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    31 Cheap And Awesome Sunglasses You Need If You Always Lose Yours

    Even if you don't need help throwing shade, you should look good while doing it.

    1. Some cat eyes that mirror your trend-setting status.

    2. Head turners for an instantly strong 'gram.

    3. A wooden pair with lenses more polarized than this past election. Too soon?

    4. A fresh pair of tortoise shells perfect for vacation or just for taking pictures that make your summer look interesting.

    5. A sharp set of sunnies that are seriously a~cute.~

    6. A couple of retro romantics fashioned to give others heart eyes.

    7. Some colored lenses made for a shameless selfie storm. Dog filter not required.

    8. A chain of crystals plus rounded specs equals unparalleled cool.

    9. A pair of flaming frames as scorching as the summer sun. But not, like, in a dangerous way.

    10. A purrfect blend of aviators and Ariana Grande kitty ears.

    11. A ~well-rounded~ pair of peepers fitting for any season or occasion.

    12. Some flirty, rose gold tints that'll beckon some summer loving.

    13. Some vintage-inspired colored lenses with a leather jacket and ~voila~ you are a rock star.

    14. A retro take on goggles so you can hit the beach and not the slopes.

    15. A sophisticated pick reminiscent of a more elegant, Audrey Hepburn era. Consider pearls and a small lap dog.

    16. A cheery emoji duo who won't be the only smiles on your face.

    17. A set of oversized frames Gloria Steinem would march for. Or at least wear while protesting.

    18. A mod metallic choice that you'll circle back to every morning.

    19. An alternative approach to a saying I don't recommend you take seriously.

    20. A classic design for an au courant look.

    21. A bejeweled model if you want your party side to see the daylight (the fun kind, not the crying in the grass at 2 a.m. kind).

    22. A marble pattern for your....marbles.

    23. A sightly set of spectacles that sliced the bottom and cut the competition.

    24. A number with more geometry than you've seen since high school, because despite teachers' claims, you haven't had to apply the circumference of a circle to your life.

    25. A hit of hipster groove to prove you don't need to be super girly to own pink. Sorry, Barbie.

    26. Some femme felines because being a crazy cat lady is cool.

    27. A Kim K. approved leopard print that's a handy companion when on the prowl.

    28. A futuristic accessory for a fashion-forward gal.

    29. A classic go-to that you'll use for ages, unless you're like me and lose all of yours.

    30. Some visors to block sun rays but invite admirers.

    31. An ornate floral creation, so you can bask in the warmth of your fans' approval.

    Swagger not included.