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    42 Beauty Products That Are Worth Every Penny

    Whether they're cheap or a splurge, these are worth the *payoff*.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. B Uniq Purple Hair Mask helps you maintain professionally done-looking hair at home by neutralizing yellow tones and brightening your blonde hair to fully platinum in just five minutes. AND it multitasks as a deep conditioner to add extra shine and help undo damage from bleaching.

    Reviewer's before-and-after with brassy, yellow curls and then platinum blonde curls

    Promising review: "Let’s be honest, for an at-home hair product that takes five mins in the shower, this mask kicks ass! I’m so mad I didn’t take before-and-after pictures. But I went from a yellowy bleach blonde to a cool icy blonde in just four minutes! Badass! Next week I’m going to leave it in just a little longer to get a couple of those stubborn brassy blonde highlights out, but seriously for an at-home $25 hair treatment, you can’t beat it!" —Shelly K.

    Get it from Amazon for $29.95.

    See how a v similar purple shampoo works in "If You Color Your Hair Blonde, You Need This Purple Shampoo."

    2. Glossier Cloud Paint just released two gorgeous new shades, meaning you can now add even more easy-to-use blushes to your arsenal. Their creamy formula lets you apply some color to your cheeks with only one requirement: use with finger. Plus, they're sheer yet buildable, aka it's extremely hard to mess up., Glossier

    Promising review: "I've had Cloud Paint in shade Storm for a while now and I would never go back to powder blush after this! It blends seamlessly, is buildable, and looks so natural and pretty. Side note — people with paler complexions shouldn't shy away from Storm, it's wonderful!" —Lena

    Get it from Glossier for $18 (available in eight shades).

    3. Seche Clear and Seche Vite Polishes work together as base and top coats to not only prevent chipping, but ensure shiny, fresh-looking manis that last for *weeks*. You can depend on this popular duo's talent for drying quickly, strengthening your nails, and altogether just looking pretty darn professional.

    Reviewer's freshly-done nails with five-star Amazon caption "the best base/top coat I've ever used"

    Promising review: "I used to never do my nails at home because they never looked like nail salon manicures. I purchased this after I realized that I would not be able to go to the salon for sometime due to COVID. I made the best decision. The base coat is so thick yet makes the perfect surface for the next polish layer. The top coat literally looks like glass and dries within five minutes, tops. I use the top coat every other day to freshen up manicure and make it last longer. I have been very happy. I redo my nails every 10 days and only because I like to change the color often. The top coat is a blessing because with other top coats I used to always get bubbles trapped inside but this has not happened ONCE with this one!" —Aysar

    Get the base and top coat set from Amazon for $11.38 (available in four formulas).

    4. VisViva Beauty's Adjustable Satin Bonnet fits *just* the way you want it to, instead of dealing with your current one slipping and pulling. And! It's extra soft, lined with silk to avoid tangling, and designed to fit over big hair, locs, and braids.

    Model wearing the grey fabric bonnet
    VisViva Beauty / Etsy

    This is an awesome Black woman-owned business (based in LA) that makes fashionable satin-lined caps, scrub caps, satin bonnets, and hair accessories. Everything was designed to not only accommodate all types and sizes of hair, but also look stylish so you can wear it throughout the day.

    Promising review: "Finally a bonnet that fits my big head!! I like braiding my hair and using it overnight to get those soft curls! 10/10 recommend!" —ambar

    Get it from VisViva Beauty on Etsy for $19.99 (available in nine colors).

    5. Kat Von D Tattoo Liner fights sweat, water, or really any natural element so it can look freshly applied all 👏 darn 👏 day. AND its superfine and flexible brush makes sure your application is easily ~on point~. Basically, this cult-favorite is here for you through thick and thin (and everything in-between).

    Kayla Suazo / BuzzFeed

    This baby's fade-, melt-, crack-, and run-resistant finish has earned 11,419 five-star reviews so you know it's worth the $$$! AND its pigmentation demands the word "black" to be redefined — it's that satisfyingly dark. Plus it's cruelty-free!

    Promising review: "This is the best liner EVER. I went to Sephora to purchase this after I saw all of the great reviews on here — you chicas were right, this liner is phenominal. The tip allows very detailed and precise lines; it's very easy to make a subtle thin line or even a cat-eye. It lasts, too. I wore it on a hot humid New York day where I was helping host a gathering and this did not budge not one bit." —lovelivelaugh

    Get it from Sephora for $20 (available in two shades).

    To learn more about why my BuzzFeed Shopping colleague loves this, check out "I Swear, Even If You Suck At Makeup, You Can Master The Cat Eye With This Liquid Eyeliner."

