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17 Struggles Only People Who Suck At E-Mails Understand

One down, only a bajillion more to go.

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1. Your friends are always shocked when they see the state of your inbox.

Their anxiety about it is even more intense than yours.

2. Which doesn't stop them from getting irrationally annoyed when you don't answer their e-mails right away.


3. But no matter how hard you try, you can just never stay on top of the Mighty Inbox Beast.

4. You are GENUINELY powerless to it.


5. Everybody e-mails in different ways, so you never can gage whether or not someone is annoyed with you.

The CW / Via

"K"? You e-mailed me "k"? WELL "K" YOU TOO, JERK. (I think?)

6. And then you fear that every e-mail you send is also accidentally sending off major passive-aggressive vibes.

NBC / Via

I'm so sorry Mom, I'll never "k" you again!

7. So you basically end up littering all your emails with an unholy amount of emojis.

ABC / Via

:) :/ :( :????

(Help us.)

8. This kind of shift happens to you WAY too often.

9. And everybody knows that typos are ~forever~.

ABC / Via

10. It's just one more medium for you feel pressure to sext-ceed.

11. And you live in genuine fear that someone will hack into your email and be super, duper judge-y.

NBC / Via

Password: ChrisPrattsAbs.

12. You may not be entirely sure what even happened with Hillary Clinton's e-mail, but you're certain you are destined to do something way worse.

NBC / Via

13. Even drafting a three line email can take the brain power of approximately six weeks of your life.

Fox / Via

14. And once you have a final draft you can barely summon the courage to hit send.


15. The amount of relief you feel after sending it is kind of absurd.

Fox / Via

16. You've literally never seen this on your screen in your entire life.

Or at least since the year 0 B.E., Before E-Mail.

17. And you know in your heart of hearts that you never will.


R.I.P., sanity.

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