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17 Valentine's Day Gifts Only "Friends" Fans Will Appreciate

Could you BE any more attractive?

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1. For the bae.

Hand-Painted Wooden Chandler Quote Sign, $32

2. For your long-suffering roommate.

"Pivot!" Necklace, $17
Etsy / Via

3. For your crush.

Monica & Chandler Card, $5

4. For your frenemy.

Subtlety is key. Enemies Shirt, $19.99
Etsy / Via

Subtlety is key.

Enemies Shirt, $19.99

5. For your neighbor.

Peephole Pendant, $11.59
Etsy / Via

6. For the casual dater.

"How You Doin'?" Pillow, $22

7. For the lifelong friend.

Typography Lyric Tote, $24.31
Etsy / Via

8. For the Rachel to your Ross.

"I Would Drink Fat For You" Card, $5

9. For your single friend.

Just Rachel Looking For A Friend Shirt, $25

10. For the foodie.

Meatball Sub Card, $5.22
Etsy / Via

11. For your friend who has all the feels.

Phoebe Inspired Mug, $18
Etsy / Via

12. For your ex.

Ross Quote Notebook, $5.74
Etsy / Via

13. For the Galentine's Day hostess.

Wine Glass Charms, $24.99
Etsy / Via

14. For your Spudnick.

You're My Best Spud Card, $5.65

15. For your partner in crime.

"They Don't Know" Keychain, $9.50

16. For your one and only.

You're My Lobster Mug, $19.95
Etsy / Via

17. For yourself.

Later, haters. Netflix Necklace, $15
Etsy / Via

Later, haters.

Netflix Necklace, $15

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