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    Every Vampire Diaries Ship, Ranked From "Disgusting" To "Perfect"

    For a show about dead people, Vampire Diaries characters do have pretty eventful lives, specifically when it comes to their love life. I decided to rank every couple on TVD so no one else has to.

    24. Damon and Caroline

    THE. WORST. Damon used and abused her, to say the least. Their entire relationship was based on compulsion and bloodlust. So, hard pass.

    23. Caroline and Alaric

    The fact that he was pretty much a father figure to the group makes this whole couple real creepy. They also have less than no chemistry and it was very obvious that Caroline never liked Alaric and was just marrying him out of convenience.

    22. Elena and Liam

    YAWN. Let's be honest, we were all rooting for her to dump his ass for Damon.

    20. Stefan and Katherine

    Like Damon and Caroline, Katherine was extremely abusive toward Stefan by compelling him, feeding on him, and forcing him to be a vampire. Plus, she was sleeping with his brother. The only reason this relationship is slightly better than Daroline is because it seems like Katherine actually loved Stefan.

    19. Damon and Katherine

    Katherine was never really in love with Damon, so it's extremely sad that she pretended that she was for a time, which caused him to obsess over her for more than a hundred years. Hey, at least she didn't compel him.

    18. Meredith and Alaric

    I actually was rooting for them - you know, until Alaric went psycho and stabbed her.

    21. Jeremy and Vicky

    Honestly, Jeremy deserved better. Vicky was really unstable during their whole relationship, and he was just a kid who got sucked into the mess of Vicky's addiction. And she tried to kill him.

    17. Liv and Tyler

    I hate Tyler, and while I wasn't a fan of Liv, I think she deserved way better than him. I mean, he dumped her when she was depressed and suicidal and then blamed her for the grief. And their final scene together was a little too Romeo and Juliet for my taste.

    16. Katherine and Elijah

    I honestly don't remember anything about their relationship other than the fact that Katherine was using Elijah to buy her freedom from Klaus. Based on my memory, there was nothing wrong with this relationship?

    15. Stefan and Valerie

    A great relationship that suffered from TERRIBLE timing. By the time they reconnected, Stefan was in love with Caroline and they had no chance of surviving. But the flashbacks of the reason their relationship fell apart the first time around breaks my heart every time. Oh, what might have been.

    14. Rebekah and Stefan

    The best thing about their relationship is that it was 100% fun and 0% toxic. It was basically just two people who had a ton of humanity-less enjoyment, and when they hooked up in season 4, it also was totally harmless.

    13. Bonnie and Jeremy

    They were super adorable, sure. But they didn't really have any chemistry and their whole vibe was VERY high school. And while they usually weren't as unhealthy as other relationships on this list, he did cheat on her - and with a ghost, no less.

    12. Jeremy and Anna

    SO. MUCH. TEEN. ANGST. These two were insanely compatible and TBH, I think she was the only girl that Jeremy was actually happy with. However, the second she became a ghost, the past should have stayed in the past. No one wanted or asked for ghost making out (This isn't Grey's Anatomy, people!)

    11. Nora and Mary-Louise

    They had the longest-running relationship on the show (100+ years!) and they had so much potential. The chemistry and history was THERE and I loved the representation. Too bad they burnt up before they could become I could truly connect to them.

    10. Alaric and Jenna

    If Aunt Jenna hadn't died, I believe that they would have gotten married and lived happily ever after. But the screen time was never really long enough for me to love them because of Jenna's unfortunate demise. Still, they both deserved that happy ending that neither of them got.

    9. Rebekah and Matt

    On paper, these two would have made for the perfect couple. Rebekah wanted to be human, and Matt was the perfect representation of that, so if Rebekah had taken the cure immediately, they definetely would have been endgame. But with Rebekah still a vampire, they didn't stand a chance.

    8. Caroline and Matt

    Am I the only one who was rooting for them in Season 1 and 2? Matt's calm and kindness was the perfect balance to Caroline's fun crazy, and they had a ton of swoon-worthy moments (remember Eternal Flame? I do). If only Matt didn't hate vampires.

    7. Caroline and Tyler

    The chemistry was sooo there, and for a while (at least, when Elena was with Stefan), I was sure they were going to be endgame. However, at the end of the day, even if they were cute, Caroline deserved better. As soon as Tyler chose Klaus over her (not the ending we were expecting, huh?) I threw this relationship in the trash.

    6. Alaric and Jo

    I don't even want to talk about this. I am still not emotionally ready. One season made me fall so in love with them and the idea of their happy ending, because lord knows Alaric deserved it. But Kai had to KILL HER on her WEDDING DAY while she was PREGNANT. My heart still aches.

    5. Caroline and Klaus

    I know Klaroline is insanely popular, and that's why I put them so high up. Their chemistry is so fiery that it is impossible to take your eyes away, and they definetely have some undeniably beautiful scenes, like the drawing or "he's your first love." Personally, though, they aren't that important in the grand scheme because they were never a couple. Plus, he tried to kill her - twice.

    4. Stefan and Caroline

    Okay, I'll admit, when I first saw the show, I was not a fan of them because of the sibling dynamic. On a second watch, though, I realized that they were hinted at since season 2. Also, I'm such a sucker for friends-to-lovers slow-burns, and they have so many adorable moments that I couldn't help but fall in love. I just wish that Stefan would have loved her more because sometimes, it seemed like he was just settling - when she deserves so much more.

    3. Stefan and Elena

    If you weren't rooting for them at some point, then you don't have eyes. They had so much of an epic love at one point that I couldn't imagine Elena with anyone else. He loved her so much - enough to resist compulsion-, and she loved him so much- enough to forgive him for everything. They could be a BIT boring at times, but I'm still positive that if Damon Salvatore didn't exist, I would have been shipping them forever.

    2. Bonnie and Enzo

    Bonnie Bennett is the most deserving character on this list, and Enzo was the best boyfriend on this list. And although their beginning was abrupt, of all the couples on this list, I think they were the most deserving of a happy ending. They never fought for petty reasons, they loved each other unconditionally, and they would literally do ANYTHING for each other. I cannot get over Enzo's death (screw you, Stefan) and I never will.

    1. Damon and Elena

    Did you really expect anything else? Like most people, in season 1, I didn't understand how Elena could ever love Damon. By season 2, I was so conflicted because of their obvious chemistry and the fact that Damon would actually do anything for Elena. But in season 3, I truly fell in love with them because unlike Stefan, Damon challenged Elena and made her a stronger, more interesting character. Plus, if you watch one scene with them, their pull is so undeniable that you literally can't take your eyes off of them. They have thousands of adorable and epic moments, and if they hadn't have been endgame, me and everyone else in the fandom would have died inside.

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