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31 Awesome Things You Should Buy From H&M Right Now

Featuring a whale tape dispenser, a metallic sneaker, and a unicorn tee for all the magic missing in your life.

1. A biker jacket to say "I'm tough... but I also enjoy cute patches and dino pins. But I'm tough."

2. An exotic bikini fit for paradise, even if your tropical escape is the neighbor's pool.

3. A satin ballet flat that will leap and chassé its way to your heart.

4. A mirror to open up dim, small spaces (hello, windowless bedrooms?).

5. An eye-catching backpack for the gym or just to be the center of attention anywhere you go. Your choice.

6. A major top that'll **cha cha cha* its way to number one in your closet.

7. A shimmering pair of earrings to give 'em the ol' razzle dazzle.

8. An ~eco friendly~ coat so you can wear leopard print without making a (carbon) footprint.

9. A whale who's happy to spout your tape and cheer up your office.

10. A snakeskin slingback to transform any sidewalk into your own personal catwalk.

11. A tablecloth to make even the most cramped apartments feel like a garden party.

12. A sweet-smelling candle to *set the mood*: aka you, a bottle of wine, and your tub. Glass not required.

13. A graceful workout legging fit for both barre and the bar.

14. A mug set that will love you almost as much as YOU love you.

15. A floral in-between dress great for any season—it can be worn with both tights and sandals.

16. A silky scarf that may be camouflage, but will never go under admirers' radar.

17. A magical tee to enchant even the non-believers.

18. A pair of hooks for a star-studded space that never fades.

19. A metallic skirt that the Pink Ladies would have an entire song and dance for.

20. A pair of classic tortoiseshell sunglasses that'll never go out of style (making these the cheapest investment piece you'll ever own).

21. A box to store your produce from farmers markets... or just to make it look like you go to farmers markets.

22. A cozy pajama pant ready for takeoff to the great beyond of Netflix in five...four...three...

23. An electrifying sneaker to give new **happier** meaning to feeling blue.

24. A set of patches that you need if, like Ginger Spice, you came out of the womb screaming "girl power."

25. A twinkling new take on patchwork denim.

26. A suave, suede cross-body with lots compartments for your phone or an emergency snack.

27. A crochet bikini for the boho beach babe.

28. A sunny pack of coasters to rise and shine for you when you're ~less~ than full of morning cheer.

29. An upgraded sweatshirt so you can wear loungewear anytime, anywhere, and never look lazy. Amen.

30. A gentle, organic lip balm for an au natural pucker.

31. A phone case to let your fans know when you need your privacy.

All of it!! In your cart!!! You DESERVE it!!!!