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    43 Things That'll Make You Want To Spend More Time Outside Before Summer Ends

    Finally, an insulated drink cooler than can keep your drinks as cool as you are 😎.

    1. A pair of popular quick-dry water shoes that reviewers love for everything from walking on rockier beaches to kayaking to washing their cars. They're flexible and comfy like a sock, but protective against nefarious objects like sharp rocks and stray Legos.

    2. A pair of oversized statement sunglasses for all your new spring outfits that say "I'm not *not* an incognito celebrity" to everyone you pass on the street.

    3. A chic BruMate insulated can cooler so all your beloved White Claws, Red Bulls, and LaCroixs can stay cool as a cucumber, and you can enjoy them while taking your sweet time.

    4. Or a freezable wineglass for those of us who are less "no laws while you're drinking claws" and more "rosé all day."

    A transparent wine glass with freezable liquid in it

    5. A dainty embroidered face mask so you can give all the flowers in bloom a run for their money.

    6. Or a popular water-resistant Under Armour face mask designed to sit off your lips, giving you plenty of room to breathe without getting fabric sucked into your mouth mid-run. It's also made with the company's Iso-Chill fabric, so it doesn't overheat despite being bulkier than other masks.

    BuzzFeed editor in a black face mask that protrudes slightly off the face

    7. A "sport-brella," which is an SPF 50+ maneuverable personal umbrella with a universal clamp that'll latch onto any chair you own. Boom, instant shade no matter where you've parked your human self, whether it's the porch, the beach, or the park.

    8. A gorgeous solar wind chime with color changes so mesmerizing you can truly ~paint with all the colors of the wind~ during long spells on your front porch.

    9. A set of outdoor yard drink holders so you can make the entire worrrrlld your backyard bar. This is also super handy for listening to live music outdoors, picnics, and hanging out at the beach.

    Multi-colored yard drink holders each carrying a bottle of wine, a solo cup, and a Diet Coke bottle next to a woven blanket on the ground

    10. A pastel maxi dress with sweet puff sleeves you can wear on and off the shoulder and feel like you just stepped out of a storybook page every time you leave the house.

    11. Or an off-the-shoulder dress with a gorgeously detailed scalloped hem for a modern-meets-vintage look you can dress up or down all spring long.

    12. A portable George Foreman grill for anyone whose heart says "BURGERS IN THE SUNSHINE!!" but whose outside space says "I am so small." This has a nonstick coating and a removable stand, so you can cook on a table top or in the grass.

    13. A sampler of Avec Drinks' alcohol-free cocktail mix, a carbonated drink balanced to pair with spirits (or by itself!) without all the sugary over sweetness of juices and traditional mixers. Plus with flavors like Hibiscus & Pomegranate and Yuzu & Lime, all your spring porch sipping bases are covered.

    14. A 3D mouth bracket you can clip to the inside of your face mask to keep you from breathing in fabric, which is *especially* handy if you get spring allergies.

    15. A set of two ~zero gravity~ reclining porch chairs complete with a pillow *and* a side table to stash drinks, phones, and books. They also fold quickly and compactly so you can take them wherever, and are made with a heat-resistant mesh so you won't scorch your unsuspecting legs whenever you park your bum in it.

    Two models in black recliners with objects in their drink holders

    16. A durable, waterproof Bluetooth speaker so you can have some tunes for spring picnics or outdoor workouts without worrying about its wires getting fried by unexpected spring showers.

    A black triangle-shaped Bluetooth speaker

    17. A flip-top lid for your wineglass you can use to save your vino during spring nights on the patio instead of halfheartedly batting away flies and fishing them out later. All you do is secure it to the base and the rim of your glass and then you can flip it on and off at your leisure — 100% fewer bugs in your diet, guaranteed.

    18. A multipurpose, super adaptable pool float you can turn into a lounger, a chair, a drifter, or an exercise saddle for pool hangs and workouts as the weather starts to warm up.

    Model showing four ways to use the float, which is set up like a floating hammock

    19. A pair of lacy thigh bands that'll stay in place all through the warm weather months, so you don't have to worry about that dreaded thigh chafe whenever want to flounce around in your spring dresses.

