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    These Virginia Students Were Outraged When They Didn't Get A Snow Day

    Whoever was in charge of canceling school ~flaked~ out.

    This morning, students in Fairfax County, Virginia woke up to their streets full of snow, and many were disappointed because classes hadn't been cancelled.

    Streets turned into chaos . People were incapable of maneuvering through the snow. Buses rolled into ditches, students were hospitalized, and commutes were lengthened several hours.

    Btw the bus is stuck! #FCPS #closeFCPS

    The topic #CloseFCPS began trending on Twitter after upset students took to the social media site to make fun of school board officials for failing to cancel school.

    Even Elsa is incapable of throwing as much shade as these teens. Here's a glimpse of some of the sassiest tweets from the whole ordeal:

    #closeFCPS @RyanLMcElveen LET US GO... LET US GO.

    1, 2, 3, 4, how many lawsuits will FCPS score

    Dedicated student @fcpsnews #closeFCPS

    FCPS kids trynna get to school like #closeFCPS

    Is our education really worth more than our lives? #closeFCPS

    Last one. This is for the 18 kids in the hospital #closeFCPS

    We take ALL the salt on twitter rn and put it on the roads. #closeFCPS

    Fairfax County Public Schools has since issued an apology.