes *both parties* happy by delivering waves of vibrations, proving three isn't too much of a crowd after all.

    Plus it's waterproof!

    Promising review: "Description says it all! Seriously, though..this lil' ring is the real deal. Halo is right, this cock ring is heaven-sent. I love it, he loves it. We used to use the little ones they sell at the drugstore for $10 — ha! Legitimately though, this halo will rock your world." —Bibiana

    Price: $58.65 (originally $69; available in two colors)

    6. 20% off a couples' vibrator so you can enjoy a toy that certainly won't ever be able to ~come between you~. In fact, thanks to its ability to deliver vibrations to both the clit and G-spot during penetration, this bb will ALWAYS be invited to join.

    Bellesa Boutique

    It also comes with a remote control so you can easily operate it and a charging base! Did I mention it comes with TEN vibrations?!

    Promising review: "Being able to lay back with my hands over my head while receiving both clitoral pleasure from this and also the pleasure of insertion from my husband is a whole new experience. I strongly recommend this if you, like me, like to have your cake and eat it too." —Carol

    Price: $104.25 (originally $139)

    7. 15% off a clitoral vibrator with a whopping ~11 vibrations~, because this won't just simulate oral sex — dare I say, it'll IMPROVE it. You can apply the focused waves of pleasure *exactly* where you want it — and all from the tub.

    Promising review: ""Omg, this is the best vibrator I have ever used. I can have a hard time 'getting there', but this is like an instant multiple orgasm machine. I literally can’t move for a while after!" —Tori

    Price: $58.65 (originally $69)

    8. 25% off a dual spot stimulator for enjoying its blend of clitoral and G-spot stimulation (in 12 intensity levels!!!) 'til the cows come home. It's waterproof and even comes with an autopilot mode so you can lay back and relax (in the best way possible).

    Promising review: "From the second you remove this toy from its beautiful packaging, it's clear just by holding it how much care and attention went into building this. Womanizer is a company that understands the anatomy of a female orgasm deeply — and the pinnacle of that understanding is this Duo dual stimulation vibrator. Kudos to Bellesa for continuing to expand their selection and sharing with us the best products." —Jamie

    Price: $164.25 (originally $219; available in two colors)

    9. 20% off a vibrating wand toy to combine pleasurable nights in with ~affordable luxury~, because you shouldn't have to blow your entire paycheck in the name of memorable orgasms. It's sleek, easy to use, and can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere — including your bath.

    Bellessa Boutique / Facebook

    It's a whopping 9" and has seven vibration modes!

    Promising review: "My first thought when I saw the product photo was: 'I have to bring this thing in the tub.' Which was also the first thing that I did when the product arrived. It came out of the box with a full battery, so after a quick wash, I put it to use. Compared to most other wand toys, the volume on this toy is extremely manageable, you can tell that it’s powered by high quality motors. It’s also incredibly intuitive to use. I usually need to read the manuals because sex toys contain buttons that do things you don’t expect them to. This is a toy that I’m very happy to add to my collection and I quickly expect it to bump its way into my number one spot." —Ashley A.

    Price: $111.12 (originally $139; available in two colors)

    10. 20% off a best-selling vibrator that'll make sure beginners can easily join in on the fun. Its design needs only one button, making it super simple to control and explore with. Oh would you look at that — all your Friday night plans just disappeared.

    It has seven vibration modes and is waterproof!

    Promising review: "This was my first toy so I don’t have much to compare it to. I like the Aurora, because I thought it looked simple and nice. The range of vibrations turned out to be just right for me. There are three levels, so you can decide how intense you want them to be. It took a moment to get used to having something other than my fingers doing the job, but once I figured out my rhythm and the results came in, I knew I made the right choice. I definitely recommend." —June

    Price: $79.20 (originally $99; available in two colors)

    11. 15% off a vibrating rubber bath duckie — your shower or bath routine just got an ~exciting~ new twist. It boasts seven vibration patterns, but it still silent enough to be discreet. I do believe you'll literally be singing in the shower now.

    Bellesa Boutique

    Promising review: "Lol, I'm so obsessed with this invention/toy. It was such an impulsive purchase and now I can’t stop using it. Everywhere." —Josie

    Price: $16.15 (originally $19; available in three colors)

    12. 20% off a dual-stimulating vibrator with ~seven~ vibration modes so you can prove multitasking really can be a rewarding activity. It's designed to maximize *both* G-spot and clit stimulation, meaning this thing is seriously on a power trip (but you'll love it).

    *Goes back to work* *Suddenly forgets how to multitask again* It has ergonomically rounded surfaces to comfortably reach wherever you want. AND it's waterproof!

