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    19 Things From Athleta That Are Totally Worth Splurging On

    "Thank you, thank you, thank you for this." —Your future self

    1. A super supportive, high-impact workout top complete with a built-in bra, saving you mental energy by combining two of the trickiest pieces of workout gear in one.

    2. A chic ventilated dress that is basically the Swiss Army knife of outfit choices: it comes with a breathable mesh back, a zippered front, and — be still our beating hearts — sneaky pockets.

    3. A packable lightweight running jacket with a cheeky lil' cinched back, perfect for those breezy not-quite-summer days.

    4. A carryall gym tote equipped with a special pocket or space for anything and everything you can think of: your wallet, yoga mat, even a separate compartment for your sweaty shoes.

    5. A pair of eye-popping mesh shorts that won't run up or chafe, and are so beloved that they have amassed over 770 five-star reviews from customers wearing them for every kind of scenario you can think of.

    6. A moisture-wicking bra specifically designed to support D and DD cups, with sleek razorback detailing that will make you want to pair it with every top in your closet.

    7. A fun-loving sun-protective jacket perfect for those transitional weather days between seasons, and so colorful you can throw it on any "blah" outfit for an instant bold layered look.

    8. A pair of durable, stay-put performance leggings so comfortable and easy to slide on that you may accidentally start living in them. (The sleek pockets on the side may have just sealed that particular fate.)

    9. A breezy wrap so incredibly soft that you'll have to touch it five times over to believe it.

    10. A pair of high-waisted, colorful leggings with just the *chef's kiss* perfect amount of compression, and no uncomfortable side seams digging into your skin.

    11. A hybrid sports bra and crop top with such an adorable cut you'll be planning all of your future summer outfits around it, both in the yoga studio and out.

    12. A wrinkle-resistant hiking skort with breathable lining to cancel thigh chafing before it even has a chance to start — plus, enough pockets for all your well-deserved "we made it to the top!" snacks.

    13. A breathable T-shirt made to stand the test of time, so when you fall in love with its flowy cut and its perfect scoop V neckline, it'll be a staple in your closet for life.

    14. A pair of lightweight utility joggers with a playful ankle cuff, and so many pockets (six! pockets!!) that you will essentially turn yourself into the chic, sporty version of the Room of Requirement.

    15. A crop top that falls at such a perfect length that it will probably end up in at least half of your summer Instagram photos — it'll be hard to find a pair of denim shorts or jeans you won't want to pair it with.

    16. A buttery soft sweater that pairs just as easily with structured jeans as it does with a fun pair of leggings, with a relaxed, cozy fit that will make you want one in every single color.

    17. A chic take on work pants so cozy that they will quickly become your go-to WFH uniform.

    18. A snuggly year-round hoodie with a mock turtleneck collar to lock in the coziness so effectively that it's basically like your own sweatshirt is giving you a hug.

    19. A pair of ultra high leggings that fit like a comfy glove and will pair beautifully with pretty much any cut of top in your closet, whether it's a billowy sleeved number or a cheeky crop.

    Your closet waiting to open its doors to these splurge-worthy staples from Athleta:

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