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5 Ways To Revolutionize The Way You Shop

One of these apps or services will be the next big thing in shopping innovation. Here are 5 new shopping apps that will completely change the way you look at online shopping.

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1. FixStich: Technology Revamps the Personal Shopping Experience


Personal shopping on a budget becomes a reality with online service FitxStich which utilizes complicated algorithms and the personal touch of a stylist to create your perfect look. Looks similar to those above are provided for inspiration on how to utilize the new pieces in your own wardrobe.

Pros: When you need a little push to step outside of your style comfort zone, letting a stylist choose 6 pieces a month for you is a great way to start.

Cons: A $20 monthly styling fee is charged regardless of whether you love all 6 or none of the pieces. With the use of algorithms doing the majority of the selection, you have to wonder how "personalized" your picks really are.

Overall: A great service for those who would employ a personal stylist anyway, but I'll stick to picking out my own clothes or dragging a friend to the mall for a second opinion.

2. Like2Buy: Shopping on Instagram


The perfect harmony of Instagram and e-commerce, where liking a picture directs you to the tagged apparel on the retailers website.

Pros: Let the professionals (ie. Nordstrom merchandisers) put together looks and in one click see where these items are located on the site.

Cons: It will definitely take some time for other major retailers to integrate this application as part of their social media arsenal. For now the reach of this app is limited to a handful of stores, most notably Nordstrom.

Overall: Avoid the frustration of seeing a “have-to-have-it” item on Instagram and being unable to find it on the retailer’s site. I love that in less than a minute, I can purchase an outfit put together by Nordstrom and pass it off as my own genius styling!

3. Stylinity: Take the Perfect Dressing-room Selfie


Instead of mirror selfies being a solo mission, this interactive mirror allows for instant approval from your friends. And let's be honest, who doesn't send pictures of themselves in the dressing-room to friends for a second opinion.

Pros: Not only can you get a much better image of the clothing in this mirror pic than when angling your iPhone just right, but you can share it directly online. How convenient for your posse, who can then comment on your stunning good looks and impeccable taste.

Cons: It is unlikely that this apparatus will become a mainstay in brick and mortar stores because 20-something will enjoy the novelty while out shopping with friends, but not utilize it to connect with social media when their entourage isn't there for moral support.

Overall: Eliminating the struggle of trying to get the perfect mirror selfie, this addition to stores is fun and functional!

4. Spring: One-Click Shopping Done Right


This app is every shopaholics fantasy and nightmare combined. The ease in which you can make a purchase eliminates the annoyance of typing in your credit card information every time you shop. However, the capability of making a purchase in a single swipe is a terrifying reality for my bank account.

Pros: You can customize the Pinterest-esque feed to show the brands you like to shop and when shopping in a hurry instant purchases have never been easier.

Cons: If my affinity to go on a liking-spree on Instagram is any indication of my reaction to this app, I'm going to be suffering from some serious shopper's remorse.

Overall: The danger of shopping in one swipe will surely keep me from downloading this app for myself, but for those of you possessing more self-control the convenience is worth considering.

5. Boutikey: Boutique Shopping from Your iPhone


Pulling together the social media efforts of over 40 Boston based boutiques, Boutikey gives users the ability to track sales, new arrivals and events of these boutiques in one convenient location.

Pros: The GPS feature is helpful for the directionally-challenged shopper like me. It allows you to track your location and see the participating boutiques AND their sales happening near you!

Cons: As a startup they have limited reach with the geographic area they cover, but with time they will surely be expanding their reach beyond Boston boutiques.

Overall: Founded by a local fashionista, this app pulls together products from boutiques all over Boston and conveniently locates them on my iPhone. If you want to keep up with the pulse of the fashion industry and the street styles of Boston this app provides the platform.

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