    Promising review: "This thing is on another level. It has vibrations on both tips and flexible silicone at the head that strikes just right. There's nothing complicated about it, just one button is all it takes to make her go. The impact of its powerful contact doesn't go away when using it for extended periods, which seriously makes it feel like this vibrator was made for me. I'm very satisfied!"" —Sandy

    Price: $95 (originally $119; available in two colors)

    13. 15% off an extra sleek vibrator, because this'll help you find your ~sweet spot~ in about two minutes flat (if that). Its silicone head is designed to feel practically custom-made while it delivers mind-blowing waves and pulsations. AND it's as quiet as it is powerful.

    Bellessa Boutique

    Price: $41.65 (originally $49)

    14. 25% off a "rabbit"-beaded vibrator for making you want to ~hop~ to it every night as soon as you hit the sheets. Its classic, popular shape stimulates your clitoris and G-spot at the same time, meaning you'll find yourself at *peak pleasure* in about one minute flat.

    Bellesa Boutique

    Promising review: "Hits all the spots...repeatedly! It has serious orgasmic consequences!" —JennJi

    Price: $119.25 (originally $159)

    15. 15% off an entry-level vibrator to help beginners feel totally in control while exploring. It may be small (and cute???), but it is MIGHTY. Prepare to welcome your clitoris to a whole new world of pleasure — sorry, fingers.


    Promising review: "Looks: 5/5 Power: 5/5 Quiet: 5/5 The noise is a big one for me, because I apparently have a roommate with supersonic hearing." —Jenny Rosen

    Price: $41.65 (originally $49)

    16. 20% off a pressure-wave vibrator that'll combine intense, non-contact pressure (like a pleasurable vacuum) *and* a vibrating lay-on head with inner and outer ring intensities that can be independently controlled. It boasts 110 unique combos of pressure-waves and vibrations — aka you're staying in forever.

    I hope your tub is ready, because this bb is waterproof.

    Promising review: "I actually can't believe a toy like this exists, a vacuum vibrator! This toy made me cum twice in a row, which I have never done in my whole life. Definitely recommend." —Ariela

    Price: $58.65 (originally $69)

    17. 15% off a set of butt plugs so you can ensure even the pickiest Goldilocks in you can find just the right fit for ultimate pleasure. Ranged from tiny to filling, each one is super silky, comfortable to use, and safe for beginners.

    Bellesa Boutique

    Promising review: "These plugs have a nice progression to them. They are comfortable to wear (velvet smooth) even around the house and the packaging is the cherry on top for this beautiful product." —British Britt

    Price: $38.25 for a set of three (originally $45; available in two colors)

    18. 20% off a clitoral-stimulating sex toy, because this'll deliver waves upon waves of pure bliss through pressure vibrations — all from one simple hand device. It's super easy to use both on yourself and someone else — not to mention, its rose gold design brings some ~chic flair~ to the evening.

    And while *you* might not be, this is super quiet and discreet. AND it's waterproof!

    Promising review: "You'd figure that this couldn't be as special as I built it up to be in my head, but you'd be wrong. Granted it's my first sex toy, but I really don't believe that I'll ever go for anything other than this type of toy. Also, I must say, I love the description for this product. It literally covers every single aspect that I was curious about." —Mandy

    Price: $50.15 (originally $59)

    To learn more about this, check out "This Sex Toy Sucks In All The Right Places And People Truly Swear By It."

    19. 20% off a uniquely-shaped vibrator for helping you achieve a wide variety of orgasms, whether you prefer to use its vibrating head on your clitoris or its curved tip for hitting your G-spot. Or heck, make time for both! It even has a flared base for anal use. Talk about a multitasker.

    Bellesa Boutique

    It's waterproof and safe for anal!

    Promising review: ""#Gaia2020. I think this toy has few reviews because it's fairly new, but this should firmly be at the top of the Bellesa collection. It's just as good of a G spot vibe as the Aurora, but is also a better anal vibe than Euphoria. The Bellesa silicone is very high quality too, making it very easy to clean. Awesome customer service, awesome toy. Wish I could give more stars." —Camila

    Price: $71.20 (originally $89)

    20. 20% off a kegel exercise tool to make *certain* workouts extremely pleasurable. It has all the benefits of a typical kegel-strengthening tool, but with an added vibrating function. Talk about an at-home gym.

    Bellesa Boutique

    Promising review: "I'm writing this review a full two weeks out from first receiving this toy, so I've put in my due. I thought it would take forever to start feeling differences from working out my PC muscles, but I was literally able to notice improvements after four days. The fact that two weeks later, I feel like I'm in significantly more control of my orgasms and I climax way harder than before is all that needs to be said. If I could give this product six stars, I would." —Vanessa

    Price: $89.25 (originally $119)

    You getting ready to stay in yet another night to "relax":

    Busboy Productions

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