    6. Mented Semi Matte Nude Lipsticks help you *kiss* flaky lips goodbye thanks to their super hydrating formula. And! They're specifically designed to complement any complexion, meaning this is the lipstick for anyone who can never find the right nude shade.

    Three models with different skin tones wearing a dark brown nude shade

    Mented is a Black woman-owned business that was founded by two friends who could never find the right nude lipstick. They created Mented Cosmetics so people can finally find makeup that works with their complexion — no more endlessly hunting. Did I mention that their holiday trio set was included in this year's Oprah's Favorite Things?

    Get it from Amazon for $16.50+ (available in nine shades, listed separately) or Mented Cosmetics for $16.50 (available in nine shades).

    7. Radha Beauty Rosehip Oil requires merely a few drops to tackle redness, scarring, pimples, and everything in-between. Reviewers use this before bed and wake up to ✨glowing✨, healing skin! Nothing will get in your way of clear skin again...not on this bb's watch.

    Reviewer's before-and-after of broken-out cheek and then clear cheek with caption that says "just wow"

    Promising review: "This stuff is life-changing! I have incredibly oily skin that is acne-prone. Although it seems counterintuitive to put oil on my oily skin, it does wonders for keeping my skin clear and refreshed and gives it a healthy glow! I apply two to three drops each night after washing my face and sometimes use it as my moisturizer during the daytime as well." —RC

    Get it from Amazon for $14.95.

    To learn more, check out "This Facial Oil Will Solve All Your Skin’s Problems."

    8. Ilia Beauty Color Haze lets you apply the *perfect* amount of color to your complexion, whether you'd like to use it as a gloss or blush (or both!). Basically it's extremely hard to go over-the-top with this — but very easy to get creative.

    Ilia Beauty

    Promising review: "Can’t get enough of this color! Its terra-cotta color to be exact looks amazing on my medium skin tone and on top of it’s nontoxic. I wear this on my lips I need only a tiny bit on my cheeks." —Vajiha Q.

    Get it from Ilia Beauty for $32 (available in five shades).

    9. Hero Cosmetics Mighty Patches drain 👏 those 👏 zits 👏 so you can avoid picking or any of the other lovely benefits of a usually longer-lasting breakout. They're gentler than acne cream, speed up recovery to practically overnight, and do all the ~heavy lifting~ for you.

    Reviewer's before and after of pimple patch on acne and then pus-filled patch

    Promising review: "I do not understand the science behind these tiny miracles, but they have changed my life. I spent my work day looking forward to going home and putting one of these bad boys on my newly erupted Mt. Zit and the overnight results were shocking. Not only is it grossly satisfying, but it saved me several days of walking around with scars on my face, because my previous method of dealing with them was to pick, pick, pick." —Adg

    Get a pack of 36 from Amazon for $11.88.

    10. Or! Dr. Jart Focuspot Blemish Micro Tip Patches tackle deeper, cystic acne thanks to their self-dissolving micro tips that work like your derm's usual methods. A combo of hyaluronic acid, vitamin B3, and peptides melt into the zit within ~two hours~ to soothe inflammation that usually takes MUCH longer to heal.,

    Promising review: "WOW! I’ve had a tough spot of big cystic pimples that wouldn’t dry out or get any smaller no matter what I did. I wore one of these overnight. The next day one of the pimples was completely white and gone in a few hours and the other was significantly smaller and is now almost gone. I’ve used many spot treatments before, but I LOVED this one. Definitely buying more! And I loved the microneedles it has, really think that’s what made such a difference!" —cassiefernandez

    Get a pack of six from Sephora for $18.

    11. Slip Pure Silk Pillowcase puts an end to painful knotting (and frizzing) for anyone with thick, curly hair. Is it an investment? Yes. But it'll last longer than most pillowcases (with proper care), and welcome you to a world where you can wake up to smoother, tangle-free hair.

    The silk pillowcase in pink

    I have two of these, and love them! I actually got them because my curly hair was getting extremely knotted from tossing and turning. Anyone who has ever tried to brush thick, knotted hair knows it's *very* painful and that you lose a lot of hair from tugging and pulling. This pillow case really, really helps — my hair isn't knotted when I wake up, and it's actually less frizzy.

    Get it from Amazon for $89+ (available in two sizes and 11 colors and patterns).

    12. Bread Hair-Oil adds impressive gloss to 3a-4c curls by using ~Australian Kakadu plum~ to make your hair softer and shinier *without* making it feel greasy. You can apply it to wet hair so it dries smooth, or even use it in between washes for an easy boost.


