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    Zazzle Launched A Massive Sale Of 40% Off Work From Home Essentials

    Listen, sometimes you just need a planner and six notebooks with your dog's perfect face on it.

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    If you're looking for hacks to self-motivate while you're working from home that *don't* involve taking a fifth cup of coffee to the face before noon, Zazzle's work from home sale has you covered. The popular customization site is offering 40% off school and office supplies so you can finally assemble the WFH desk of your Instagrammable dreams.

    A desk with custom items on it

    Or use this as an excuse to affordably buy a stack of business cards labeling you a "Grilled Cheese Connoisseur," but you do you. Just remember to add code ZAZDREAMDESK at checkout.

    The sale only lasts through Wednesday, August 26, so you might want to lock in your desk aesthetic fast. Here is everything you can score for 40% off at Zazzle right now:

    1. A set of business cards that come in seemingly endless designs. You can shop by shape, style, and even profession, so you can find something with just enough (but not too much!!) pizzazz.

    Five sets of business cards in various shapes and sizes

    Zazzle offers business cards in square, standard, large, and mini, with options for rounded edges and the ability to design them vertically or horizontally. You can opt to add your own designs and photos, or use one of the thousands of templates on the site to customize a version for yourself.

    Price: $8.99+ (originally $14.95+)

    2. A statement-making wall clock to give some life to that bare wall by your desk and inspire you to finally hang up some pictures and make it a cozier, happier space.

    A clear wall clock with an "M" at the middle

    Zazzle's clock options are like, TRULY infinite? There are a bunch of super funny ones based on different professions (this "clock for writers" just personally attacked me), sweet options to put pictures of people you love, or minimalist options if you're trying to curate some calm for your desk space.

    Price: $17.37+ (originally $28.95+)

    3. A personalized binder you can get themed to just about anything, whether it's a client list, a family photo book, home records, or a portfolio of your work.

    Navy blue binder with floral nameplate

    As with all the items on their site, you can start from scratch, OR customize your own from a bunch of chic, fun designs.

    Price: $13.79+ (originally $22.95+)

    4. A set of Post-It notes that come in so many sizes that I almost dare someone to look at the variety without finding one that speaks to their soul. The "to-do" list ones are really coming for my organized little soul.

    A personalized to-do list with name

    You can get them in a standard square, rectangle, or oversized version, and customize them with your own company logos, name, art, and phrases.

    Price: $4.19+ (originally $6.95+)

    5. A customizable mousepad you can get in all kinds of designs, including one to serve as a tribute to your favorite (but somehow least helpful??) coworker: your dog.

    mouse pad with a collage of dog pics on it

    Zazzle offers a ton of preset collages, so it's super easy for you to find photos and pop them in for an easy design that'll put a smile on your human face. You can get more subtle and minimalist versions too, including versions with a wrist pad!

    Price: $6.59+ (originally $10.95+)

    6. A fancy desk name plate, because every now and then when you're giving your eyes a break from the screen you need a smug lil' reminder of your own human name.

    Marble print name plate with space for a first and last name and job title

    You can get the name plate in this standard metal version or a more weighted acrylic, with a ton of designs preset based on different professions and vibes.

    Price: $10.19+ (originally $16.95+)

    7. A set of file folders you can get with your company logo on them, or simply choose from a bunch of adorable preexisting designs to match your desk.

    Three patterned blue and green file folders

    You can snag these in preeeeetty much every color under the sun, and the bonus is that each of them comes with six gold foil accent labeling stickers, so you can swap them out if your needs for the folders change over time.

    Price: $7.79+ for a set of three (originally $12.95+)

    8. A personalized notebook that yes, you can get in all kinds of designs, but more importantly, can choose the inside format for. I'm talking wide-ruled, college-ruled, sketch, graphing, even RECIPE format. Is it just hot in here or am I reading too much into notebook formats again?

    Two notebooks, one with a pink and marble cover and one opened to show the line spacing

    Perhaps the cutest thing of all though is not only can you get these notebooks in standard and square sizes, but you can get HEART-SHAPED ones as well?? Bury me with these notebook options, please.

    Price: $5.99+ (originally $9.95+)

    9. A whole bunch of custom posters so versatile that you might be overwhelmed by the options at your disposal — people use them for custom banners for events like baby showers and weddings, for motivational posters, for vintage travel photos, abstract art, and sooo much more.

    10 different poster sections Zazzle offers on the main page

    The posters are available in three sizes, and have a bunch of different poster genres so you can do deep dives on them to see which kind might best fit your space. I love that they have a lot of basic, soothing prints that you can choose the motivational or inspiring text for yourself — perfect if you want to get sassy and write quotes from The Office, or just genuinely want something sweet above your desk that'll match your decor.

    Price: $4.86+ (originally $8.10+)

    10. A customized planner with pages for weekly *and* monthly planning, with the ability not just to choose the design but the color of the spiral binding as well.

    A marble and pink planner with a first name on it

    The planners also come in two different sizes, and options to customize them for wedding planning, event planning, and any other kind of organizational need!

    Price: $13.19+ (originally $21.95+)

    11. A magnetic notepad perfect for sticking to the fridge to jot down notes about groceries, supplies, upcoming appointments, and reminders to other family members on the go.

    A grocery list on a fridge

    You can get a notepad lined, unlined, and with or without the little checkboxes on the left side — plus, sooo many cute quirky, watercolor, and funny designs to choose from.

    Price: $7.79+ (originally $12.95+)

    12. Plus a regular notepad to put on your desk, so you can list out your biggest priorities of the day and always have them right there keeping you on track (and looking v cute to boot).

    A square-shaped notepad that says "notes" on top and has little succulents at the bottom

    Zazzle offers these notepads in square and rectangle sizes, and similar to the magnetized version, you can find ones that are lined or unlined, plus a bunch that are curated to different professions like teachers, event planners, and assistants.

    Price: $5.99+ (originally $9.95+)

    You can check out all of Zazzle's work from home sale for more decor + organizational inspo before it ends on Wednesday, August 26 — just remember to use code ZAZDREAMDESK at checkout. Happy desk-ing, y'all!

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