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    18 Valentine's Day Gifts For The "Fifty Shades Of Grey" Fan

    We aim to please.

    1. Shackles + Cuffs Bracelet

    Etsy / Via

    Etsy, $42

    2. Fifty Shades Inspired Soap

    Etsy / Via

    Etsy, $5.95

    3. Mrs. Grey Jumper

    Etsy / Via

    Etsy, $23.42

    4. Handcuff Earrings

    Etsy / Via

    Etsy, $52.50

    5. Nail Decals

    Etsy / Via

    Etsy, $2.38

    6. "Oh My!" Valentine's Day Card

    Etsy / Via

    Etsy, $4.50

    7. Fifty Shades Inspired Cookies

    Etsy / Via

    Etsy, $45

    8. "Laters, Baby" Necklace

    Etsy / Via

    Etsy, $22.50

    9. Fifty Shades Inspired Sugar Scrub

    Etsy / Via

    Etsy, $11.95

    10. Heart Spanking Paddle

    Etsy / Via

    Etsy, $39.99

    11. "Mr. Grey Will See You Now" Mug

    Etsy / Via

    Etsy, $17

    12. Christian Grey Teddy Bear

    Vermont Teddy Bear / Via

    13. Massage Me Candle

    Target / Via

    Target, $14.39

    14. Fifty Shades Inspired Bracelet

    Etsy / Via

    Etsy, $22

    15. Fifty Shades Red Wine

    Wine Deals / Via

    Wine Deals, $15.99

    16. "Any Way I Can Get You" Card

    Etsy / Via

    Etsy, $4.50

    17. Fifty Shades Wall Art

    Bed Bath and Beyond / Via

    18. Literal 50 Shades of Gray T-Shirt

    Zazzle / Via

    Zazzle, $20.95

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