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    30 Beautiful Pieces Of Furniture And Decor That Are Surprisingly Cheap

    Will you deserve to be the next HGTV star after this? Definitely.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A contemporary wall mirror with a semicircle wood frame, because your spending doesn't always have to reflect your impeccable taste.

    2. A gilded mirror accent table so you discover the true meaning of fool's gold — your secret is safe with me.

    3. A rounded-back dining chair that'll feel more like a throne — who cares if you're eating leftover pizza?

    4. A circular metal shelf for achieving a seemingly high-end aesthetic on a well-rounded budget.

    5. A rice paper floor lamp, because this won't *shed a light* on its own price tag — only you will know.

    6. A vibrant area rug so your room looks luxurious from the floor up (without making your bank account hit rock bottom).

    7. A glass and wood coffee table that'll definitely make you feel entitled to enforce coasters when guests come over.

    8. A linen sofa futon, because this will prove you can have the best of both worlds: function and style. Who knew having it all could be so inexpensive?

    9. A wood and metal cabinet for investing in an easy focal piece. Will you need anything else after this? NOPE.

    10. A mid-century three-tiered bookshelf so people won't be able to ~read~ between the lines when it comes to how much you spent.

    11. A velvet button-back accent chair that'll give your bum the plush treatment it deserves.

    12. A wooden three-panel room divider for not only instantly creating an extra room, but also adding some mid-century appeal to your space.

    13. A geometric ceramic side table, because getting your room in *top shape* shouldn't cost a second mortgage.

    14. A tufted velvet ottoman so it looks like you moved to Versailles without even needing a passport.

    15. A wood platform bed with a rustic pine finish that'll ~elevate~ the place in your home you value the most. Don't act like you don't spend all your time here.

    16. A gold two-tier serving cart for cheaply upgrading your inexpensive alcohol. It's fancy cocktails only from here on out.

    17. A geometric multi-position chair, because something's price tag isn't always as clear as black and white (luckily for us, am I right?).

    18. An upholstered cotton headboard so you can finally put overspending to bed.

    19. A heavy-duty metal clothing rack that'll let you both humblebrag your favorite outfits and effortlessly add a polished flair to your decor.

    20. A retro wooden desk with a riser for having somewhere chic to do your work without spending your entire hard-earned paycheck.

    21. A gold and black wall shelf, because all that clutter on your shelves is ruining your aesthetic. Time to stealthily "organize!"

    22. An oak three-drawer dresser so you can give your bedroom an adult makeover even if you're still on a college budget.

    23. A modern dark walnut and white wood TV cabinet with a two-drawer siding door cabinet that'll give whatever show is playing a run for its money.

    24. A vintage-y area rug for revamping your home in one step without flooring your credit card bill.

    25. An adjustable faux leather swivel chair, because you have a debonair derrière and it deserves the BEST.

    26. A vanity table with a trifold mirror and cushioned stool so you can properly set the stage when you work on your masterpiece, aka your makeup.

    27. A crystal-beaded gourd lamp that'll remind people of your maximum wattage brilliance. It's about time you got some credit.

    28. A modern console table with a sturdy metal base and two-tier shelving for creating a striking entry way without cutting your budget in half.

    29. A four-shelf steel bookcase so you'll finally have a way to show off those fancy novels you read in college. Do you still want to brag about them? Absolutely.

    30. A three-piece brass pub set with a faux marble top and extra shelf space so you can transform small spaces into what looks like a SoHo penthouse (rent not included, bless).

    Your friend when you and your roommates say how little you spent on furniture:

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