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    May 20, 2020

    I Bought This Touch-Free Tool To Open Doors & Press Buttons In Public

    They come in all kinds of animal shapes, ship for free, and are only $5.99.

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    As restrictions in some states and areas are starting to ease up from lockdown, people are understandably concerned about the risk of exposing themselves to crowded environments — particularly those with frequently touched surfaces. While people are coming up with a lot of creative solutions and workarounds, one that I recently tried that worked well are these animal-shaped door openers ($5.99) that double as keychains and allow you to avoid touching publicly-used surfaces.

    BuzzFeed editor Emma Lord holding a unicorn-shaped door opener with a hole to put your finger in and a hook to open doors
    Emma Lord/BuzzFeed

    This one is a unicorn, and her name is Lil' Sebastian, in case you were curious.

    The keychains are sold by Etsy shop Impulsive Concepts in a bunch of fun animal designs, from kitties to dinosaurs to unicorns to sharks. They also ship for free, even if you're just ordering one.

    A person using a key-shaped door opener to hook the handle of a sink and turn it on
    Impulsive Concepts/Etsy

    You can also choose the color on literally any of them — each animal design comes in 12 different colors, including one that glows in the dark ✨.

    I personally got the unicorn and the dog in pastel pink, because they were v cute, and if there's an option to stay safe *and* on brand at the same time I will take it.

    Emma Lord/Etsy

    I cannot emphasize enough how fast these arrived — I ordered them on May 1 and received them on May 4, and I live several states away from where the shop is based in Tennessee.

    Each of the door openers is designed with a hole to loop your finger through and a groove that can hook onto doors and handles — notably refrigerator doors in grocery stores, both the ones with handles and ones that slide.

    Impulsive Concepts/Etsy

    It also works on car doors, doors with extended handles, and post office collection boxes.

    It's also designed to help you push buttons on ATMs or to pay at the gas station.

    Impulsive Concepts/Etsy

    In fact, there are probably a lot of button pushing-related things in daily life you might not have accounted for — this lil' bub will come in handy, especially since it's so portable.

    They are suuuuper lightweight — honestly, the first time I held them I was worried they'd be flimsy and break — but the plastic material on them really holds up, even on heavier doors.

    Emma Lord/BuzzFeed

    Behold me opening my *very* stubborn fridge door with the power of my majestic unicorn. The suction on this door is no joke, but neither are these plastic animal hooks, apparently.

    And even though Impulsive Concepts has only been making these for a few weeks, reviewers are not only getting good use out of them, but are coming back to buy more.

    Someone using a rhino shaped door opener to hook the metal grab handle of a door
    Impulsive Concepts/Etsy

    "I love this! First of all, it keeps my hands clean and that means less drying them out with hand sanitizer. Second, it is easy to use on everything from low-profile door handles (my 1-year- old Camry, above) to store door handles. I even pick things up with it: grocery bags, etc.! This would be a great gift for people with gel or acrylic nails to keep them from breaking. When you get home, toss it through the dishwasher for super sterilization!" —Susan

    "These are strong, yet lightweight — which means they will be easy to carry on a key chain, or in a purse at all times. We plan on giving them to our clients, as well as use them on our team. This shop was SUPER fast at communication and shipping. The different shapes are also great. We really appreciate having this little ‘peace of mind’ in our pockets." —riversee

    "Perfect for opening doors and using ATM or at the gas pump. Quick delivery. Great price." —Mary Anne Barbone

    "Love this tool! It is proving to be very useful during this time. If you are frequently required to go places right now, I definitely recommend getting one of these tools." —Justin Amber

    All the handiness of these aside, TBH, sometimes we just need a lil' something to make us smile — and between the VAST array of animals, creatures, and colors you can choose, it's basically all the thrill of shopping for something fun with the satisfaction of knowing you're gonna get something you'll actually *use*.

    A screenshot of the Etsy shop with many of the animals included: a pig, a rabbit, a terrier, a unicorn, a key, a shark, a rhino, a lab dog, a horse, an elephant, a lion, and a pig
    Impulsive Concepts/Etsy

    IT IS A VERITABLE ZOO UP IN HERE. There are even more animals than this, a mere screenshot could not contain their full majesty.

    While free shipping applies to all orders, right now Impulsive Concepts is offering 10% on all orders of three door openers or more, and 15% off when you buy 10 or more items.

    A person using a bunny shaped door opener to hook the metal handle of a post office collection box and open it
    Impulsive Concepts/Etsy

    For bulk and custom orders, you can contact the shop's owner. New animal designs are getting added every week!

    You can buy any of the designs for these animal-shaped door openers for $5.99 each at Impulsive Concepts on Etsy. Stay safe out there, y'all!

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