    This Black-owned haircare company, Bread, is easily one of the coolest stores I've found while working on the BuzzFeed Shopping team! All of its products are made with curls, braids, or however you want to wear your natural hair, in mind. It's particularly great for anyone with 3a-4c hair — and the packaging is all amazing.

    Get it from Bread for $24.

    13. Ecotools Makeup Brush Cleansing Shampoo washes away months (years?) of gunk off your brushes, and conditions old bristles back to their original form in a matter of minutes. Even if you're lazy you can handle this, I promise.

    Reviewer's before and after of their makeup sponges dirty and then totally clean

    Did I mention it's all-natural and cruelty-free?

    Promising review: "So don’t judge, but I had never really thought about cleaning my makeup brushes before. I would just use them for awhile and then throw them out and buy new ones which gets expensive. So, I’ve been breaking out and couldn’t really figure out what could be the cause until I read an article about dirty makeup brushes and how nasty they can be for your skin. How had I never thought of that!? So I ordered this stuff and went to town on my brushes. Let me tell y’all, I was pretty disgusted by how much came out of each of the brushes and surprised at the total change of color after they were cleaned. I was worried this cleaning was going to ruin the brushes but they are better now than they were prior to the cleaning. The smell is good and light and worked very well. Definitely recommend!" —Madison

    Get it from Amazon for $4.97.

    To learn more, check out "I Tried The Makeup Remover With Over 1,000 5-Star Reviews From Amazon To See If It Really Works."

    14. Face The Vibes Custom CC Cream wants you to finally use makeup that *truly* matches your skin tone — in fact, it'll be formulated just for you. All you have to do is send a selfie of yourself with your order, and they'll customize the ingredients. Plus! You can specify whether you'd prefer coconut, avocado, or aloe vera oil so it best suits *your* skin.

    Model holding the custom CC cream
    Face The Vibes / Etsy

    They prefer two selfies taken in the natural light with no makeup to truly match their complexion! It also protects them from the sun with SPF 30.

    This is a very cool woman-owned, L.A.-based business that makes vegan skincare. Their products are plant-based, organic, and packaged in reusable zero waste containers.

    Promising review: "Seller was very helpful and responsive with my questions and helping choose a skin tone shade. It arrived quickly and it smells amazing! I hate foundations but like to wear a tiny bit of a powder to even my skin tone and was looking for a replacement with SPF, as well. This is perfect because it doesn’t cover natural dewy skin like a powder does, AND it has good ingredients for skin health, too." —Alexa DiCarlo

    Get it from Face The Vibes on Etsy for $30+ (available in two sizes).

    15. Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer & Styler brings pro-like blowouts right to your ~fingertips~ by creating sleek, frizz-free 'dos in half the time. How? Flexible tangle-free bristles smooth and style your hair as you brush, while negative ions condition and reduce static as you dry. The result: an easy peasy, perfect mane.

    BuzzFeed Shopping reviewer's before-and-after of her 4C curls on the left and her hair blown out on the right
    Essence Gant / BuzzFeed

    It has two heat settings, plus a cool setting so you can customize it to your hair type.

    Promising review: "I'm a stylist of nine years, and I've straightened many heads in my lifetime. I NEEDED THIS NINE YEARS AGO! OMG, I use it prior to performing full blowouts on clients and it helps tremendously, especially for finicky children and teens. It's great for all hair textures." —Vett Garcia

    Get it from Amazon for $29.97+ (available in two colors).

    To learn more about why the above BuzzFeeder swears by this, check out "Here's The Life-Changing Blow Dryer Every Black Girl With Natural Hair Needs."

    16. Vogue Effects Eyeliner Stamps tackles the seemingly impossible task of drawing the perfect cat-eye by simply stamping on pro-level wings. Will you get all the credit? Obviously.

    It has two sides: one that has a stamp to MAKE. THE. WINGS. FOR. US (!!!) and another side to draw a steady, smudge-proof line that's extremely hard to mess up thanks to its thick felt tip. It's even available in three sizes so you can choose the thickness of your wings!

    Promising review: "Let me start by saying this isn't my first cat-eye rodeo. I've tried the taping method, normal liquid liner, plastic winged stamping devices, stencils, all of it! So when I saw this I thought, meh, why not give it a shot. Well, this gem arrived and I immediately had to try it out, all while laughing at how terrible this would probably turn out....but to my surprise it was perfect. I HAVE NEVER IN MY LIFE BEEN ABLE TO DO A CAT-EYE IN UNDER 10 MINUTES, LET ALONE THE TWO MINUTES THIS TOOK TO DO! There were no sloppy streaks that I had to touch up or anything you would expect. Just a clean, crisp line." —LadyMeow

    Get a pack of two (one for each eye) from Amazon for $12.99 (available in three sizes).

