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    Tuft & Needle Mattresses Are 20% Off For Prime Day

    Don't ~sleep on~ this deal for breathable, adaptive foam mattresses that will change your life.

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    Hey, you know how you spend like a full third of your human life sleeping and a lot of us are chilling on our beds more now than ever? It's extremely high time to invest in a decent! mattress!


    Like!! There's truly no better investment in your health and comfort than this object you spend more time with than ... welp. Pretty much anything else.

    Luckily, bed-in-a-box brand Tuft & Needle is here to change a full third of your human existence with 20% off three of their best adaptive foam mattresses this Prime Day, all of which arrive straight to your door in a convenient compressed box.

    Model pressing into memory foam of mattress

    So basically we get to play Goldilocks and find the one that's juuuuuuust right for you.

    First up to bat is Tuft & Needle's Original 10-inch mattress made with an innovative foam that not only gives you that sweet, sweet pressure relief, but is also designed to be super cooling and breathable so you don't overheat in your sleep. Bonus? It starts at $280+ for Prime Day (down from its original $350+!).


    Another perk? It has a "localized bounce," which basically means if you or your partner move around in your sleep, the other is significantly less likely to wake up from it. It's also designed to be universally comfortable for all sleep positions, whether you're a back, stomach, or side sleeper; it takes the pressure off your joints so you wake up refreshed either way.

    Plus, this mattress is risk-free — it comes with a ten-year warranty *and* a 100-night sleep trial, so if you're not getting the best sleep of your life, you can fully return it.

    In case the words "super cooling" and "adaptive foam" weren't enough to entice you, perhaps the *literal thousands* of satisfied reviews and 4.3-star average might.


    "This bed is wonderful.. When I wake up I feel drunk because I sleep so darn hard on this thing. It kinda feels like memory foam but it's way more supportive. It's not hot either. Memory foam beds used to burn me up but I'm perfectly cool in this bed. You'll also notice that it feels like it'll never wear out. Whatever it's made out of will last for a very long time. The quality that I got with this bed for the money that I spent is simply remarkable. It's the best bed I've ever purchased and oddly also the least expensive." —Robert D.

    "I read most of the 10,000 reviews. I bought our last bed here on Amazon, and it was great. This bed is better than great. It expanded in about 20 minutes to near full size, and by bedtime was full form. It has firm edges that are very sharp and well shaped! Sleeping on it as a 270lb 6' tall man I was sleeping on a cloud. I have 3 bad disks, and it has been hard to sleep on my side. This bed allowed me to sleep on my side! There are not hard spots, or pressure points at all for me. I am amazed! Totally worth the money, this bed is the right size. All our California king size sheets fit perfectly on the bed, and the mattress fit perfect on our frame. So thank Tuft & Needle for the superior bed! Worth every penny!" —Nash Guide

    Next up is Tuft & Needle's eight-inch adaptive foam Nod mattress, now $220+ down from $275+ — an Amazon-exclusive, more affordable option that doesn't skimp on comfort.

    Model on bed

    It comes with all the same risk-free guarantees as the Original mattress — and similarly also arrives in a convenient box straight to your door, so you don't have to worry about lugging a fully-expanded mattress into your home. This just needs a day or so to breathe after being taken out of its compressed box and it's raring to go.

    This mattress is also *quite* popular among reviewers for its comfort and breathability.

    Amazon review screenshot

    "Hubby and I already own a Tuft & Needle mattress in cal king (amazing with adjustable base btw) and we love it! We bought this for our 5-year-old son and I fell asleep on it...can’t feel the difference!! Didn’t really do a whole lot of research besides reviews but basically Nod is 8-inch regular Tuft & Needle is 10. The support is awesome, I really can’t feel the two inch difference. Definitely recommend!" —Gerard Lacson

    "This mattress is everything you've hoped to find and more. It shipped incredibly quick, right to my door within 24 hours of placing my order. Assembly was a breeze, and we love the narrow profile of this specific T&N bed. The mattress is the perfect balance of firmness and support and its comfort level is beyond any other bed that we tried before deciding on this one. It stays cool throughout the night like we never thought possible. I never thought I would be one to rave about a mattress but this has literally made all of our waking moments better by letting our sleeping ones actually be restful!" —Allison

    And last but extremely not least is Tuft & Needle's 10-inch adaptive foam and innerspring mattress, which is carefully layered for optimum comfort: two inches of adaptive foam on top, one inch of slow recovery foam, a layer of six-inch pocket coils, and one inch of base foam. It currently has the steepest discount at $350+ (originally $501+).

    Mattress on a bed

    Another Amazon-exclusive, this ~hybrid~ mattress "bridges the gap between traditional spring mattresses and modern foam mattresses" — meaning you get both the pressure relief of adaptive foam and the light, comforting bounce of a spring mattress to boot. It's like two excellent mattresses had an even more excellent mattress baby.

    Unsurprisingly, the hybrid's a hit, with a 4.5 star review average and plenty of happy sleepers singing its praises.


    Promising review: "I need a firm bed and so I purchased an Ikea hybrid years ago and loved it but it hurt my husband's hips — he needed something softer. For years we added memory foam toppers and cooling toppers and one of us was always uncomfortable. We tried Purple, Helix, Sleep Number, Beautyrest, and so many others out there and couldn't really agree. We also didn't want to spend $3000 on a mattress and end up like so many of our friends that were held hostage by their expensive mattress they hated. We ordered this one after reading all the positive reviews. For the price it was worth a try. We actually slept on it the first night because it felt good already — puffed up and soft. It's firm but has a soft top that supports side sleepers without being too soft or hot — I am a hot sleeper and don't care for memory foam. We are very happy and would recommend this hybrid to anyone!" —Aurora

    "This mattress is by far the best I have ever purchased. I have purchased now three Tuft & Needle memory foam mattresses, two for my sons as a housewarming present and one guest room. They are so happy with them that when my son bought a new house, they furnished all the rooms with Tuft and Needle mattresses. This is the first hybrid. It is also for a guest/possible room rental. It's so far superior to my plush Serta which I got for pressure relief. It gives you support and firmness with also pressure relief for shoulder, hips and heels. I love it and highly recommend all Tuft and Needle products, but this is definitely the Cadillac of the bunch. The cover is a soft tee shirt type material but I always protect my mattresses with bed bug/dust mite zippered covers. You won't be disappointed. Also for city dwellers, bonus, comes rolled up and easy to get up stairs. I also bought the Amazon basics frame, it makes no noise and is supportive. Bought it for all the others too. No parts to rip the mattress, very sturdy, silent." —Robin Dopson

    Wishing you all some sweet, sweet adaptive foam dreams this Prime Day — just don't sleep on these Tuft & Needle deals while they last!


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