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    All The Best Deals On Amazon Today

    Deals on a Loch Ness Monster soup spoon, women's one pieces, a Wizard of Oz puzzle, and more!

    1. 46% off an interactive feeder for cats.

    2. 89% off a one year, auto-renewal subscription to Food Network Magazine.

    3. 32% off a children's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Shell Water Blaster.

    4. 23% off a pastry/pizza roller.

    5. Up to 75% off a women's high-cut, one-piece swimsuit.

    6. 77% off a Loch Ness Monster soup spoon and colander.

    7. 53% off a Parisian-themed duvet set.

    8. 18% off heavy duty cleaning wipes.

    9. 17% off a granite mortar and pestle.

    10. 56% off a 20-pack of bento boxes.

    11. 15% off a 24k gold-dipped rose trinket.

    12. 16% off a spill-proof, stainless-steel water bottle that's BPA-free.

    13. 8% off six reusable glass milk bottles.

    14. 45% off a Magic Bullet blender.

    15. 15% off a mushroom tapestry.

    16. 55% off aromatic oil diffusers with LED lights.

    17. 10% off three-piece stereo speaker system.

    18. 26% off a microplush heated blanket.

    19. 18% off a Wizard of Oz puzzle.

    So many deals, so little time!