    Reviewer in beige colored lace thigh bands under a dress

    20. Or a stick of Body Glide anti-chafing balm you can apply between your thighs to avoid all that skin irritation you get from running or hiking in the heat.

    A model applying the balm to their inner thigh

    21. Plus a popular, well-reviewed pair of high-waisted biker shorts – they're not only great to avoid that dreaded warm weather-chafing, but have POCKETS for all your outside adventuring needs. Plus, these come in so many colors (including spring pastels 🌸) it'll make your head spin.

    22. A waterproof and portable inflatable lounger so easy to use that it'll feel like you found a cheat code for life — you literally just hold onto it and snap it into the air, letting the wind fill it up. Boom, instant cozy chair in any socially-distanced spot you can find.

    23. A UV-blocking canopy shade you can easily install on an uncovered porch to keep things from getting too toasty for you and your furriest friends.

    A beige canopy shade over a small outdoor porch

    24. A set of affordable, highly popular (seriously, these have over 80,000 popular reviews) wireless Bluetooth earbuds so you can queue up all your springtime bops and enjoy them on your outdoor runs or workouts completely hands-free. Psst — these are also so waterproof you can take them in the shower, so spring downpours have nothing on 'em.

    Reviewer image of two black earbuds next to their charging case

    25. A set of popular wickaway sweatbands perfect for long spring runs in the sunshine — these stop the sweat from stinging your eyes (or worse, from leaking sunscreen into your eyes).

    26. *And* a moisturizing, sweat-resistant sunscreen designed not to leave a white cast on darker skin tones.

    A model putting sunscreen on their hand

    27. An insulated cooler backpack, so now you can pack all your various cheeses and charcuteries for spring picnics without one of your shoulders disproportionately hauling all of the goodness. It even comes with an attached bottle opener, y'all.

    28. A unique lavender lemonade mix to keep you refreshed outdoors *and* on theme for spring. Simply pop a spoonful of the mix into cold water — bonus points for iced tea or seltzer — and boom, the perfect sip.

    A packet of lavender lemonade with a glass of it already mixed in

    29. A sweet little antique-style bird bath to give your backyard some real "Disney princess about to sing about her lifelong dream" vibes.

    30. A chic, statement-making visor you can throw on to shield your face mask-clad cheeks in the moments when your sunscreen might not be cutting it (and you don't want to smush your hair).

    A model in a black visor with a long bill that shades their face

    31. Or a waterproof sun hat with a wide brim for even *more* coverage, for anyone who wants to take advantage of the spring weather by going on all-day adventures outside.

    Reviewer in gray wide-brimmed hat

    32. A water-resistant, durable picnic blanket designed to be *super* easy to clean, with a fabric that lets you easily brush off crumbs, dirt, and sand. Reviewers also mention how soft and comfy it is, and how nicely if rolls up to take on the go.

    33. A custom-designed gardening tool belt made from sturdy waxed canvas so you can clip and prune and individually name all your little strawberry babies with all your tools conveniently at the ready.

    Green belted pouch with two deep pockets full of gardening tools

    34. A blister-preventing balm that basically magics an extra layer between your skin and your shoe, so you can go on all your spring hikes without worrying about breaking in your new boots.

    A model rubbing balm on their heel

    35. A super popular time-marked water bottle you can get in a bajillion different colors to help motivate you to stay hydrated now that the weather's heating up. Come for the fun colors, but stay for the super handy flip-top lid and silicone, leakproof spout that actually makes drinking water seem — dare I say — fun?

    36. A set of cooling towels that get chilly the moment you soak them in water and wring them out — a godsend for when you're looking for quick ways to cool down when the temperature outside starts to spike.

    A blue, pink, green, and gray cooling towel rolled up next to their carrying cases, which come with keychains

    37. A LifeStraw, aka a personal water filter perfect for hiking, camping, or accidentally getting drafted into The Hunger Games. This compact gizmo cleans up to 1,000 gallons of water *without* using any chemicals or batteries, so you can safely stay hydrated wherever you roam.

    38. An ice pop mold complete with a funnel, 50 sticks, and 50 bags so you can make a stash of your own personalized ice pops and enjoy them on the porch with all the fruits starting to come into season now.