    To learn more, check out "Hundreds Of People Swear By This Eyeliner Stamp For The Perfect Cat-Eye."

    17. Glossier Brow Flick simply ensures your caterpillars will always look SO. GOOD. with barely any effort — and it'll look totally natural, thanks to this tool's ultra-fine tip. Bold brows make you feel 🔥; it's just science.

    BuzzFeed Shopping reviewer showing one eyebrow bare and the other filled

    Promising review: "I cannot do makeup to save my life, but this made it so easy to learn how to make my brows look amazing (I have next to none). It looks natural and makes it so easy to get the shape and fullness I want. Plus, there is no transfer, flakiness, or smearing." —Kim

    Get it from Glossier for $18 (available in three shades).

    To learn why my BuzzFeed Shopping colleague and her lil' brows love this, check out "Just 10 Things You'll Want To Try In July."

    18. CurlMix Lavender Wash + Go System gives you everything you'll need to soften, define, and even elongate your curls. The set comes with steps one through four to make the process super simple — did I mention you'll probably only need to do this once a week? And that the results can last up to seven days? No wonder this was an Oprah's Favorites pick this year.


    You'll get a clarifying shampoo, hydrating conditioner, moisturizer, and styling gel. It works best for people with hair textures ranging from 2a to 4c. CurlMix is a Black-owned business that's cruelty-free and vegan — it's *very* loved by the curly hair community, and just scored a spot on this year's Oprah's Favorite Things.

    Get it from Amazon or CurlMix for $85 (available in five scents and formulas).

    19. Voloom Volumizing Hair Iron lends you the volume you've been trying to achieve for YEARS, but with just one easy-to-use product. Its checkerboard hot plates add body to the top of your head after just a couple swipes — your spray could NEVER. It's a bit of a splurge, but how many products have you tried that couldn't follow through on their volumizing promises? This is worth it.

    Reviewer's picture with flat hair and then volumized hair starting from scalp

    Promising review: "The VOLOOM is amazing! I put absolutely no product in my hair and the volume lasted all day. It was incredibly fast and easy. I honestly hoped for a little added volume, but this thing is better than I ever expected!! I was hesitant because of the price, but it's worth every penny! Best hair tool I've ever purchased!" —Tiger Wife

    Get it from Amazon for $99 (also available in a petite version and in a version designed specially for getting close to your roots).

    20. e.l.f. Cosmetics High Definition Powder is on many a beauty-lover's must-have list, thanks to its ability to help your makeup last all darn day. Not to mention, it's lauded as an excellent dupe for higher-end labels.,

    Promising review: "I admit it, I'm a powder snob. For the past two years, my favorite has been the Laura Mercier translucent powder. I recently ran out and couldn't afford to drop $38 (YES THIRTY EIGHT DOLLARS) for it. So I ordered a few inexpensive options to try out here on Amazon. I wasn't expecting anything great from this e.l.f. powder but...OMG...I AM BLOWN AWAY!! It's BETTER than my Laura Mercier powder!! And it's literally a fraction of the price ($4 vs $38). This powder is very finely milled, smooth and buttery, it sets without depositing any color (actually translucent) and is incredible for baking the under-eye area!! NO CREASING and no cakey-ness!! I'm never going back to expensive high-end powders!!!" —R. Johnson

    Get it from Amazon for $6.

    21. Vivienne Sabó Classic French Mascara has already converted many a brand snob into a believer in lower-priced mascaras. It's a one-stop journey to thick, fanned lashes in just a bat of the eye — aka all the results you expect from designer labels, just without the scary spending.

    Reviewer's before-and-after of their natural light eyelashes, and then full lashes after mascara

    Promising review: "I have religiously used Diorshow Black mascara for the past decade. I decided that I no longer wanted to spend $30 on mascara, so I decided to venture out a find a more affordable brand. After reading the reviews on Amazon, I decided to purchase this product. The brush is small, which makes it easy to work both the top and bottom lashes. The product itself it thick enough to make a noticeable difference on my lashes, but not too thick that it looks clumpy. I have had no issues with the product running either, and I tend to rub my eyes frequently." —Denay

    Get it from Amazon for $12.95 (available in two shades).

