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    26 Tops That Are Cute, But More Importantly, Quite Cozy

    Tbh, no longer interested in anything that doesn't make me feel like a human cloud.

    1. A loose colorblock striped tee perfect for all those lil' half-tuck styles with your coziest pairs of jeans and denim shorts.

    2. A waffle shirt so snuggly, it'll feel like wearing a very trendy blanket.

    3. A cropped tie-dye lounge top that I would call a "Weekend Mood" if I weren't determined to make this the vibe for every single day of the week.

    4. A velvety tank top that has a little bit of slinky stretch to it, making it the perfect staple for those days you need something glamorous to wear but wanna be comfy as heck.

    5. A heathered boxy tee as airy as it is cozy, making it the ideal summer staple for weathering the heat of the sun *and* the blast of your A/C.

    6. A T-shirt with billowy short sleeves to make you feel like a comfy butterfly about to take flight.

    7. A corded oversized sweater with subtle bubble hems to give it an extra comfy vibe.

    8. A comfy ribbed sweater that is basically the epitome of the cozy millennial pink aesthetic we hold so dearly in our hearts.

    9. A pastel Disneyland spirit jersey with sleeves so roomy you'll basically be in a cocoon of tie-dye bliss.

    10. A pale purple cardigan so delightfully fuzzy you'll be hugging your own sleeves like they're your new BFF.

    11. A breezy muscle tank your future self will be incredibly grateful you had the forethought to buy once that summer humidity comes rolling in.

    12. A soft tie-dye pullover with a gradient so distinct and eye-catching that you'll probs just pull a Narcissus and fall in love with your reflection.

    13. A super soft, breathable T-shirt complete with a lil' pocket in the front for stashing teensy snacks.

    14. An embroidered monogram pullover so you can have that sweet little personalized touch every time you get your snuggly on.

    15. A '90s-esque striped tee in a cozy fabric and happy print that will put a smile on your face whenever you see it chilling in your closet.

    16. A leopard print T-shirt purrrrfect for those days when you want to feel both snuggly *and* fierce.

    17. A ribbed long sleeve tee so soft and feather light that your other shirts will get jealous when you buy this in a bajillion colors.

    18. A sleeveless mock neck tank so luxe and soft on your skin that you legit might be like, "Wait, did I remember to put on a shirt today??"

    19. A cinched half-zip sweater with soft insides you'll want to burrow into like a cozy critter every time you put it on.

    20. A drape-y Aerie tee so soft it'll tempt you to splay yourself out on every couch you see for spontaneous cat naps.

    21. A vintage long-sleeve tee with that "well-loved" soft feeling that quality shirts usually can only have once you've worn them for years.

    22. A snuggly knit cardigan that is cute for a whole host of reasons, including and not limited to the most important reason, which is POCKETS.

    23. A roomy "work from home outfit" shirt you can either dress up with a pair of sweatpants or dress down with a different pair of sweatpants.

    24. A boxy tee with a slight crop to give it an edge of ~fashion~ while still fulfilling the solemn duty of any good T-shirt, which is to be comfy as heck.

    25. A hiking shirt with sweet rolled up sleeves out here doing all the work by being comfy, odor-reducing, *and* sun protective. TBH, this shirt is working harder than most of us.

    26. A draped asymmetrical tunic that is practically daring you to find bottoms it doesn't pair well with. Leggings? Done. Jeans? Done and done. Biker shorts in fun prints? Booy-ah.

    You reveling in all the cozy staples in your closet like:

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