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24 "As Seen On TV" Products That Actually Work

Infomercial lovers, rejoice!

1. Finishing Touch Flawless Women's Painless Hair Remover makes waxing that 'stache seem barbaric, thanks to its gentle technology that can glide over lips, chins, and cheeks. Did I mention it's 18-karat gold? ~Fancy~.

2. TubShroom wins major points by neatly catching hair from drains...because snaking them is pretty traumatizing.

3. Müeller Onion and Pro Vegetable Chopper dices hard food efficiently and easily with sharp stainless-steel discs to ~cut~ prep time in half. It also reduces onion vapor for a hopefully tear-free experience in the kitchen.

4. Veggetti Pro Table-Top Spiralizer slices vegetables into spaghetti-like curls for a healthier alternative to pasta.

5. by.RHO Screen Repair Kit tapes over ripped screens to sneakily cover up holes without paying the big bucks for a handyman. It's even waterproof, so you can have it on hand for a *rainy day*.

6. PackIt Freezable Lunch Bag replaces ice packs by keeping food cool all day. Pop it in the freezer overnight, and feel free to pack it with fruit or just a lot of cheese.

7. Emson Bacon Wave lets you pop your favorite pork dish in the microwave to save yourself from greasy messes. It also makes bacon ~healthier~, as its lack of oil minimizes fat and cholesterol. So go ahead, have a tenth piece.

8. Magic Pens by Wham-O transform pictures before your eyes by changing and erasing color already on the page. Now your kid (or you) never has to worry about staying in the lines again.

9. Turbie Twist Microfiber Super Absorbent Hair Towel dries your locks — whether they're long, short, thin, or thick — quickly and hands-free (and actually stays put).

10. Allstar Innovations True Touch Deshedding Glove grooms pets with a simple rub down to rescue your couches from unwanted fur.

11. Wonder Wallet holds up to 24 cards in a super slim and compact leather design as a cheap way to declutter your essentials.

12. Sticky Buddy collects lint and pet hair from couches, comfortors, carpeting, and car seats with a simple swipe — it's even washable so you can reuse it again and again.

13. Clean Reach extends to scrub away grime in tricky corners that normally require kneeling and stretching.

14. Flex Seal sprays clear coating material to easily stop leaks, seal cracks, and cover past damage.

15. Scrub Daddy masters the art of removing hard marks on dishes with tougher materials than a typical sponge that merely ~scratches the surface~.

16. Hercules Hook Wall Hanger installs sturdy, curved nails into walls tool-free, and can hold up to 150 lbs.

17. Pressure Pro Pressure Cooker serves your meals from one pot to save you time with clean-up. Choose the setting based on your dish — popular ones are stews, rice, and rotisserie chicken.

18. Ronco EZ Store Turbo Food Dehydrator dries food like fruits, vegetables, and herbs with an adjustable temperature control to enjoy your healthy snack ASAP.

19. Emson 9663 Car Cane Portable Handle gives you proper support (up to 350 lbs.) to safely climb out of the car — even at night when using its light.

20. Fasta Pasta cooks in the microwave for a *strain-free* method to get a fast and delicious dish.

21. ShamWow absorbs big spills, cleans pets, and shines just about anything you use it on — it can even hold up to 21 times its weight in liquid.

22. Miracle Blade World Class Series 18-Piece Set includes an extensive array of knives for every conceivable purpose, including cheese, large meat, bread, and fish. Their handles are contoured specifically for both comfort and safety, so you stay out of the ER.

23. Wonder Hanger downsizes your closet's clutter by stacking garments and folding down to create previously unavailable space.

24. OxiClean Max Force Laundry Stain Remover Spray removes even the most intimidating challenges, minus the desperate scrubbing.