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    45 Things Under $20 People Are Swearing By In Quarantine

    Whether it's work from home, workout from home, or work on your Netflix queue from home, these products have got your back.

    1. A tiny milk frother to sub out your beloved Starbucks lattes, so everything you drink will still taste like it was lovingly handcrafted by a barista.

    2. A six-outlet wall charger designed specifically for larger chargers that also comes equipped with two USB fast-charging ports *and* a night-light, so your WFH setup is as organized as possible.

    A reviewer image of six chargers and two USB chargers in the lit outlet

    3. An insulated soundproofing strip that easily sticks to the outer rims of your door so you and your roommate can both be on a Skype call without hearing each other's coworkers echoing in the distance.

    4. A time-marked water bottle to remind you to stay hydrated during the hot summer days, which is especially important when your off you're usual schedule — it's even easier to feel anxious or tired, and being dehydrated can def make it even worse.

    5. A set of 50,000 (!!) highly popular, 100% biodegradable water beads that are basically microscopic when they arrive, but expand into small, bouncy jelly-like balls when exposed to water. People love them for at-home spa treatments, for fun games with kids, for making stress balls, for home decorating — the word is your water bead oyster.

    6. An adorably encouraging daily planner you can fill out throughout the course of each day to keep yourself on track for all your calls, goals, and even your water intake — a perfect solution for anyone who likes a little structure in their schedule, but not *too* much.

    A blank page of the planner

    7. A cooling towel that gets chilly when you soak it in water and wring it out — a godsend for when you're looking for quick ways to cool down now that you're spending more time in the backyard or doing stuffy basement workouts.

    A model wringing out the towel

    8. A pair of very popular, absurdly cozy joggers you can stay comfy in at home without overheating in the summer months.

    A model in black cuffed joggers

    9. A delightfully bendy desk lamp that not only charges right up with a USB cord, but will also serve as a port to charge your phone. Behold this glorious intersection of style and function!

    A white desk lamp with a sloped bending stand

    10. A "because social distancing" wineglass so cute customizable that you can get it in dozens of colors, including glittery ones ✨.

    The wine glass with black print letters

    11. A pair of high-waisted biker shorts that are the true MVP — not only will they prevent thigh chafing during your long socially-distanced walks, but they come with deep pockets.

    12. A popular set of tangle-free jump rope cables you can adjust the length on for your perfect fit for your at-home workouts, with comfy handles designed not to slip out of your hands.

    A reviewer holding the handles of the jump rope

    13. A mug warmer that'll keep your coffee piping hot long after you brew it, because for some reason coffee slips into the time-space-WFH continuum when you're drinking it from your couch.

    A mug of coffee on top of the black mug warmer pad

    14. A set of popular wickaway sweatbands to stop the sweat from stinging your eyes (or worse, from leaking sunscreen into your eyes), perfect for anyone who's taken up running in quarantine.

    15. A copy of The Book of Myself: A Do-It-Yourself Autobiography in 201 Questions that's perfect for any stage of life, if you're looking for something structured and soothing to do that will also help you preserve your favorite memories.

    The cover of "The Book of Myself: A Do-It-Yourself Autobiography in 201 Questions," by Carl and David Marshall

    16. A five-pack of Old Navy face masks you can get in 20 different ~aesthetics~, whether theirs is "Blues," "Brights," or even something called "Medium Americana."

    17. A rock painting kit for both kids and adults — this is not only great for getting your eyeballs off of your screens for a little while, but a fun opportunity to leave happy little rocks around your neighborhood with sweet messages for anyone passing by ❤️.

    18. A set of satin pillowcases that are soft on your skin and create less friction for your hair so it won't get as tangled while you sleep — particularly helpful in the summer, when the AC is no match for your sweat.

    19. A five-pack of wedgie-proof cotton underwear with a wide, stretchy waistband, because all the comfy quarantine clothes in the world won't mean a darn thing if your undies are bugging you.

    A model wearing a pair of underwear with full coverage from two angles, the front and the rear

    20. A bunch of Miracle-Gro "food spikes" that can bring the plants you were too distracted to take care of back from the brink of death, and then will continuously feed them for 30 to 60 days as a bonus.

    A person pushing a pellet into a potted plant

    21. A socially-distanced birthday card to give your friends a much-needed laugh on their big day.

    A card that says "Only the finest alcohol for your birthday" with a bottle of hand sanitizer from a made up brand called "Turnup"

    22. A phone holder that'll make it a heck of a lot easier to take long hands-free FaceTimes, or just keep tabs on your texts or other news coming in during the day as you work on your laptop.

