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    33 Travel Products You Need If You’re About To Board A Bajillion-Hour Flight

    If you fly on red eyes and haven't invested in these ridiculously cozy $17 sleep headphones, you're welcome in advance.

    1. A hands-free (rotating!) phone mount designed for use on all airlines — not only can you mount it to the tray table of an airplane seat, but to the arm of a chair or any flat surface, so you'll be able to stream content easy as pie wherever you roam. Reviewers have used it for everything from navigating on their car dashboards to streaming content from their carry-on handles to taking Zoom calls from office desks. 

    A phone mounted to the back of an airplane tray table using a black clip device
    Same device used to prop a phone up on a flat table surface

    Perilogics is a small business creating hyper-functional tool holsters and bags for carrying your stuff on the go. 

    Promising review: "I bought this nifty gadget about six months ago for a multi-leg, ultra long-haul trip and it more than held up the entire duration. I was able to finagle it to fit the tray tables on different planes and like others, I find the height just nice when clamped onto a stowed tray table. It also works on my roller carry-on handle during layovers." —Earendil

    Get it from Amazon for $12.97.

    2. An AirFly, a handy gadget you can use to connect your wireless headphones to the headphone jacks on flights so you can stream The Fault in Our Stars and bawl thousands of feet in the air again without dealing with the poor quality the airline's headphones or shelling out $$ for them. Bonus: you can use these to connect to audio jacks on gym equipment and gaming devices, too! 

    Here's what BuzzFeeder Chelsea Stuart has to say about them: "Last year I splurged on some AirPod Maxes and for the amount of money I threw down on them, I was determined to get as much use out of them as possible and that included on plane rides. With the AirFly Pro, I can connect my headphones via Bluetooth and use the seat-back screen without having to fiddle with the free wired headphones they hand out that 1.) have horrible sound quality and 2.) don't fit my ears in the slightest. (I swear my ear canals are tiny or something??)"

    Get it from Amazon for $34.99+ (available in three styles).

    3. A set of affordable, highly popular wireless Bluetooth earbuds reviewers compare to AirPods, but better — not only are they noise cancelling and waterproof, but you can listen to music during your flight *without* your ears feeling like they've been beaten up at the end of it. These come equipped with several sizes of earbuds so you can get your perfect, painless fit.

    These come with a wireless charging case that provides up to 14 hours of charge (with the earbuds able to play for four-plus hours with each full charge). The earbuds are also sweatproof and waterproof so you can use them during workouts or runs or even in the shower, and have a built-in mic so you can chat on the phone. Psst — these are also a great option for going outside in a mask, since they don't have wires that'll get tangled in the mask straps.

    Promising review: "So many things to rave about with these! Quality of the design and feel of these is amazing. I could literally wear these all night while on vacation with a roommate who snored, they were that comfortable and good at noise cancelling. I use these most often to listen to music and the sound quality is superb. I have a pair of AirPods that I was *thankfully* gifted and I hardly ever use them because they just aren't as good as my Tozos!"  —Alexis Arnold

    Get it from Amazon for $21.99 (get price by clipping the $5 off coupon on the product page; available in five colors).

    4. Or a pair of chic wireless sleep headphones to play white noise or the music of your choice in a comfy headband so you can enjoy the calm of it the whole flight. 

    reviewer wearing grey headband earphones over their head
    reviewer wearing pastel pink version

    Promising review: "I saw these on TikTok and since I have so much trouble finding quality headphones I decided to try them. I’m very happy with the sound quality and comfort of these. I’m able to fall asleep to my music or podcast without having to limit myself to sleeping on my back or losing an ear bud in my bed in the middle of the night. It makes working out easier as well. The value is worth the quality. I would recommend." —Thunder Muffin

    Get it from Amazon for $16.99 (clip the 20% off coupon on the product page for this price; available in nine colors). 

    5. An Airplane Pocket tray cover designed to slide seamlessly over an airplane tray to create an instant, deeply convenient hub — this comes with a number of pockets so you can keep track of all your devices, snacks, and other odds and ends without rooting around for them in the gross back pocket or your carry-on the whole flight. Bonus: this bb is an excellent way to prevent touching a germ-y tray, and it's fully machine washable. 

    Model sliding black cover over a tray, which hangs with pockets the model puts a snack, laptop, and other devices into
    Reviewer image of tray with a pocket on it holding all their stuff

    Check out a TikTok of the Airplane Pockets tray table cover in action. 

    Airplane Pockets is a small business that specializes in sanitary, portable travel organization products. 

    I used this on a roundtrip from NYC to Tokyo, both with connecting flights in Canada, and cannot sing its praises enough. It fit all four of the different tray tables I used it on and was so ridiculously handy for keeping track of all my littler odds and ends like AirPods, the plane's headphones, earplugs, a sleep mask, a book, gum, a scrunchie, and little snacks. The hanging end of it easily tucked into the built-in sleeve of the seat in front of me for takeoff and when other passengers needed to scoot past me in my aisle seat. Usually, I feel like a hot mess and get frustrated rooting around in the grimy sleeve for my stuff, and this was such a refreshing solution! Several flight attendants even asked where I got it to buy one for themselves! 

    Get it from Amazon for $29.99. 

