Chelsea Peretti Owns The Internet

Comedienne, Social Media Maverick, Goddess Among Trolls.

1. Meet Chelsea Peretti:


Couldn’t put it better ourselves, Chelsea!

3. Chelsea’s been around the Comedy Block…

4. Here she is acting alongside Louis C.K. on an episode of Louis.

Remember how popular that guy is??

5. She’s writen for shows like SNL, Parks & Rec and The Kroll Show

6. You may know Chelsea from her Stand-up performances…

She covers all her bases.

7. Or her podcast: “CALL CHELSEA PERETTI”

Where she mastered the art of self-promotion

“Call Chelsea Peretti” debuted at number 1 on iTunes comedy podcasts…how bout dem apples?

8. In the comedy world, she’s made it.

9. But Chelsea’s best work can be found on the Internet

She’s mastered the art of CAPSLOCK on Twitter

10. She’s relatable on Instagram

“Michelle had to go”

11. And Vine


13. Chelsea reminds us that celebrities are people too. They have thoughts and concerns just like ours…

Truly an afficioniado of CAPSLOCK and ABREVS

15. Chelsea addresses her haters with class.

17. She’s not afraid to ask the tough questions:

19. …even if they have to do with religion

Don’t worry, Chels, you’re doing great

20. In fact, she has no problem addressing her faith online

Posted after Chelsea found her missing retainer.

21. Chelsea keeps it relevant

She uses her Internet fame to provide gentle reminders of international suffering

Again, killing the photoshops, Chels

24. She isn’t afraid to be vulnerable with her audience

25. Chelsea has single-handedly removed the stigma of deleting previous social media posts

26. And googling yourself

27. She’s charitable.

28. And she knows about current events.

29. She knew about the NSA before any of us.

(January, 9, 2011 - sorry we didn’t listen, Chels)

30. In most cases, Chelsea’s word is the final word.


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