    22. Adwoa Beauty Baomint Deep Conditioning Treatment combines shea butter, prickly pear oil, and pumpkin seed oil to break down the barriers of dry, frizzy hair and leave you with soft, smooth tresses. It's absolutely loved by the curly hair community for its ability to penetrate even the thickest, most parched strands and better define each and every coil.,

    And! Thanks to the pumpkin seed oil, it also helps treat dry and itchy scalps.

    Promising review: "My hair was long overdue to be washed and after using felt so soft. I don’t typically write reviews but I have 4C hair and it’s a challenge keeping it moisturized and soft. I use the whole line and although pricey it is worth it. If you have a hot head make sure to really deep condition with this and I finger detangle my hair. This product is a game-changer." —MrsGa

    Get it from Sephora for $36.

    23. Neutrogena Anti-Residue Shampoo hits the reset button for dull, damaged hair. Just a weekly rinse with this will remove dulling residues (hello, styling products) and bring your mane back to its previous ✨shiny✨ state.

    The shampoo

    Promising review: "This is a great product! It removed months/years of product build-up in my hair that I didn't even know I had. After just one wash, my hair felt lighter, finer, more voluminous, and I needed fewer styling products to achieve the same results. I have long, dark, fine hair and I use this about once every two weeks, or once every four to five washes." —Katherine

    Get it from Amazon for $5.19.

    24. Obagi Nu-Derm Gentle Facial Cleanser does it all for people in search of clearer complexions: a complex of oat amino acids and alfalfa extract detoxifies breakouts, controls excess oil, and evens skin tone, while aloe vera soothes inflammation and cools redness. Let us say thanks that this miraculously doesn't require a prescription.

    The cleanser

    Plus, this is a favorite among those with sensitive skin because it's SUPER gentle!

    Promising review: "Love this so much, it's my go-to. It breaks through my makeup and even waterproof mascara easily, and my skin feels so clean after I use it. Love that it's foaming, it feels even more gentle on the skin. Great product!" —Halle

    Get it from SkinStore for $36.55 (list price $43).

    25. Haus Laboratories Lip Gloss (now available in 13 new shades!) make Gaga fans (or any human, really) forever grateful when they get to pucker up in STYLE every darn day. Each shade boasts mirror-like shine, glides effortlessly on, and makes lips look smooth and full 💋.,

    Promising review: "I typically hate lipgloss, but this lip gloss is not sticky at all and is actually so smooth! The color pops nicely and it makes your lips appear fuller and smoother. It also lasts ever eating and drinking. I’m usually a huge matte lipstick person, but I fell in love with this gloss." —Rachel

    Get it from Amazon for $18 (available in 31 shades).

    26. bareMinerals Original Loose Powder Foundation boasts a clean, vegan formula that's been known and loved by many since 1995 — and for good reason. It contains just five mineral ingredients that are gentle enough even for acne-prone skin, can be worn all day without clogging pores, and instantly transforms from powder to silky cream for a super easy application.

    The face powder

    "Since 1995" — coming from a person who still thinks that was five years ago.

    Promising review: "I’ve been using bareMinerals for about six months now and I can’t believe I waited so long to try it. It is hands-down the best foundation I’ve ever used. Before I started using it I would need to use a concealer, but this covers so well I don’t use concealer anymore. My husband says I glow. Yes it’s kind of expensive but in this case it is definitely worth it. They’ve gained a lifetime customer with me." —Phoenixsunrise

    Get it from bareMinerals for $32 (available in 30 shades).

    27. Cirepil Blue Wax is not only the brand that most higher-end salons use, but it's easy as all heck to use at home for literally half the cost. People swear it's practically painless, leaves zero bumps or redness, and gives them the same results as a professional session. Feel free to tip yourself.

    Reviewer's before and after of hairy armpit, the hair-covered wax strip, and then bare armpit

    Most reviewers use the Gigi Wax Warmer ($27.71 on Amazon) to heat up the beads! You'll also need applicator sticks ($6.31 on Amazon for a pack of 100).

    Promising review: "My frequent trips to European Wax Center was costing a lot of money, so I decided to get serious about self-waxing. I purchased a soft wax that you use with the strips, and then this. I really had a hard time getting my armpits done with the strips. They peeled off my skin, and required multiple passes. It hurt so much, and I was sure I'd never be able to do it. Last weekend, I decided to try the hard wax, and it was so easy that I just started waxing other parts of my body like my legs, upper lips, bikini area, and stomach strip. I did multiple passes, and it handled it all perfectly. I'll reserve this wax for my face, and underarms since I got no discomfort, and so far no ingrown hair using this wax. I will definitely be repurchasing." —JinxPhoenix

    Get it from Amazon for $24.50.

    To learn more, check out "Thousands Of People Swear By Cirépil Wax For Painless Waxing And Saving Money."

