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19 Struggles All Fanfiction Addicts Understand

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1. You're constantly hiding your computer screen from your friends and family.

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2. And found out the hard way how dangerous it is to read fanfiction on your phone in public.

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3. Everybody thinks you only write/read smut.

4. When in fact you write/read PLOT INTENSIVE smut.

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Ha, bet you're embarrassed now, #haters.

5. It takes forever to find The Perfect Fanfiction for your OTP.

20th Century Fox

6. And when you get to the best part, you realize it hasn't been updated since you were basically in MIDDLE SCHOOL.

7. Your other priorities usually take a backseat.

Was I supposed to pay rent this month? Whoops.

8. You don't have enough muscles in your face to cringe at new authors who put "A/N"s right in the middle of their chapters.

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9. NaNoWriMo is hands down the most stressful month of the year.

Disney / Via

50,000 tiny existential crises waiting to happen.

10. You panic that one time every year that shuts down.

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And then sheepishly remember that AO3 and Tumblr exist.

11. When you're one of the first ones in a new fandom, the lack of fanfiction for it is debilitating.

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12. So you take it upon yourself to shoulder the burden of writing your own.

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For better or for worse.

13. Good reviews are more potent than liquid crack.


14. But people are always asking things like, "Don't you want to write something you can actually get paid for?"

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I didn't choose the fanfiction life. The fanfiction life chose me.

15. You have genuine trouble not looking at life through fanfiction goggles.

16. You keep thinking a day will come that you'll grow out of the fanficking habit.

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Any day now.

17. But then the writers on your show do THAT THING to your faves, and you get sucked right back in again.


18. So you've pretty much resigned yourself to the fact that you will be a fanfiction addict forever.

Because no one gets out of here alive.

19. Oh, and also? No matter what you do THE MARAUDERS WILL NEVER GET THEIR OWN MOVIE.

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(Thanks for asking. We're not okay.)

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