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    36 Things That Just Make Sense To Own If You Want To Take Care Of Your Space

    If using this $8 jar of The Pink Stuff to get rid of all the miscellaneous grime and stains in your house is wrong, turns out nobody on the internet wants to be right.

    1. A roll of clear heavy-duty double-sided removable tape that truly did not come here to play. People use this for everything from mounting wall hangings and electronics to securing their vases and glass objects to tables to keeping their rugs in place. Most importantly, though, it's also easily removable and leaves no residue behind, so everything in your home will stay in tip-top shape.

    2. A jar of internet-beloved The Pink Stuff, which tackles so many darn things that it'll be the BFF of every room in your house. Need to paint over a stain on the wall? Get it off with The Pink Stuff. Think you need to replace that caked over grimy pan? Put The Pink Stuff to the test. About to hire cleaners to tackle whatever the heck is going on in your tub? 1-800-The-Pink-Stuff, baby!!

    3. A fume-free oven cleaner that's gentle enough that you don't need protective gloves to use it, but tough enough that it'll erase the evidence of all your baking misadventures and that time you fell asleep while cooking pizza rolls.

    4. A bottle of wood polish to instantly make your scuffed up doors, hardwood floors, and furniture look so spanking new that you'll wonder if it's not actually wood polish but a time machine. Why get new tables or fancy professional restoration when you've got a $9 secret weapon??

    Image of water stained wood cabinet with the wood looking completely restored in after pic

    5. An MVP-worthy pet urine stain-removing spray that instantly tackles both old and new stains *plus* the yucky smell, so you can enjoy the quality time you're getting with your pet without sacrificing your carpet and/or your nostrils.

    6. A no-scrub weekly shower cleaner you can quite literally "set and forget" to maintain its cleanliness over time — once you apply it after a shower, you just have to wait 8 to12 hours and it'll quietly tackle the soap scum, grim, oils, mold, and mildew stains without any elbow grease from you.

    Before: a dirty shower floor; after: the clean shower floor

    7. A heavy duty grout cleaner you only need to let sit for 10 minutes before you can scrub the dirt and grime off all those sneaky crevices of your old kitchen and bathroom tiles.

    A tiled floor with dirty grout and an after pic of the grout completely white

    8. A drain snake you can funnel into your shower or sink drain that honestly works a little *too* well at unclogging hair, pulling it up in one (semi-horrifying) go.

    9. A set of dishwasher cleaning tablets you can pop into a cycle with your dirty dishes to wipe out all the extra grime and that funky smell you can never seem to get rid of no matter how hard you try. You don't even need to scrub — these do all the work for you!

    10. A power scrubber brush you can attach to a DRILL (!!) that basically does all of the hard grime-busting for you, whether you're tackling rust stains, shower doors, tiles, gutters, porches, or pretty much any other caked-on stain and grime you can imagine.

    11. A red wine stain-removing spray to pick up both old and new red wine stains from carpets, couches, towels, and fabrics, so now even your white carpet is safe from your cabernet's clutches.

    A before image of a red wine-stained plush blanket and an after with the wine stain completely gone

    12. A 25-page weekly cleaning checklist so you can stay ahead of the messes and any build-ups of dirt or dust by planning out when to tackle them in advance (real "Monica from Friends" energy up in here).

    A checklist planner pad with blank spaces for chores on each day of the week

    13. Or if you plan on tackling it all at once, a printable declutter system to prevent you from getting overwhelmed why the "but where do I START??" jitters — this breaks it down into easy, manageable tasks in an efficient order, so you don't have to overthink it.

    Lists of tasks for each room, from kitchen to bedroom to kid rooms to an office

    14. A foaming garbage disposal cleaner you can plop into your sink, run a little water on, and let its blue magic fizz its way up to the top while clearing out all the gunk from your culinary adventures in one go.

    15. A mold and mildew removal gel you can leave on the offending spots in kitchens and bathrooms for six hours, then wipe away like nothing nefarious ever grew there in the first place.

    A moldy corner of a bathroom and an after pic with the mold all gone

    16. A broom for pet and human hair that can work on any type of floor, but is specifically designed to pull it up from the carpet faster and deeper than even a lot of vacuums can reach. In less than five minutes you'll find out what color your carpet's *actually* been the whole time!

    17. An Erase-A-Hole putty that's basically a $10 investment in keeping your walls in tip top shape no matter *how* ambitious your decorating gets. This easy three-step process will have the walls looking brand spanking new in no time flat.

    a guide on how to use the stick by erasing the hole, dusting off excess, and painting over it

    18. A vinegar-based, streak-free glass and window cleaner so the sunlight can stream into your space without a bunch of weird mystery smudges and streaks.

