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14 Struggles Only Average-Size People Will Understand

What if you're not all about that bass or that treble?

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1. Size medium is always the first to sell out.

YouTube: Alexander Wang / Via

2. People almost never compliment your butt.

Nickelodeon / Via


3. There's barely ANY representation of your body type in movies or on TV...

Fox / Via

4. ...which means no one ever mistakes you for a famous person.

DreamWorks Pictures / Via

5. You're a different size in EVERY store you shop in...

6. any time someone buys you clothes for your birthday, they're usually off on the a lot.

Columbia Pictures / Via

Please tell me you got a gift receipt. 🙏

7. When you "shop for your body type," you're never quite sure which "type" you actually are.

Disney / Via

Am I a triangle? A square? Am I real?!

8. People get annoyed if you ever complain about your body.

NBC / Via

Just because we're not on either end of the spectrum doesn't mean we don't feel insecure too!

9. Other average-size people are always giving you once-overs to compare your averageness to theirs.

AMC / Via

WE'RE PRACTICALLY THE SAME SIZE. But also, why do we even care?

10. There's one part of your body that's disproportionately large compared to the rest of you, and you're always trying to hide it.

11. When you order a salad, everyone assumes you're on a diet.

YouTube: Tyler Oakley / Via

Are we not allowed to occasionally enjoy a salad and just be our regular human selves?

12. And when you eat the salad, they reassure you that "You're totally skinny!" without you prompting them.

Paramount Pictures / Via

13. Tbh, you don't mind being average-size one bit...

14. ...although it would be a hell of a lot more fun if someone wrote a song for us average-size folk one of these days.

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