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    22 Things Anyone With Long Hair Needs ASAP

    Long care. Like, so much.

    1. An intensive argan oil mask for restoring shine to even heavily damaged or dry hair.

    2. A shower drain to avoid the horrible act of unclogging unsightly residue.

    3. A dry shampoo so you can hit snooze and still have a good hair day.

    4. A hot-air brush that'll shave time off your morning routine but boost volume to your bouffant.

    5. A pack of foam rollers to amp up your curls without cranking the heat.

    6. A detangling brush that evenly distributes conditioner as it unknots frizzy locks in the shower.

    7. A dryer for a daily blowout without **blowing out** your bank account.

    8. A glossing spray so brilliant it may go to your head.

    9. A salt spray for mermaid waves — even if you have two legs and live on land.

    10. An extra-long curling wand so each and every strand is styled to perfection.

    11. A super-absorbent towel made to wrap up lengthy tresses and smooth out pesky split ends.

    12. An extra-thick tie that will never let your pony ~down.~

    13. A keratin treatment with professional results minus the hair-raising price.

    14. A mousse strong enough to tame even the most defiant and heavy ringlets.

    15. Long hair should be washed only three to four days a week (if it can be helped) to avoid drying your scalp, so a shower cap is great for the days you skip shampooing.

    16. A shampoo for less-than-luscious manes that starts at the root of the problem by nourishing your scalp.

    17. An array of sectioning clips for when your styling routine is just too ~in your face~.

    18. An all-natural almond oil so smooth you'll want to take it to dinner.

    19. A travel brush that'll keep your coiffure on point, rain or shine.

    20. A dry conditioner to freshen a blowout for days.

    21. A shampoo that's ready for the long haul.

    22. A satin pillowcase that puts real meaning to "silky smooth."

    And don't forget to braid your hair before bed to prevent tangles and split ends!