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17 Signs You're A Total Daydreamer

Darling you're a daydream dressed like a daydream.

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1. You're constantly running into stationary objects, plants, and unsuspecting human beings.

Samuel Goldwyn Films / Via

WOOPS, my bad. (Again.)

2. You only wear headphones while you walk so you can secretly imagine you are the protagonist in your own movie.

MTV / Via

A movie where Chris Pratt is your BFF (duh).

3. Your favorite time of day is the five minutes before you fall asleep.

Disney / Via

Now I get my brain alllllll to myself.

4. This is the deep existentially fraught face you make when you're thinking of what you'll eat for dinner.

Lila 9th / Via

Pizza ... yes. Pizza.

5. Half of your interactions end with friends busting your chops for zoning out on them again.

ABC / Via


6. And people who don't know you that well just assume you're clueless.

NBC / Via

7. You're always thrown off when the bell rings to let you out of class.

Disney / Via

Oh, are we done here? ... What class was this again?

8. You LIVE for long car rides.


BRB, just casually fixating on my mortality and envisioning every major life decision I'll ever make.

9. People have to say your name approximately 8.5 times before your head snaps up.


Sorry sorry sorry.

10. You accidentally talk to yourself way more often than you'll readily admit.

Fox / Via


11. You are weirdly unfazed by noise and crowds.


Sorry, I couldn't hear you over the sound of me wondering what Hogwarts house all my friends would be in.

12. People are surprised by your morbid knack for thinking of every-worst-case scenario possible.

Apatow Productions / Via

That cloud definitely looks like it's hiding a mother ship. Damn. It was nice knowing all of you.

13. Even though in your next breath you delude yourself by getting your hopes up.

Village Roadshow Pictures / Via

Having an overactive imagination is like living your life in the mirror of Erised.

14. So basically you overthink like it's your job.

Disney / Via


15. And speaking of jobs, more likely than not you're in a creative field.

Fox / Via

Gotta put all this crazy somewhere.

16. You know you're not going to quit daydreaming until all your daydreams come true.

Spyglass Entertainment / Via

17. And when that day comes, you'll just find another thing to daydream about.


And another and another and another ... you get the idea.

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