    6. A contoured sleep mask to alleviate pressure from your eyes and plunge you into total delicious darkness for the whole darn flight, while staying put on your head without any Velcro snagging in your hair in the middle of your slumber.

    BuzzFeed editor wearing black eye mask
    Inside of mask showing contoured part around the eyeball
    Emma Lord/BuzzFeed

    I personally swear by this eye mask! I live in a super bright area and closing the window curtains makes me irrationally sad, so I use these to get to sleep and it's like lights out on the universe. These are also REALLY great for days when your work schedule is wonky or you need to take a day nap, since it not only blocks out all the light, but the contouring means it won't smudge your mascara if you're wearing any. It's also super comfy and never snags in my hair, even when it's not in a ponytail. 

    Get it from Amazon for $21.99 (available in seven colors).

    7. A set of wax ear plugs that mold to the shape of your inner ear like putty, fully blocking out snoring noises when you're sharing a hotel room with friends or plane and car noises when you're trying to sneak a cat nap in on the road.  

    Buzzfeed editor with silicone ear plugs in ear
    the silicone ear plugs resting in an editor's hands
    Emma Lord/BuzzFeed

    You can check out my review of Macks Earplugs for more deets: "The moldable silicone of Mack's Earplugs contours easily to the shape of your ear to block out noise much more effectively than other foam or plastic varieties, and the noise reduction is so good that if I pair them with a white noise machine (or just like a white noise loop on Spotify) I genuinely don't hear noises from outside my room. Not only that, but once they're in place, they stay locked there until you decide to pull them out. I've also *loved* these for traveling — if you put these babies in on a plane not only does it help reduce some of the YIKES factor when the plane takes off (it's loud!!) but it cancels out the murmuring noises of passengers on the flight and makes it easier to get some shut-eye."

    Get two pairs from Amazon for $6.48.

    8. Plus a set of silicone "EarPlanes" designed with a twist-on structure to help relieve pressure that hurts your ears during altitude changes during landing and takeoff. Reviewers also swear by these for driving through altitude changes in the mountains and for helping with sinus pressure pain! 

    reviewer pic on an airplane with the earplugs in
    Reviewer holding case with small blue spiraling earplugs

    Promising review: "This product has changed my life. I travel fairly frequently and always have issues with ear pressure on the plane. My ears will be clogged up, and it is painful to swallow for a day or two after short-distance flights. But now, I use these and fly incident-free. You are supposed to insert them before the plane takes off and then before landing. I have found that it works best if I leave them in the entire flight from before takeoff until landing, but they work almost as well if you take them out once you reach cruising altitude." —Thomasina

    Get a pack of one from Amazon for $7.50.

    9. A slim profile phone power bank for an easy, highly portable way to get a quick charge on your phone when you don't have access to an outlet mid-flight. This bb may be small, but can fully charge an iPhone up to *three* times. 

    Reviewer holding black rectangular power bank
    Reviewers showing side view to show slim profile

    Promising review: "I like the solid and sleek construction. Fits easily in my pocket. Most importantly it works! Fast charging, enough capacity to charge my phone many times over several days, and withstands plenty of me dropping it and yanking the cord out awkwardly and accidentally." —Joe Hull

    Get it from Amazon for $21.99 (available in two colors).

    10. Plus a 3-in-1 foldable magnetic wireless charger you'll honestly be mad you didn't know about before now?? It folds out from a small square into a rectangular charging pad with a spot for your iPhone, AirPods, *and* Apple Watch to charge all at the same time. A lot of travelers swear by it because it saves soooo much space in their luggage. 

    The white charger pad laid out to charge a phone, watch, and AirPods
    Reviewer pulling out the black version from its compact size all the way out to the three-part mat

    Check out a TikTok of the foldable 3-in-1 charger in action. 

    Promising review: "I use this product to charge my iPhone 13, AirPods, and Apple Watch. Prior to this 3-in-1 compact purchase, I have purchased three different kinds of 3-in-1 chargers. I frequently travel between school and home with carry-on bags on airlines and all of the previous stand version chargers doesn't fit well in my bags or I am always worried I would break. This is compact and folds so well that I can fit in my carry-on or in any zipper pockets without having to worry about breaking anything. Charger works really well and it is the best compact one you can find in market. Love it and been using it for two months now and no issues!!" —SBREDDY

    Get it from Amazon for $33.99 (available in nine colors). 

    11. A set of Sea Bands, which target an acupressure point on your wrists meant to help reduce nausea — a must-have for anyone who gets motion sick on airplanes. 

    Promising review: "I am on a plane weekly. I started noticing I was getting more susceptible to motion sickness — not terribly so, but I would have to have sprite/ginger ale on every flight. I saw these and decided for the price of a ginger ale I should roll the dice. They have been so helpful. They come in a little carrying pack I keep in my luggage. I put them on after I sit down before takeoff and slip them right off when waiting to get off the plane." —Jenna

    Get a set of two from Amazon for $8.42.

    12. A fully waterproof tricked out travel backpack complete with *deep breath* two laptop sleeves, a shoe compartment, a secret anti-theft pocket, a USB charging port, and a "wet bag" to keep sweaty clothes or liquids away from your tech. Oh, and it's cute as a BUTTON to boot. Who gave this backpack the right to flex on other backpacks this hard???