    A person cleaning a window with the cleaner

    19. Plus a set of reviewer-beloved streak-free microfiber cloths to tackle windows and other glass surfaces with, not to mention countertops, stovetops, household appliances, and all the other high traffic areas in your home prone to collecting gunk.

    Reviewer showing large size of square shaped towels in pink, green, yellow, and blue

    20. A set of brush and flush toilet tabs made with baking soda that'll fizz up in your toilet for 10 minutes and make it super easy for you to brush away the gunk, plus keep your bathroom smelling fresh and clean.

    Lemon verbena-scented toilet tabs

    21. Plus a pumice stone that will make the inside of your toilet look brand-spanking-new, even if the rings have already thwarted your efforts with the toilet brush.

    22. A hard-water stain remover that will spare you hours of fruitless scrubbing, plus spare your poor eyeballs the cringe of seeing a stain massacre every time you open your shower curtain.

    23. A reusable Swiffer duster head to avoid allergy-inducing dust buildup in your home *and* save money on replacements. Bonus: this is made with a nonfraying fleece fabric built to pick up dust more effectively and at a broader range than the OG version, thanks to the static it naturally generates.

    Cut up fleece fabric swiffer heads in different color combinations

    24. A glass and ceramic cookware cleanup kit that comes with heavy-duty scrubber, a razor blade, *and* a cleaner specifically designed to get at those caked-on stains, so you can knock it all off in a few minutes and get your Ina Garten game face on in peace.

    A smooth top stove with stains and deposits and an "after" pic of it without any stains

    25. A bottle of Goo Gone for banishing all those mysteriously sticky, tough-to-scrub stains, like toothpaste or shampoo residue or those mystery substances that nobody will ever take responsibility for spilling on the fridge.

    26. A bottle of jetted tub cleaner so easy to use that literally all you have to do is run your bath water, pour in the cleaner, and run your jets.

    A jetted tub with hard water stains full of water and soap and an after pic of the hard water stains gone from the tub

    27. A super affordable lightweight Bissell vacuum that can handle the nooks and crannies of your space super easily, thanks to the three convertible modes that make it furniture and stairs-friendly.

    Model using slim vacuum upright on a floor, as a hand vac on a couch, and a mini vac on stairs

    28. A bottle of Bar Keepers Friend soft cleansing liquid and scouring cloth to quickly take care of even long-term, caked-on stains on everything from steel appliances to pans to stove tops to sinks — *without* scratching surfaces.

    29. A plant-based all-purpose cleaner concentrate that uses mineral-based ingredients to tackle all your most finicky messes, from the toilet bowl to the kitchen sink to whatever sticky thing just decided to leak in your fridge.

    Three bottles of all-purpose cleaner in three scents

    30. A waterproof under-the-sink kitchen mat designed to catch leaks with its raised sides and water-trapping grooves, so you can protect your cabinets from any spontaneous leakage or overflow.

    A model cleaning the grooves of the mat under a sink

    31. A carpet cleaning solution that will dig in so deep your carpets will look like they're in a model home — even if the stains have been there for so many moons you can't remember what they're from.

    32. A set of three adorable, machine-washable Swedish dish cloths that are super absorbent and designed with a cross-hatch pattern for easier scrubbing. Each one of these can replace over a DOZEN paper towel rolls. The Brawny paper towel man is shaking.

    Model using a blue and white linen dish cloth to clean a counterModel using a blue and white linen dish cloth to clean a counter

    33. A reusable microfiber Swiffer mop pad that reviewers love not only because it's ready for action again right after a wash cycle, but because it picks up a *ton* more dirt, gunk, and debris than the disposable mops do.

    Reviewer image of dirty mop head

    34. An electric pressure washer you can use alllllllll over your outside space on everything from the deck to the house to the outdoor furniture. Come for the cleanliness, stay for the ridiculously satisfying results.

    35. A tube of door grease you can use to minimize the unholy SQUAWKKK that alerts every single person in the house whenever you're trying to grab some Cheetos from the cabinet.

    Reviewer image of small tube of white lithium grease

    36. A fireplace cleaner kit complete with a bristled brush that will make getting rid of soot and ash stains a *total* cinch, whether your fireplace is brick, stone, or tile. (You're welcome, Santa.)

    A fireplace before using the kit, that looks like gray brick with a huge black stain from the pit to the top of the mantle. Then after the kit, with red brick and no stain

    You crying at the undeniable beauty of your well-maintained space:

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