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    33 Beautiful Pieces Of Furniture And Decor That Are Surprisingly Cheap

    It turns out sometimes affordable chandeliers and velvet accent chairs are all you need to update your home.

    1. An oversized mirror, because this'll instantly enlarge small rooms thanks to its ability to capture natural light and create the optical illusion that your space is much larger. Now your decor AND your room look high-end.

    The large round mirror with black framing

    2. A velvet pleated ottoman for serving as both creative extra seating (amazing for small apartments) *and* trendy decor that won't take up much space at all.

    The teal round ottoman with gold base

    3. A metal end table so you can add a welcome pop of color to any room and spend WELL under your anticipated redecorating budget. You can even use this as a creative DIY home bar!

    The blue metal side table with circular surface

    4. A black wooden desk with a riser and hairpin legs, because this'll give you somewhere chic to do your work instead of trying to do it all from your bed.

    The black wooden desk with two open drawers

    5. A velvet accent chair with gold legs that'll give your bum some *plush treatment* every time you sit down. It turns out the only thing you needed to upgrade your living room was fancy seating.

    Reviewer's photo of two of the green velvet arm chairs with subtle pleating

    6. A metal garment rack so a) you have a stylish solution if your bedroom doesn't have a closet b) you can double your favorite outfits as creative decor and c) you're one step closer to transforming your room into an Insta-worthy oasis.

    The narrow white metal garment rack with wooden rod

    7. A wooden platform bed with a rustic pine finish for ~elevating~ the place in your home you value the most. Sunday Netflix binges should feel nothing short of luxurious.

    The light wooden platform bed

    8. A macrame swing chair so you can have the most ideal (and stylish!) reading nook ever created for mankind. This + some natural light = instant ~boho chic~ appeal.

    Reviewer's photo of the round macrame swing chair

    9. A set of sleek coffee tables with shiny white surfaces and wooden legs, because these'll add some mid-century flair to your space without maxing out your budget.

    The two side tables in medium and small sizes with wooden legs and white surfaces

    10. A retro, square-shelved bookcase that'll not only give you a way to humblebrag about your impressive reading collection, but brighten up your space thanks to its minimalist style.

    The grey bookcase with hairpin legs and four open shelves

    11. A dark walnut hall tree for being greeted with stylish decor as soon as you walk in — all while sneakily controlling clutter. Now a piles of shoes won't be the first thing you see.

    The dark wood and black metal hall tree with four hooks and two shelves

    12. A mid-century fabric armchair to create an easy focal point in your living room — aka you won't have to redo the whole space. Not to mention, you now have a fancy throne when watching 15 hours of nature documentaries.

    The grey tufted fabric armchair with wooden legs

    13. A metal-and-wood bookcase so even you won't be able to ~read~ between the lines when it comes to how much you spent. Who knew it took so little to make your home look so darn stately?

    The light wood and black metal bookcase with two shelves

    14. An upholstered tufted headboard, because this'll upgrade the very bed you've had since childhood into a hotel-worthy statement piece. Even more reason to live in bed.

    The white fabric headboard

    15. A bamboo display shelf you can use for just about anything — to show off your impressive plant collection, organize your bathroom, clear clutter in your living room, you get it. No matter what, this'll make everything on it look more refined.

    Reviewer's photo of the nine-tier display shelf being used for plants

    16. A glass and gold coffee table that'll quickly become your favorite ~opulent~ focal point. Bonus points for styling it with your favorite coffee table reads to really achieve its elegant potential.

    17. A wooden TV stand for creating extra space when it comes to your decorative knickknacks. What once just looked like clutter (hello, little succulents on your coffee table) now have a proper place. And! Harry Potter will look even better when on this impressive stage.

    The farmhouse wood TV stand with four shelves

    18. A rounded wooden coffee table with gold painted leg caps so you have a fancy place to put your snacks when watching shows. It'll look so sophisticated, you just might use coasters.

    The black shiny round coffee table

    19. A tufted ottoman bench, because this'll hide all your magazines from 2009 to automatically make your home look more put-together. Not to mention, you'll now have a sophisticated place to rest your feet.

    The grey fabric ottoman bench with silver studs on the bottom

    20. A tall, shelved floor lamp to instantly ✨brighten✨ any room — even if you have no natural lighting. AND it won't *dim* your bank account? Nobody pinch us.

    The wooden lantern-inspired floor lamp with three shelves

    21. A metal console table that'll prove nothing better says "sophisticated adult" than some chic entryway decor. No, we don't just throw our keys ANYWHERE. Please.

    22. A shelf ladder corner bookcase for having your furniture become a work of art itself. Better yet, it's designed to fit in corners for those of us with limited space — and for a price that's probably a fraction of what we spent on college textbooks.

    The white ladder bookcase with five shelves

    23. An L-shaped convertible sofa so you can constantly update your living room whenever you get bored. You can arrange it about three different ways to mix things up without spending another cent.

    The grey fabric sectional sofa

    24. A glass globe floor lamp, because this'll let you ditch the lighting you've been using since college in favor of a more modern aesthetic. You'll truly feel *brilliant* when realizing how expensive this looks.

    Reviewer's photo of the globe lamp with gold base

    25. A shaggy diamond-patterned stool to make your living room a little more boho chic without redoing the whole darn place. And some extra chic seating never hurt.

    The white cotton stool with blue diamond pattern and wooden legs

    26. A mirrored end table that won't reflect how much you spent. Dare I say, you'll feel like the next Joanna Gaines. Now we just need our own TV show.

    The mirrored end table with three shelves, crystal knobs, and wooden legs

    27. An upholstered, studded ottoman for a clever coffee table alternative if you're limited in space. This'll take up half the room, but bring double the sophistication.

    Reviewer's photo of the tufted grey ottoman with silver studs on the side

    28. A pair of velvet curtains that'll ~shed a light~ on your amazing taste (and *not* how much you spent). But seriously, reviewers say this actually helps drafty spaces stay insulated and warm, meaning you'll also save money on heating. Win, win.

    The light blue velvet curtains

    29. A five-tier gold-finish bookcase with glass shelves so you can show off a ~gilded~ display of all your favorite books and pretty decor. Consider this a regal solution to decluttering other surfaces.

    The gold bookcase with five glass shelves

    30. A small crystal chandelier, because this'll instantly make any room look so much more elegant all thanks to this tiny (but *very* noticeable) upgrade. And! Because it's so affordable, you can get multiple for your home.

    Reviewer's photo of the small crystal chandelier

    31. A hairpin-leg, retro nightstand to make your bedside a little more modern-looking, especially if you use the extra shelving space for decor.

    The grey nightstand with one drawer and one open shelf

    32. A mini wooden kitchen island with a granite tabletop that'll give you so. much. more. storage space for wine, dishes, fresh produce, and silverware. Not to mention, it'll look pretty darn chic in your kitchen.

    The wooden kitchen island with wheels

    33. A hammered gold and glass accent table for either using in the entryway as a luxe-looking catchall, or as a statement-worthy area to keep drinks and snacks (very important for your day on the couch).

    The small gold table with glass bottom half

    You trying to redecorate your entire home for about $5:

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