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21 Times We Were All Team Peeta

We could live a thousand lifetimes and never deserve him.

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1. When his hair was like whoa.


2. When he talked dirty to you.


3. When he made everyone "squee." / Via Instagram

4. When Josh toyed with our emotions. / Via Instagram

5. And JLaw only made it worse.

6. When the internet graced us with this weirdness.

Vulpix93 / Via

7. When his and Katniss's love transcended the holiest of food groups.

fangirlthangs / Via

8. When even Suzanne Collins herself couldn't help her Peeta obsession. / Via Instagram

9. When you were emotionally wrecked by this. / Via Instagram

10. When you realized he has the jawline of a god.


11. When he threw the Capitol major shade.


12. When he represented carboholics everywhere.

Wifflegiff / Via

13. When Adele wrote a song for him.

lovingjazzy16 / Via

14. When we all embraced his shipping destiny.

ignitethelight / Via

15. When he got the Liz Lemon stamp of approval.

16. When he earned the biggest mic drop in Panem history.


17. Only to top it with a MEGA mic drop a year later.

the-jazzmeister / Via

18. When he was a sass-master in general.


19. When you rooted for Peeta so hard you were off the charts on this scale. / Via Instagram

20. When this shredded a piece of your heart off.


21. When you knew you were officially done for.



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