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    16 Gifts For The April Ludgate Fan In Your Life

    To celebrate the month of her namesake, of course.

    1. "Pizza Is Knowledge" Print

    Etsy / Via

    Etsy, $9.15

    2. Andy & April Earrings

    Etsy / Via

    Etsy, $8.50

    3. "I Hate Talking To People" Mug

    Etsy / Via

    Etsy, $12.75

    4. "I Don't Really Care" Tote Bag

    Redbubble / Via

    Redbubble, $21.90

    5. Burt Macklin and Janet Snakehole Duvet Cover

    Redbubble / Via

    Redbubble, $97.50

    6. Janet Snakehole Phone Case

    Redbubble / Via

    Redbubble, $29.16

    7. "That's Gross" Print

    Etsy / Via

    Etsy, $9.00

    8. "Usted" Tank Top

    Look Human / Via

    Look Human, $24

    9. April Ludgate Computer Decal

    Redbubble / Via

    Redbubble, $30

    10. "I Might Be A Wizard" Cross-Stich

    Etsy / Via

    Etsy, $18

    11. Best Of April Ludgate iPad Cover

    Redbubble / Via

    Redbubble, $45

    12. City Of Pawnee ID Badge

    Etsy / Via

    Etsy, $10.95

    13. April Ludgate Wall Clock

    Society 6 / Via

    Society 6, $30

    14. Burt Macklin Studio Pouch

    Redbubble / Via

    Redbubble, $22

    15. "No One Knows What They're Doing" Hoodie

    Society 6 / Via

    Society 6, $42

    16. "I Hate People" Throw Pillow

    Redbubble / Via

    Redbubble, $20.66

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