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31 Cheap And Awesome Sunglasses You Need If You Always Lose Yours

Even if you don't need help throwing shade, you should look good while doing it.

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1. Some cat eyes that mirror your trend-setting status.

Promising review: "LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM! They are way better than I expected. I am amazed at the quality! They are beautiful. I'm buying more colors!" —Laura Garcia

Get them from Amazon for $12.99+ / Available in 12 shades.

2. Head turners for an instantly strong 'gram.

Promising Review: "AMAZING SUNGLASSES! THESE ARE FRESH AS HECK AND LOOK EXACTLY LIKE THE PICTURE. Thick plastic, nice case and packaging." —Kira R.

Get them from Amazon for $16.99 / Available in six shades.

3. A wooden pair with lenses more polarized than this past election. Too soon?

Promising Review: "I love these classes! They are beautiful and comfortable. My boyfriend and I love them" —Barbara Alejandra

Get them on Amazon for $18.99 / Available in two shades.


4. A fresh pair of tortoise shells perfect for vacation or just for taking pictures that make your summer look interesting.

Promising Review: "The tortoise shell looks expensive and makes it look like name brand sunglasses. I've actually been wearing them more than my Ray Bans now." —Amazon Customer

Get them from Amazon for $6.96 / Available in five shades.

6. A couple of retro romantics fashioned to give others heart eyes.

Promising Review: "Goodness gracious, I love these. They're very comfortable, easy to see out of, and absolutely perfect." —rhys

Get them from Amazon for $6.66+ / Available in eight shades.

7. Some colored lenses made for a shameless selfie storm. Dog filter not required.

Promising Review: "These glasses are SUPER cute. They had exactly the style and look I wanted. I love the cat-eyed mirrored look, and these are exactly that." —Jess I

Get them from Amazon for $12.85+ / Available in five shades.


8. A chain of crystals plus rounded specs equals unparalleled cool.


13. Some vintage-inspired colored lenses with a leather jacket and ~voila~ you are a rock star.

Promising Review: "I'm so in love with these glasses, I get compliments all the time. They are good quality, especially with the provided glasses case. I originally wanted the glasses to have my Drake look." —Ashley C

Get them from Amazon for $12.90+ / Available in six shades.

15. A sophisticated pick reminiscent of a more elegant, Audrey Hepburn era. Consider pearls and a small lap dog.

Promising Review: "Sunglasses that are comfortable, lightweight, and don't rub on my cheeks. Great fit for my round face." —HouseBoatGirl

Get them from Nordstrom for $24.


16. A cheery emoji duo who won't be the only smiles on your face.

19. An alternative approach to a saying I don't recommend you take seriously.

Promising Review: "They are a statement! Comfy to wear and what fun!!!!" —Amazon Customer

Get them from Amazon for $9.99 / Available in three shades.


22. A marble pattern for your....marbles.

Promising Review: "Amazing sunglasses for anyone with a huge head like me!!! I always have the hardest time finding some that work with my face shape, finding these was like I struck gold. Obsessed." —Twilight Sparkle

Get them from Amazon for $10.90+ / Available in eight shades.


24. A number with more geometry than you've seen since high school, because despite teachers' claims, you haven't had to apply the circumference of a circle to your life.

Promising Review: "Very well made glasses. So cute and fashionable, too. I was extremely surprised at how sturdy they were." —Amazon Customer

Get them from Amazon for $4.99+/ Available in five colors.

27. A Kim K. approved leopard print that's a handy companion when on the prowl.


28. A futuristic accessory for a fashion-forward gal.

Promising Review: "Obsessed. I found the same ones at the beach for $45 so I went Amazon hunting (of course) and saved so much money and they look exactly the same. Not too big, not too small. Perfect. And super fast shipping which is awesome." —C.Noelle

Get them from Amazon for $11.99 / Available in twelve shades.

29. A classic go-to that you'll use for ages, unless you're like me and lose all of yours.

Promising Review: "These are simply awesome. I didn't expect such good quality at this price. If you are looking for this style of glasses, do not look any further. I own a pair of Ray Bans in the same style and they feel practically the same, of course minus the hefty price tag." —Kris Cobarrubias

Get them from Amazon for $13.99 / Available in four shades.

31. An ornate floral creation, so you can bask in the warmth of your fans' approval.

Promising Review: "Anyone who would wear such glasses obviously doesn't mind being a bit over the top...and that would be me! These are so ornate that I would not wear them as my 'everyday' sunglasses...special occasions for these. They come in a nice soft pouch, too. I'm very pleased!" —Dancin Doctor

Get them from Amazon for $16.98+ / Available in two shades.