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9 Scariest Things You Can Say To Bread Lovers

Fellow carboholics, brace yourselves. This list is the scariest thing you will encounter this Halloween.

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"We're out of breadbowls."


The day has come. Panera has betrayed us all.

"Don't fill up on bread!"

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The five (and a half) most ignorant words in the English language.

"I'm on a no carb diet."

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Oh my god, they got you too? Who else will they claim before the madness stops?!

"Would you like that as a sandwich or a salad wrap?"

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Ahahaha, "salad." Oh, wait, you're serious?

"Closed on Sundays."

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But I need bread now. Not tomorrow. NOW.

"Let rise for five hours."

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Who do you think you are, yeast? WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?

"Can you believe that wasn't butter?"

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I trusted you. You gave me buttered bread and I trusted you.

"Sorry, we only have wheat bread left."

Lifetime / Via

I might as well eat cardboard.

"The Cheesecake Factory is officially shutting down."

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This, I believe, is what will eventually trigger the apocalypse. If there is a world without their free bread then I don't want to live in it.

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