    28. DHC Velvet Skin Coat promises you won't have to redo your makeup midday — even after hours of wear (or hours of dancing, according to the below reviewer). It also helps smooth the appearance of pores and breakouts, meaning this quick extra step will make your foundation skills look ::chef kisses fingers::

    Promising review: "I could go on and on about this magic face sauce, but instead I’m just gonna lead with the pictures from my random sweat test experiment and tell you what you’re seeing. I think it did a GREAT job of soaking up the oil on my nose and forehead, much better than any pressed or loose mattifying powders I use. The (picture on the right) is after I danced Lindy Hop, Shag, AND Balboa (all fairly rigorous dance lexicons in the swing dance family) for three hours in a hot crowded bar that had to be at least 90 degrees inside. According to my Fakebit, I did 20,000 steps that night so I REALLY put this stuff to the hardest test I could manufacture! It’s lasted for forever, as well, so I definitely think it’s a good deal for the price. It’s small, but you don’t need a lot!" —Queenofthehouse

    Get it from Amazon for $16.10.

    29. Beauty Bakerie InstaBake Aqua Glass Foundation needs only a drop for achieving a full coverage, ~glass skin~ effect, and even offers 30 shades so it'll never be hard to make your makeup look perfectly blended again. Just one pump and you're basically done.

    Model holding the foundation with 13 shade swatches on their arm
    Beauty Bakerie

    In case you don't know, Beauty Bakerie is a Black woman-owned business that makes gorgeous palettes, impressively matte ~lip whips~, and shade range-inclusive foundation, highlighter, and concealer. They even have a foundation finder tool to help you pick a shade!

    Promising review: "I can’t say enough about this foundation. It's lightweight and a little goes a long way (a tiny dot is more than enough to cover my face). I used the shade finder on the BB website and my formula was a perfect match. I’m officially hooked on this foundation!" —Sydney

    Get it from Beauty Bakerie for $34 (available in 30 shades).

    30. HerStyler Hair Repair Serum takes matters into its own hands when it comes to treating fried, damaged tresses. Infused with vitamin E, aloe vera, and argan oil, this bb works overtime to restore shine, flatten frizz, and overall bring that tired mane back to LIFE. And all it takes a few swipes of your fingers.

    Reviewer's before and after of frizzy hair and then smooth hair

    Promising review: "I found this product through a BuzzFeed article for those with frizzy hair and THIS PRODUCT DID NOT DISAPPOINT, PEOPLE! I put this serum through the ringer; I got this to stand up to Bay Area fog AND the nasty, humid heat wave we got a couple weeks ago. No frizz, no extra curls. Nothing! On top of that, it made my hair super glossy. I'm very impressed. Heads-up though, a little goes a long way. One pump is enough to cover my hair and I have medium-length hair. Also, it can make your hair look oily if you use too much. I do have oily hair so working on my ends first then working to my roots works for me." —Amazon Customer

    Get it from Amazon for $11.99.

    To learn more, check out "Thousands Of People Say This Serum *Actually* Has Helped Their Dry And Frizzy Hair."

    31. Versed Skin Cleansing Balm literally dissolves your day's worth of makeup and buildup, all while you enjoy its heavenly eucalyptus and clove leaf oil fragrance. Plus its light, gentle milk formula will leave your face so. darn. soft. every single time.

    Model's hand holding a jar of the cleansing balm

    Promising review: "This is hands-down the BEST makeup remover I've ever used. I use it in the morning to get any greasiness off my face and at night to take my makeup off before my cleanser. The smell is amazing and my face has never been SO soft. I think this balm is so much better than all of the 'higher-end' ones I've used. It's well worth the price because a little goes a long way. This is definitely a must-have." —DC

    Get it from Versed for $17.99.

    32. Cetaphil Pro DermaControl Purifying Clay Mask has already won the love of people who *swear* by this for helping with hormonal acne — including those with sensitive skin! It's gentler than most bentonite clay masks, absorbs excess oil, and keeps tough breakouts at bay, making this a super simple yet effective acne care routine.

    Elena Garcia / BuzzFeed

    Elena Garcia, my colleague on the BuzzFeed Shopping team, swears by this! Here's a bit of what she has to say: "I've never, not once in my entire adult life, not had acne. I don't know a life without at least one little pimple friend. Through my many years, I've tried to treat, adapt, name it, in hopes of dealing with what manifests on my skin. But in the last few years, I've noticed my acne become something much more stubborn and much harder to treat — that was, until I found this mask. The difference in my skin — my sensitive, acne-prone skin — since using this mask is astonishing. My bigger, more painful pimples dried up almost instantly and my pores shrunk down so much! I went from having what looked like a strawberry for a nose to just a regular, smooth nose!"