    23. A set of fairy lights you can use to add some whimsy to a space you might be getting a little tired of by now.

    A long string of fairy lights draped over a window curtain

    24. A "quarantined vibes" candle so cute it'll cover all your miscellaneous gifting needs (including a gift for you, yourself, and you).

    A white candle that says "quarantined vibes"

    25. Plus a rechargeable electric lighter that's wayyy more cost-effective (and environmentally-friendly!) than constantly replacing gas ones, and is long enough to light up even your most well-loved quarantine candles without worrying about the flame being able to reach the wicks.

    A reviewer lighting a candle with the lighter

    26. A set of three adorable, machine-washable Swedish dish cloths – they're super absorbent and designed with a cross-hatch pattern for easier scrubbing. Each one of these can replace over a DOZEN paper towel rolls. The Brawny paper towel man is shaking.

    A person washing a bowl with a Swedish dishcloth

    27. Or a roll of reusable bamboo paper towels designed to replace six whole human months of them, since each one is washable and reusable up to 120 (!!) times.

    A person washing a mini watermelon suspended on a bamboo paper towel, demonstrating its durability

    28. A fast-acting carpet-spot removing spray that works like a charm on all those extra spaghetti sauce and wine stains on the floor, now that the couch has started doubling as a table.

    29. A pair of elastic yoga socks with grippers at the bottom that are so soft, durable, and breathable that whoops, they'll replace your slippers and shoes for good.

    A reviewer image of feet wearing the gray socks with two crossover elastic straps on the top of the foot

    30. A mini waffle maker versatile enough to do way more than its main job — if you're waffling on the waffles, you can also use it for hash browns, paninis, biscuits, and even (gasp) PIZZA. If you can dream it, you can mini waffle it.

    An open mini waffle maker with a fully cooked heart-shaped waffle inside

    31. A produce-saver storage container designed to keep your fruits and veggies fresh way longer, so you can finally stop surrendering to the race against time when your produce goes bad faster than you can finish it.

    32. Or a set of reusable produce-saving bags for those larger grocery hauls where you have a lot more greens to protect.

    A produce saving bag with peppers inside of it

    33. The Drinking Animals Coloring Book, which will take you on a *delightful* journey of animals doing just that. Can I get anyone a Llamarita?

    The cover of the coloring book, which has a llama drinking a cocktail

    34. A stability ball to help you delve into a whole range of exercises and activate muscles you'd usually only engage with machines at the gym.

    A purple stability ball

    35. A weekly meal planner you can use to map out all your grocery needs in advance — particularly handy if you want a handwritten list to take to the grocery store, so you don't have to keep pulling out and unlocking your phone.

    A person writing on the notepad stuck to the fridge

    36. A collapsible microwave popcorn maker that doubles as a serving bowl, so you can make yourself popcorn so warm and salty that your Friday movie nights will feel like you're smack dab in the middle of a theater.

    37. A rapid egg cooker so you can cook a week's worth of breakfast eggs in a matter of minutes, whether you want a good old-fashioned hard boil or like 'em a little runnier.

    An egg cooker with a transparent dome plastic top, where six eggs are cooking inside

    38. A pour-over coffee maker so you won't just make good coffee at home, but a brew to your precise and delicious standards.

    A pour-over coffee maker with coffee in it

    39. An avocado slicer that'll more than earn its keep, especially since "meatless Mondays" and "wheat-less Wednesdays" are making us more creative with our quarantine cooking.

    40. A set of bed bands to lock your fitted sheets neatly into place once and for all, so you can finally get the peaceful, untangled sleep you deserve every night.

    41. A set of reusable silicone Stasher bags you can use to store food in the fridge *and* freezer, and microwave right in the bag.

    A transparent aqua Stasher bag full of fruit

    42. A pet urine stain-removing spray that instantly tackles both old and new stains *plus* the funky smell, so you can enjoy the new quality time you might be getting with your pet without sacrificing your nostrils.

    A person spraying the bottle on a carpet

    43. A sleek digital food scale – it measures in grams and ounces, so you can get the *chef's kiss* perfect amount of ingredients all your banana bread recipes call for.

    A slim silver food scale about the size of a large human hand

    44. A thin, waterproof desk pad you can use as a mouse pad, a writing surface, or just a chic way to tie the chaos of your desk together.

    A model typing at their desk with the mat under their laptop and accessories

    45. A T-shirt with billowy short sleeves cozy enough to feel like you're wearing pajamas but stylish enough to feel like "real clothes" (if that's even a thing anymore).

    You on your way to make your new quarantine hobbies even better with these handy products:

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