    Get it from Amazon for $12.37.

    To read her full review, check out "I'm Obsessed With Cetaphil's Purifying Clay Mask And, Honestly, I Just Want To Talk To Someone About It."

    33. Biossance Squalane + Marine Algae Eye Cream feels luxuriously ~rich~ on your under-eyes, and leaves them looking brighter and totally refreshed — even if *someone* was on TikTok until 3 a.m. You have its formula of squalane, marine algae, and paracress extract to thank for your newly well-rested appearance.

    The eye cream

    Promising review: "I love this eye cream. Keeps my eyes hydrated all day and it has brighten my under-eyes." —Shar S.

    Get it from Biossance for $54.

    34. Diane Fromm Twist Flex Rods style your hair into gorgeous ringlets while you catch up on your beauty sleep (and give your locks a needed break from heat tools). Consider these to be your overnight hairstylist who really doesn't care how much you toss and turn.

    Just twist them to your liking (a loop, C-, or S-shape)!

    Promising review: "As someone who colors their hair, I am constantly on the lookout for ways to style my hair without further damaging it. I therefore try to stay away from heated methods of styling hair as much as possible. I prefer heat-less methods like this, because the curls seem to set for longer and stay bouncy. Let me preface by saying this: the 'before' photos of my hair were taken after having the curlers in my hair for only two hours. I have pretty thick hair and was looking for a casual, wavy look...the fact that my hair took to curling in such a short period of time is AMAZING!! I also love the fun assorted colors." —kiana

    Get a pack of 30 from Amazon for $9.99+ (available in two styles).

    To learn more, check out "Hundreds Of People Use These $8 Twist Rods To Get Perfect Heat-Free Curls."

    35. Bomb'd Aesthetics Foaming African Black Wash lets you reap all the benefits of the popular soap bar formula, but streamlines the process to an easy-to-use pump. Not only will this be faster to use if you just want it for your face, but its shea butter will *also* leave your skin smoother. Clearer, softer skin with less effort? Yes. Please.

    The face wash
    Bomb'd Aesthetics

    In case you don't know, Bomb'd Aesthetics is a fantastic Black woman-owned brand that makes handcrafted, all-natural beauty products. Everything is vegan, cruelty-free, and made with sensitive skin in mind.

    Promising review: "It is very hard to find something that 'works' on my skin. I have eczema as well as oily areas on my face. This wash is gentle enough for eczema while also keeping me free of breakouts." —Denesha

    Get it from Bomb'd Aesthetics for $19.99.

    36. Juno & Co. Microfiber Velvet Sponge makes your beauty routine feel extra luxurious every morning. Sure it's *super* soft, but it also blends and contours better than most traditional sponges — meaning, you're about to have a new set of "skills."

    The velvet makeup sponges

    They can be used wet or dry, and have three sides for different effects: the pointy top is great for contouring eyes and lips, the slanted edge for blending setting powders and covering your under-eyes, and the flat bottom for applying makeup to the larger areas of your face, like your forehead, cheeks, and chin.

    Promising review: "Whoa! This sponge is revolutionary. I’m a sponge snob and will never go back to any other sponge. Let’s just say, with my old brand, it would take a full pump of foundation to cover my car wrecked face. With this sponge, I tried my full pump and ended up being covered in more layers of foundation than I could count. Learned my lesson and only have to use one-quarter of a pump with this sponge, because it doesn’t soak your foundation up like other brands." —Lexi

    Get a pack of four from Amazon for $18.39.

    37. Maybelline Instant Rewind Treatment Concealer uses a sponge applicator tip and goji berry extracts to treat dark circles and puffy under-eyes très vite so you can forget all about your 2 a.m. Netflix binge in one quick, easy step.

    Kayla Suazo / BuzzFeed

    It's formulated with goji berry extracts and Haloxyl to hit the refresh button on tired eyes. My BuzzFeed Shopping colleague loves this! Here's a bit of what she has to say:

    "There are few beauty products out there that I consistently go back to, which says a lot because I love everything that has to do with makeup. But alas, here I am, consistently finding my way back to this. It’s just *THAT* good! I still don’t know how a $7 tube of concealer beats out the more expensive ones I have stuffed into my vanity, but it does. It’s not too creamy or thick, yet it still gives solid coverage without the cake-y feeling. It blends incredibly well with every foundation I wear (not at the same time, LOL) — and I have a lot of foundations."

    Get it from Amazon for $7.11 (available in 18 shades).

    Check out her full review in "Just 8 Maybelline Products We Really Love."

    38. Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Lipstick lasts (and lasts) without feathering or drying — it's buildable, actually hydrating, and helps make your pucker look fuller and wider. AKA it is WELL worth the splurge.

    The lipstick

    Promising review: "This is absolutely my favorite lip shade. The formula is very good for a matte. I don’t really like matte lipstick but this one is comfortable and the shade is so incredible. It looks good in every situation. Sometimes I will pop a gloss or balm over it to juice it up. I suspect I will repurchase this forever." —ElizabethGH

    Get it from Sephora for $34 (available in 16 shades).

    39. CeraVe Moisturizing Cream pushes super dry and red skin aside without needing the help of any other product. It's so thick yet effective that it's earned the National Eczema Seal of Acceptance, which you'll definitely understand when your complexion finally feels hydrated for 24 hours.

    Reviewer's before and after of their red complexion and then clear complexion

    Promising review: "I developed a dry, patchy area on the side of my mouth, but figured it was dry skin due to winter. After a week it spread to my chin and other side of my mouth. I thought it would go away on its own but then three weeks passed. I tried moisturizers and coconut oil but nothing worked! I was frustrated and embarrassed by this patchy, scaly skin on my face! As a last-ditch effort I tried CeraVe and it worked! It was much better after two days! Its now a month later and its still gone!" —Kathleen

    Get it from Amazon for $14.31.

    40. Birchbox+BuzzFeed Splurge-Worthy Beauty Box believes you deserve to enjoy the ultimate treat-yourself routine — and this'll make it much more affordable to try out luxury products for ~high-end~ results. Your hair *and* skin will look and feel top-notch, and if you love 'em, you can later invest in the full size.

    The beauty box and its included products

    And! Enter our exclusive discount code BUZZFEED at checkout for an extra $10 off!

    You'll get nine amazing products (that are usually much more expensive when bought individually!):

    Travel-size Smashbox foundation primer ($15 retail)

    Full-size First Aid Beauty hydrating mask ($32 retail)

    Full-size Saturday Skin whipped moisturizer ($57 retail)

    Travel-size Glamsquad finishing spray ($12 retail)

    Full-size Kevyn Aucoin eyeliner ($35 retail)

    Full-size Bumble and Bumble oil primer ($28 retail)

    Travel-size Amika hair mask ($12 retail)

    Glamglow Bubblesheet mask ($9 retail)

    CoulourPop matte lipstick ($6 retail)

    Get it from Birchbox for $62 ($200+ value).

    To learn more, check out "The BuzzFeed X Birchbox Splurge-Worthy Beauty Box Is Here, And You Might Have To Have It."

    41. Tend Skin Care Solution nixes ingrown hairs and razor bumps ~in the bud~. When applied before waxing or shaving, it drastically reduces redness, irritation, and bumps — even in the bikini area!

    Reviewer's before and after of bumpy armpit with razor burn, and then smooth armpit

    Reviewers say you can also use this after shaving!

    Promising review: "This stuff is AMAZING. You would never believe it, but it works wonders. One of the worst parts of summer for me is razor burn and chafing/irritation, particularly at the beach when the hair follicles on my legs dry up from the saltwater. This stuff prevents ALL of that. No bumps, no pain, nothing. The best part? It doesn't matter when you put it on. Before you shave, after you shave, even when you're not shaving, going to the beach, getting back from the beach, etc. It just always works." —Claire

    Get it from Amazon for $15.99.

    To learn more, check out "This Magical Product Will End Ingrown Hairs And Razor Bumps For Good."

    42. Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer comes at a high price, but has already proven to be worth the splurge (at least according to hundreds of happy reviewers). Not only is it engineered to protect your hair from damage, but dries even thick manes quickly and easily. AND it'll promote extra shine, leaving you with slo-mo worthy, shiny locks in no time.

    The hairdryer

    Promising review: "This is worth the high price! I have long, very thick hair that I've always struggled to style on my own. I saw a demonstration in a London department store and knew I needed this. My favorite qualities are how FAST this dries my hair. And how SMOOTH it makes my hair. I have naturally wavy hair that I've straightened with GHDs since 2001. With this dryer, it's the first time I've been happy with my natural waves. I attribute this to the fact that this dryer seems to work out all the frizziness in the drying process. Love this and would buy again!" —LillacSkies

    Get it from Sephora for $399 (available in three colors).

    But remember the cardinal rule no matter how much you spend on makeup:


    The reviews for this post have been edited for length and clarity.

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